Tales of Magic Swordsman
399 Frozen Field 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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399 Frozen Field 1

[Bring 200 smole's legs to the fourth-floor entrance (0/200)]

[You got 1 attribute point for completing the second floor]

Auron was greeted by these two notifications as soon as he gained control of his character. From the previous floor, he got an attribute point. Although it was only one, it was a great reward considering the higher your level, the harder, you would gain a level.

Moreover, this 1 attribute point was a free choice. One could put it on any attribute he wanted. If this gained point could be sold on the market, this could be sold for more than one thousand gold.

Auron was excited when he saw two free points on his status screen. Since both of his characters shared the same attributes, when his mage character got the reward, it benefited his swordsman character as well.

However, Auron didn't rush to use that free attributes yet. He quickly focused back on this current floor's task. It was similar to the previous floor task. The difference was, this time, it was the legs instead of its arms.

Auron looked at his surrounding. This place was completely different from the previous location. If the fire was the theme from the last floor, this place had the opposite. This floor's theme was ice.

The snow was pouring down from the sky. The ground was already covered in thick snow. When Auron moved one step, his foot sunk deep inside the snow.

This environment made moving was really difficult. Not only that, as the weather was cold, he quickly ran out of breath. It was challenging to breathe in this cold situation.

A [Smole] leaped to Auron. As the [Smole] was a small monster, the snow on the ground didn't have any effect on it. If the human's feet kept sinking into the snow, it didn't happen to the monster. 

Auron swung his sword. From that one swing, he could feel that his movement became slower in this environment. It was like his attack speed reduced by 5% up to 10%.

Due to his movement got slower, Auron had to use his skill to kill this one [Smole] else he would get hit. Auron didn't waste any time as his vest's life was his chance to stay in this training. The more his life was, the longer he could stay in training. He had heard that starting from the sixth floor, it would be better if he had more life and time. That was why the more experienced player immediately rushed out to get to the sixth floor as soon as possible.

In this current situation, there were already people on the fifth floor. However, Auron could not care about those things yet. He had to survive this floor first.

As the number of people on the third floor was not that many, the monster only had few targets. So, it was difficult for Auron to reunite with his mage character.

After Auron killed one monster, another monster popped out and attacked him. This situation also happened to many other players, including Auron's mage character.

A [Smole] charged at Auron. As Auron tried to block that incoming attack, another attack came from his right side. He canceled his intention to prevent the attack and ran away.

However, there were already two [Smole]s blocking his retreat path. Auron used [Twister] to blow the monsters away. Unfortunately, the skill could not kill any monster, but it opened his way of retreat.

Auron used this chance to move away. However, he still could not rest. Behind him, the monsters were already chasing him. Moreover, several other nearby [Smole]s also joined the chase. 

Auron used his movement skill to increase his speed and moved away. However, it was difficult. The monsters were still chasing behind him. Moreover, when Auron's movement skill had gone, the monsters got closer to him. Auron had to turn back and used another area attack.

From the second area attack, Auron killed some [Smole]s. However, he could not collect their legs because there were still many other monsters nearby. At this moment, Auron decided to run away instead of thinking about his objective.

Fortunately, Auron saw his mage character not too far from his place. Sadly, his mage character was also in a dangerous situation. Auron could see that the AI, which controlled his character, was not that good.

When his mage character shot out a spell, from behind, a [Smole] attack his back. The spell killed the targeted monster, but he also got hit by another monster. Not only that, but another monster had already replaced the monster who got killed. So, this was like an endless fight for his mage character.

Auron charged at one of the monsters surrounding his mage character. Then, he used all of his area skills simultaneously to clear the monster. Auron glanced briefly at his mage character, and the vest's life had dropped beyond Auron's imagination. It only had 40 health left.

In just 10 minutes after they arrived at the third floor, the health had already dropped by half. This was not a good situation for Auron. However, since they had reunited, It would be safer for him.

With the area skills he launched, Auron had cleared out the nearby monsters. He began to collect the legs. There were many monster's corpses that were scattered on the ground.

When Auron had just collected 40 legs, an [Smole]'s horde came from his northeast direction. There were still many corpses on the ground that he not yet collect. However, this monster horde was too many for the two of them could handle. 200 monsters were coming his way. 

Actually, if Auron insisted on fighting, both of them could eliminate all of the monsters. However, Auron could not imagine how many vest's life he had to sacrifice. Moreover, his mage character only had 40 health left. It was not an ideal fight for the two of them. So, Auron decided to retreat before getting surrounded.

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