Tales of Magic Swordsman
386 First Prince 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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386 First Prince 2

Gaia's soldiers who wanted to rescue their general in charge could do nothing. They could only see their general succumbed slowly to the ground and died.

This incident triggered the Gaia's soldiers' rage, especially, the original Gaia soldiers who were stationed at Primavera City. As anger controlled their mind, they madly charged at the enemy and swinging their weapon like a madman. They had no fear only revenge was in their minds.

A portion of Gaia's soldiers charged like they had not tomorrow. Because of this, the soldiers' formation on the west side of the teleportation portal become disarray.

This mess was snowballing into a bigger problem. The enemies used this chance to wreak havoc through the west side. Although they also suffered some casualties because of these madmen, from the war point of view, they use this opportunity to claim their win.

On the west side of the teleportation portal, the frontline was in disarray. Meanwhile, the backline also started to lose its formation. As the enemy broke through the frontline, they reached the backline and began to kill soldiers and the backline, including Auron.

Although Auron had taken some distance away when the frontline started to crumble, it was not enough. The enemies had already chased him.

In this chaotic war, when you could not shake your enemies off quickly, you would be surrounded. Moreover, if you were on the losing side.

The will to stay alive surfaced on each of the soldiers' minds, especially the weaker ones. Auron also had such thought. However, it was not because he afraid of dying. He was scared of losing his 'cheat'. If he was using his swordsman character right now, he would not be afraid of dying. He would even use this chance to kill some enemy's soldiers.

The First Prince glanced over the situation when he heard the commotion. He saw the soldiers' formation was in disarray and got pushed back by the enemies.

The First Prince wanted to take control and fixed the formation. However, before he could do that, a shot of sword aura marched towards him.

The First Prince felt the danger and immediately avoided the sword aura. Then, he heard a voice talking to him, "Why you glance somewhere else? Let them play. Look! They are having fun together. And we can do the same."

"Let us also have some fun." Chaotic Death smirked evilly and sprung with his sword in his hand.

Chaotic Death would not let the First Prince resolved the chaotic situation. He had to make the First Prince busy.

The battle between Chaotic Death and the First Prince continued. However, as the First Prince was not calm because of the situation, he wanted to finish this battle quickly. Because of this, the First Prince made a lot of mistakes, and opening that Chaotic Death would not let it go away.

Light injuries started to show in the First Prince's body. He tried his best to focus on his fight. However, he could not do it. His mind was clouded by the overall situation. Fortunately, this situation didn't last long.

Among the reinforcements, there was someone with a high ranked position. And, he consciously acted as a substitute. He started arranging soldiers and form the formation once again.

With this man took control, the disarray formation started to hold their position. However, since this reformation didn't happen instantly, the west side of the teleportation was pushed closer to the teleportation portal.

The First Prince also saw this change, and it eased his mind. He thought that he would greatly reward that man for stepping up. Then, he was slowly focusing his mind back to his fight with Chaotic Death.

Chaotic Death felt disappointed with this change. He had thought that if the previous situation continued, he had the chance to kill the First Prince. However, it seems it won't happen right now.

But, still, Chaotic Death did his work to keep the First Prince busy properly. After all, they still had the upper hand in the war. Their chance to claim Primavera City still high.

With the First Prince's mind came at ease, he fought adequately and carefully. He didn't make any more small mistakes that could be exploited. Chaotic Death was pushed to change. However, he still could hold on. After all, his job was only to hold the First Prince not to kill him.

The reinforcements kept on coming. The west side was the first destination. It was because they had to make up for the loss previously.

Auron was still at the backline chanting his spells. He had used his spells effectively. When a friend was in need, a spell would appear to block the enemy's attack or to disrupt the enemy's movement. This way, he had saved a lot of his friends. Unfortunately, in this chaotic battle, it was difficult to know who chanted which spells. 

Thirty minutes after the general in charge died, the Regalia could not push further even though they had several advantages.

Chaotic Death, who was fighting against the First Prince, also felt something wrong. They still had advantages. However, their positions seem to stop moving. This made Chaotic Death to feel bad premonition. Moreover, he yet had not heard any news from the other cities. This means the battle over there still not over or even didn't start at all.

Chaotic Death looked at the teleportation portal. The number of people it sent was increased a bit. However, the difference was not that much. It was only 20 - 25 people at one time.

When Chaotic Death was pondering, a sword slash went over him. He had to dismiss his thought to dodge the slash. However, he still reacted late. His shoulder protector was hit by the slash. Although it didn't hurt him, it toppled his balance off.

Another chance had come to the First Prince. He would not let Chaotic Death went away this time. He had to kill Chaotic Death. The First Prince tightened his grip and launched a series of attacks.

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