Tales of Magic Swordsman
391 Absurd 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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391 Absurd 2

When a soldier had become a sergeant, they had the privilege to create their own team. By creating a team, they could do some team mission. Not only that, but during some military's mission, they could go with their own team.

Of course, it was not every mission. For some mission, the military was the one who chose their subordinate like what happened during the demonic stick's extermination mission. But, most of the time, the team could go with their own team.

That was not the only benefit by creating a team. Because of the many teams formed, the military created leaderboards which showed the rank of each team. There were 5 leaderboards from the sergeant leaderboard up until the general leaderboard.

The leaderboard where the team would be listed depended on the highest ranked soldier in the teams. Usually, it would be the leader. If the highest-ranked soldier was a sergeant, then they would be listed in the sergeant leaderboard.

The top 10 from each leaderboard would get a reward each month. The prizes were given to keep the competitiveness within the military.

Of course, not every team could be listed on the leaderboard. If a sergeant team joined a lieutenant team, they would not be listed in the sergeant team, but they would contribute to the lieutenant team in the lieutenant leaderboard.

Which means every team in the sergeant leaderboard had not joined any other team. This could be because of two reasons. First, the team still could not find a compatible team. Or, the second reason, the team wanted to go high with their own strength.

As a sergeant, one could get 10 corporals, and each corporal could recruit 100 private squads. So, a sergeant team could have 10 corporals and 1000 privates. Of course, the sergeant didn't have to recruit that many. They could just fill halves the amount or even just fill the corporal's spot. However, it was better to fill as many as he could since the ranking was calculated by the accumulation of the military point that the team's members completed.

The more member, a team, had meant the quicker they would when accumulating the point. However, they would also have to bear an enormous cost providing the team's members. Not only that, but the rewards they got would also be divided to many people. That was why many of the top teams would not fill the quota fully, and they would be picky on who's the one would take the spot.

Absurd was one of the team. Even though it had an absurd name, but it placed on the eight ranks in the sergeant leaderboard. What made Auron interested in this team was the fact that it only had 10 members, including its leader.

Auron had seen the member's list, and except its leader, who was a sergeant, the other 9 members were corporal. And, since Auron had been promoted to a corporal, he would fill the last corporal's spot. What awed Auron was the fact that with only 10 members, Absurd could get into the top 10 ranks.

Not only that, but the benefit it offered was also different compared to other teams. Absurd only offered 2 benefits, which were monthly salary calculated from the military points you earned in that month plus a bonus based on your performance if they got into the top 10. And, the other benefit was the privilege to quit the team without any repercussion. This benefits system made Absurd stood out from other teams who offered equipment or hunting helpers.

It also didn't have many rules or restrictions except doing something wrong using the group's names. Basically, it was a free team with benefits depended on your contribution to the team. Auron had checked about this strange benefits and restrictions. And it turned out everything was right. 

Many of the soldiers wanted to join this group. Unfortunately, they could only join if they got an invitation. And, to get that offer was not that easy.

Auron was interested in this group's secret. He had thought that each member of the team must be really strong if they could rank in the eight places, although they had only 10 members. For the three months, even though they only place around rank tenth up to the seventh place. But, with only 10 members, they could maintain the position in the top 10, it was such an incredible feat. And, that quitting the team without any repercussion was enticing enough for Auron to try this team.

Keeping that in mind, Auron took the invitation and went forward to meet the leader of the Absurd team. He had decided to join the team.

Since Auron was new to the military and he didn't know where to find Absurd, he went to the military staff to ask for some information. The staff called the Absurd team's leader and told Auron to wait.

Not long after, a man in his late thirties walked up and picked Auron up. He introduced himself as Smite, the leader of the Absurd team. Smite excitedly walked up to Auron. He thanked the staff and brought Auron to his team's base. He wanted to introduce Auron to the others.

When Auron saw Smite for the first time, his impression was excellent. Smite gave a vibe of a kind and extrovert guy. Not only that, but the equipment he wore gave a lavish look. The more Auron looked at Smite, the more he saw that from top to bottom, Smite used costly equipment, and he didn't bother to hide it.

During their walk, Smite energetically said to Auron how excited he was when he saw Auron's promotion match. Smite actually had seen both of Auron's match, and he was impressed by Auron.

From far away, Auron and Smite were looked like a fan who was meeting with his idol rather than a team's leader with his team's members.

Auron, who got praised, felt awkward. He could thank Smite and said he would try his best to contribute to the team.

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