Tales of Magic Swordsman
388 First Prince 4
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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388 First Prince 4

The perpetrator was actually a spy planted by Regalia, specifically Chaotic Death. This man was a loyal subordinate of Chaotic Death, even the other Regalia's soldier didn't know about this spy.

Chaotic Death had planted this soldier when he was about to defect to Regalia. This man was also the one who caused the first attack at Primavera City. He helped Regalia's spy to open the Primavera City's gate, which caused the emergency situation previously.

Chaotic Death had seen the Second Prince coming. With the Second Prince coming, he knew the chance to get Primavera City had almost gone. Moreover, with the weird situation that happened, this made claiming Primavera City almost impossible.

However, Chaotic Death didn't want to leave empty-handed. He wanted to try something before ordering a retreat command, to kill the First Prince. That was why, he requested this loyal subordinate of his to take a chance to kill the First Prince.

Obviously, killing the First Prince could not be done quickly. If he blindly attacked the First Prince when he was on guard, that surprise attack would be avoided easily, and it would foil their chance. That was why, they had to make the First Prince let his guard down.

To do that, Chaotic Death had made an enormous sacrifice. To claim Primavera City, Chaotic Death had sacrifice a lot number of soldiers. He also sacrificed some soldiers to prevent the First Prince from killing him at the first encounter. And, now, Chaotic Death had sacrificed himself to create this chance.

Chaotic Death had deliberately to receive the First Prince's last attack. He also created an image of a heavily injured man. This was to let the First Prince focused on killing him and let his guard down. It turned out everything had happened accordingly.

The First Prince really focus out on the injured Chaotic Death. This made him lose focus on the surrounding. Using this chance, the perpetrator had launched a five deadly attack to the First Prince. 

The First Prince was lying on the ground with bloody wounds on his vital part. With a sword in his hands, the perpetrator had already ready to kill finish the First Prince. He stomped the First Prince's wounded stomach. Then, he stabbed his swords downwards, aiming at the First Prince's forehead.

Before the tip of the sword reached First Prince's forehead, an [Earth Spike] formed beside the First Prince's location and pieced towards the perpetrator. The perpetrator was not ready with the [Earth Spike].

The [Earth Spike] pierced the perpetrator's left arm and pierced through his shoulder. Then, a shouted followed after, "Protect the prince!!!"

With that shout, the nearby Gaia's soldier looked over and was shocked. Their prince was lying on the ground and was in danger. Nearby Gaia's soldiers immediately ignored their enemies and went to the First Prince's location.

The royal guards who were helping the battle also felt shocked and guilty. It was their job to protect the prince. But, now, the one they had supposed to protect was lying with a wound on his stomach.

The royal guards urgently used all of their might and increased their strength. Then, they went to the First Prince's location.

The pierced perpetrator was in pain. He had wasted a chance. However, he didn't want to give up. He retook his sword and tried to kill the First Prince again.

But it was already too late. A nearby soldier already arrived at the location. That soldier used his hand to block the perpetrator's sword. Then, another soldier came to help. One by one, Gaia's soldiers arrived, which means the perpetrator's chance had gone.

Losing his chance, the perpetrator escaped. Meanwhile, Chaotic Death, who was the scene, also escaped away. But, before he fled, he tried to identify the one who foiled his plan.

Chaotic Death saw a mage not that far from the First Prince's location. It was an ordinary soldier. However, that ordinary soldier had foiled his plan. He felt furious. Suddenly, he thought in his mind, "It seems I had seen the face somewhere before."

A few seconds after that, Chaotic Death got the answer. "That soldier! Again!" Chaotic Death gritted his teeth furiously.

Chaotic Death recognized the soldier from the Raiding Month. It was the same soldier who made him failed to kill the Fourth Prince. However, he didn't know the name, but he recognized that face.

Auron was the one who foiled the perpetrator's attack. When the reinforcements kept on coming, the situation at his place became better. With a better situation, Auron began to look at the other battlefield's situation.

When looking at the other battlefield's situation, he spotted the First Prince, who was battling against Chaotic Death. What made Auron suspicious was there was one Gaia's soldier who was crouching behind the First Prince suspiciously instead of fighting against Regalia's soldier.

This situation made Auron approached the First Prince's location. And, at that time, that suspicious Gaia's soldier launched his surprise attack at the First Prince and wounded the First Prince.

Auron immediately increased his speed to quickly arrived at the location. Fortunately, Auron arrived in time when the perpetrator was trying to stab his sword downward to finish the First Prince.

Chaotic Death was furious at Auron. He wanted to kill Auron numerous times. However, right now, it was not possible to do that. The First Prince's location was already full of Gaia's soldiers.

With that, Chaotic Death ordered a retreat command and escaped away. He escaped with the nearby soldiers away. Since the retreat order came out in a sudden, many of Regalia's soldiers at the frontline was late to avoid. However, Chaotic Death didn't care about these soldiers and continued his escape.

While escaping, a soldier came and whispered to him. A few seconds later, he shouted angrily, "How come?!!!"

"I have prepared a soldier there! There is also the backup soldiers! Don't tell me all of them were failed? I have assigned many soldiers at Estate City!"


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