Tales of Magic Swordsman
387 First Prince 3
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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387 First Prince 3

A series of skills were used by the First Prince. He tried to corner Chaotic Death, so Chaotic Death made a mistake.

The First Prince used [Hysteria]. He mustered up his power. Then, with a full swing, he slammed his sword towards Chaotic Death. 

Chaotic Death immediately raised his dagger and received the sword's attack. Bang... When both sword and dagger collided, Chaotic Death's knee bend. His hands, which gripped the dagger, also became sore.

Losing his foothold, Chaotic Death lost his balance and fell down to the ground. However, the First Prince didn't let Chaotic Death fell peacefully. He changed his sword's course and made a diagonal slash towards Chaotic Death.

Chaotic Death had anticipated this move from the First Prince. He followed the First Prince's movement and put his dagger in front of him. Unfortunately, it was not enough.

The First Prince's attack destroyed Chaotic Death's guard. Then, Chaotic Death was left open full. However, the First Prince didn't use any single target skill.

Instead, the First Prince used a wide area skill, [Twister]. He had learned from his last lesson. And, it turned out his decision was correct.

When Chaotic Death was cornered, the Regalia's soldiers near them had already moved to help Chaotic Death. These soldiers were ready to sacrifice their life just to let Chaotic Death escape.

With the [Twister] that the First Prince used, these soldiers could not come closer and blown away. Then, the First Prince quickly used this chance to kill Chaotic Death.

All of this happened in an instant. Chaotic Death, who was on the ground, used [Lightning Steps] to move several distances away.

[Lightning Steps] was one of the thief's movements skills. It mainly used to escape or launch a surprising attack. This skill was like a teleport skill for a thief. But, the distance was not that far, only 1 meter from the user. Moreover, using this skill left a massive burden on the user. 

After using [Lightning Steps], the user would have a 10% reduction in their movement speed for one hour. If within that one hour, the user used another [Lightning Steps], then their reduction in the movement speed would be added. Not only that, but the duration would also reset back. 

When a thief had used this 10 times, their movement speed would be depleted, and they could not move at all. That said, a thief could only use attack skill and no movement skill they could use except this [Lightning Steps].

Yes, the said thief still could use [Lightning Steps]. However, instead of reducing their movement speed, it would reduce their health.

This means than in 1 hour, a thief could only use this 10 times. After that, they could not move at all. And, if they still insisted on using this skill several times, they could die.

In this chaotic war, using a [Lightning Steps] could be a double edge sword. It was because there were enemies everywhere. With the short distance that this skill could produce, it was not enough to escape without any external bits of help. Moreover, with the reduced movement speed, if he was not careful, it would only do harm rather than good to the user.

Chaotic Death escaped from his deathbed. However, it was not for too long. The First Prince already located his location and went to attack him. Fortunately, around him were Regalia's soldiers instead of Gaia's soldiers.

The Regalia's soldiers immediately took a guard stance and protected Chaotic Death. Then, to make it safer for him, Chaotic Death used [Lightning Steps] once more to move away.

Then, Regalia's soldiers began to swarm towards the First Prince. Gaia's soldiers also went to help the First Prince. However, it was not enough to stop Chaotic Death from escaping.

Another chance was blown away by the First Prince. After escaping, Chaotic Death began to recover himself. But, he still had to suffer the repercussion from [Lightning Steps]. Since he had used that skill twice, he only had 80% of his movement speed.

Although Chaotic Death had his speed reduced, he didn't order a retreat command. The war almost reached its conclusion.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as what Regalia had wanted. On the contrary, Gaia's soldiers had slowly pushed back the Regalia's soldiers. Chaotic Death frowned. Then, a group of people came from the teleportation portal.

The group contained many people. However, what shocked Chaotic Death was not the number. Instead, a figure among those people. It was the Second Prince.

The Second Prince had arrived with reinforcements. Chaotic Death had a bad omen. But, before he could figure it out, the First Prince who chased him had already arrived at his place and targetted him.

Chaotic Death had to avoid the attack once more. However, he knew with the Second Prince's arrival, there would be only a low chance to claim this Primavera City. He could only hope that the battle at the other place would end with a good result.

But, Chaotic Death should think about escaping first. However, he had one thing to try before this all ended. Chaotic Death made a slight mistake when blocking the First Prince's attack. Because of that, his arm was injured. Half of his body was damaged, and he fell to the ground with blood all over his body.

The First Prince immediately took this chance up. However, before he could launch another deadly attack on Chaotic Death, five quick stabs went to the First Prince's body from behind.

The First Prince was caught off guard and could not defend these five stabs. Moreover, these five stabs aiming at the vital part of the body. Three of them missed the vital part and hit the places near it. Meanwhile, two stabs hit the stomach.

This made the First Prince faltered. He was limping to the side, falling down to the ground. It turned out the perpetrator was a soldier from Gaia. The perpetrator saw this chance, and he wanted to end the First Prince's life.


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