Tales of Magic Swordsman
377 Invitation
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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377 Invitation

"Do you want to join our team? We can help you leveled up."

"Join our team! We provide daily potion supplies."

"No, join our team! We will give you the equipment of your choice."

These several shouts were heard from the people that surrounding Auron. A talented person that could do jumped promotion was a great asset for everyone. Moreover, they had also witnessed Auron's capability.

There were around 15 people that tried to recruit Auron here. He was overwhelmed by this many invitations. Moreover, he had just finished an intense match. What surprised Auron was there was someone from Auron's today's opponent big brother that also tried to recruit him. 

Auron needed to do something with these recruitment invitations. Although Auron didn't really against joining a team, he needed to pick the team carefully. If the benefits were good but there were too many restrictions, it would not be good.

These recruiters pushed Auron to make a decision right now. These people knew that there was only a portion of people here. So, their chance was higher if Auron could decide now.

By tomorrow, no it didn't need to wait until tomorrow. These people knew three hours later when this news spread out, then there would be more invitations coming to Auron. At that time, their chance to be picked would be lower. Moreover, if the top team decided to invite Auron, their chances could be gone.

Fortunately, Auron didn't act rash and decided carelessly. He pushed everyone around him and shouted as hard as he could, "Stop!!!!"

"I will not decide now! If you really want to invite me, give me your invitation with your benefits and restrictions! I will pick the one who matches my criteria! Now, get out! Don't surround me, I need to rest!"

Auron knew that there would be some restrictions for all the benefits he got. However, these recruiters only said the good things and left out the bad things. That was why Auron also asked the restriction given for each team.

After venting his anger, Auron ignored the gaze of everyone around him and left the scene. Behind him, Patricia and Felice giggled and followed Auron leaving the arena.

Auron hurriedly left the scene with anger. He was tired from the match and all of those recruiters had forced him to make a decision, it made him angrier.

At first, Auron had wanted to go back to his dorm. However, he saw behind him, there were Patricia and Felice following him giggling. That was why he changed his plan and decided to catch up with these two old friends. Auron invited his two friends to the military's cafeteria. 

As soon as Auron's group arrived at the cafeteria, they picked a seat at the back of the cafeteria.

"Whoah, we are being treated by a famous person!" Patricia mischievously said. She was being playful.

Felice nodded with smirked at Auron, "So, what do you think he will buy for us, pat?" 

Auron wore a helpless expression. He just wanted to eat with them and talked about their current situation. He never had the intention to treat them. However, with Patricia saying something like that, he didn't have any choice but to treat them.

Auron brought several foods. While eating, he started a conversation with them, "So, what are you busy with right now?"

"Nothing," Patricia said while putting a lump of food inside her mouth.

"Both of us didn't get any assignment. Well, the mission also not that many right now." Felice added.

"Maybe we will go to Tower Training next week. Don't you get the announcement?" Felice said.

"Tower Training?" Auron had read that name somewhere. However, he didn't look into the detail. So, he didn't really know what that was about. 

Actually Auron read the announcement. However, he was too busy with his alchemy and also with the promotion these days that he forgot the announcement.

"Like its name, it was training in a tower," Felice explained shortly. "Usually, it was a training given to idle soldiers like us"

"It will be going in a batch. All of the idle soldiers will join this training. You knew to activate that tower was not that cheap. So, they usually activated it once in three months even less."

Auron became quite interested in this Tower Training. "So, we will fight in a group?"

"That is up to you. You can form a group or go alone. Each option had its own advantages and disadvantages."

"One thing you need to remind. Rather than training, it is better to call this a trial. If you can perform well on this trial, you will receive tremendous rewards that you can't imagine." Patricia added Felice's explanation.

"However, if you performed badly, a punishment will wait for you. Although the punishment was not that dangerous or harsh, it is pretty annoying. You need to give up a one-year salary worth."

When Auron heard about that one-year salary worth, he unconsciously said, "Can we reject the training?"

"Nope." Patricia firmly said.

"Well, you can reject it if you have a mission of some sort. if not, then you need to attend or you can be expelled."

"Relax, to get bad remarks is not that easy. If you are not that stupid or weak, you will absolutely get a reward although the better your score, the better your rewards are."

"Moreover, you can team up with others if you are not confident."

With Patricia's sentence, Auron somewhat became relax. Then, he thought about what the Fourth Prince would give him. Auron was pondering could he exchange what the Fourth Prince would give him with this Tower Training.

The conversation continued with other topics, such as what their old teammates had been doing. Actually, except Patricia and Felice, Auron's other teammates had gone to a mission and had not come back yet.

When the three of them were happily chatting. A sirene was heard in the military area. It was an emergency sirene.

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