Tales of Magic Swordsman
390 Absurd 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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390 Absurd 1

Because of the First Prince's order, which told them to send reinforcements in batches, the cost that Gaia had to shoulder was also enormous. After calculating the cost, the teleportation portal's cost during this short war was the same as one and a half year's cost.

But, everything was paid off with the war's result. Primavera City was safe from the enemies. Even though there was some miscalculation in the strategy, in the end, everything went well. They could defend the Primavera City.

With the war ended, the First Prince was brought back to Gaia for treatment. Meanwhile, the Second Prince took over the command at Primavera City and the other cities until his older brother recovered.

Some of the soldiers also relocated back to their respective cities. Primavera City also began to call carpenters and builders to rebuild their cities again. More importantly, they had to rebuild the city's gate.

Meanwhile, Auron stayed at Primavera City. There were many casualties from the war; even the general in charge also died in the war. As Primavera City didn't have enough people, some of the soldiers were assigned to help the rebuilding.

Auron had stayed for one night in Primavera City while helping to rebuild the city. Although they were rebuilding, Primavera City and the other cities were still in a state of war. They were on alert in case Regalia decided to attack once more.

It turned out that throughout the day, Regalia didn't appear at all. The Second Prince, who was the highest commander in place of his older brother, still didn't take down the war state. He believed that Regalia wouldn't give up that easily.

The next day, his big brother, the First Prince, had appeared at Primavera City. Despite the fact, he was still under treatment, but he insisted on coming to Primavera City. With that, the Second Prince gave back the command control to his older brother. However, he still didn't leave Primavera City, he was worried about his big brother's condition.

With the First Prince coming back, the rebuilding progress in Primavera City increased by twofold. He had worked full time despite the fact he still not fully recovered. The First Prince promoted the vice general in charge to become the general in charge. Then, he selected a new vice general in charge. Not only that, but he also asked the war's data.

The First Prince immediately gave a command to the general in charge of every city in Bridge World to begin their inspection. As he had found a spy among them, he would not want to keep this hidden danger safely. He had to rat them out.

On the night of the second day, since Auron had come to Primavera City, the First Prince had decided to send back the unrelated soldiers to Gaia World. Every possible soldier was squeezed out to Primavera City, which made the soldiers in Gaia World was not sufficient. This was the reason he had sent some of the soldiers back. Of course, he didn't immediately send everyone back but send them in batches. Fortunately, Auron was included in the first batches.

Auron went back to his room in the military base. And, what he found made him flabbergasted. His mailbox was full of invitation envelopes from many teams. There even an envelope that fell to the ground because the small mailbox could not all of the invitations.

Auron was happy but also dejected at the same time. He never thought that he would get this many invitations. It would take him more than one hour to read everything out. And that was just the time for reading. He still needed to compare one with another. But, It was an opportunity for him, so he was still quite happy with the many options he had.

Auron took every invitation with him and went inside his room. Then, he began to sort everything out. He made a list of the benefit he would get and the restriction. He had to follow for every team.

Auron would immediately reject every invitation that didn't state the benefit he would get and the restrictions he had to follow. After sorting everything out, he got a list of 78 names. It was still quite a number.

So, Auron began to look for the information regarding the teams. If some groups tried to hide their information, Auron could cross-check it with the news that spread around.

One by one, Auron checked thoroughly. It was deciding his life and fate in the military. Because it would be difficult to leave a team after joining them. It would not be as simple as giving notice.

To leave a team, Auron had to pay some sum of money. And, of course, there would be some punishment as well. Not only that, but it would also smear his name if he didn't have any good reason. There was only one way to leave unscathed, which if all your teammate died.

By comparing with the recent and circulating news, Auron could narrow down the list to 20 names. Using these 20 names, Auron started to examine all 20 team's benefits, and restriction then picked out the top 10. Then, he halved that number once again and left with only 5 names on his hand.

Within these 5 names, three of them were the teams that ranked in the top 3. While the other two ranked in the top 20.

Auron was pondering. Then, he crossed out a name that made him only had 4 names. After a few minutes later, he crossed one name again.

When Auron had left with three options, it was difficult for him to decide. Each team had its own appeal to Auron. These three teams were ranked two, eight, and fifteen.

Auron had eliminated the first and third-ranked team because he didn't like the restriction they gave, although the benefits were very enticing for him. Fifteen minutes later, Auron had picked a name. It was Absurd, the eighth-ranked team.

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