Tales of Magic Swordsman
409 Forest Field 5
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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409 Forest Field 5

An hour almost passed. Auron had waited all this time on the hole's entrance. Although it was weird that the monsters streamed down to the hole, Auron didn't really care.

During this one hour, Auron had fought against 100 monsters. It was half of what he needed. However, the consequence was that he didn't have any time to find any other hole on the tree.

But, it was not a really big matter for Auron. He could just go to the rest area or just hid in this hole. Although he still didn't know the reason why the monsters kept on coming here, he was sure that he could face it.

It was 10 minutes before the rain poured down. Auron could not find any more monsters coming towards him. However, Auron didn't leave the place. He had decided to wait in case there was a monster coming to this place again.

10 minutes later, it started to rain. Auron was inside the hole. Since he had nothing to do, Auron went back to inside. He was sure that there was something in this hole. If not, why would the monsters keep on coming to this dead-end?

Surprisingly, when Auron went inside, he found one monster. Auron was confused. He looked behind him, and there was nothing.

Auron was so sure that he didn't let any monster passed him, so how could a monster suddenly appear inside the hole. He fought against the monster while thinking on this matter. However, no matter how hard he thought, he could not find the answer.

"Well, this was a game. The monsters could have spawned anywhere in this forest field, including this hole." Auron thought.

After killing the enemy, Auron continued to go deeper inside. However, not too far from where he met the first monster, he found the second monster. Then, the third monster.

On the fourth monster, he even met with another two monsters. And, all of them were coming from inside, which was a dead-end.

When Auron was fighting against three monsters, another monster coming towards him. Then, another one. The number kept on increasing. After killing 5 monsters, Auron decided to go away.

Since the monsters kept on coming, Auron didn't even have time to collect the eyes. He didn't want to keep doing this meaningless act, which was why he escaped.

Auron was drenched wet under the heavy rain. However, he had to escape, as there were a bunch of monsters behind him.

As soon as the monsters came out of the hole, they spread out and went in every direction. Unfortunately, a portion of them still followed behind Auron.

Auron kept on running. When he was far enough from the hole, Auron looked behind him. There were ten monsters behind him.

10 monsters were still a lot for him. It was not about killing all of them. However, it was more to protect his health left. 

Auron continued escaping for a few minutes more. Then, he looked back once more. Fortunately, the monster's number had decreased. There were 5 monsters left. Auron gritted his teeth. He had decided to take a risk.

Auron turned back, facing the monsters. He chanted an [Ice Wall]. A barrier of ice shot out from the ground. And, that wall of ice blocked the monsters' advancement.

[Smole] was a weak monster. That was why, when the wall of ice appeared and blocking the progress, they could not break through the wall. Instead, they split into two groups and attacked Auron through the side. 

The left group was contained with three monsters, while the rest went to the right group. Auron couldn't see which group had fewer monsters. So, Auron just picked one randomly. He went to his right.

Fortunately, Auron had picked the right group. He faced two monsters. However, he could not waste too much time since the other group coming towards him.

Auron stabbed his sword towards the front monster. The aimed monster avoided the attack by leaping towards Auron.

However, Auron had anticipated this. He raised his sword vertically. The jumped monster was cut into two and died.

Meanwhile, the other monster had charged towards Auron from his side. Auron quickly did a diagonal slash. That slash missed the vital part of the monster. However, it managed to graze the monster's leg and maimed it. Then, Auron finished the injured monster with a stab to its head.

After killing the last monster, Auron turned his back. Three monsters had been waiting for him. They made a three-pronged attack towards Auron.

An [Earth Spike] shot out from the ground and pierced the monster at Auron's left. Then, Auron brandished his sword towards the middle monster.

It killed the middle monster. However, the right monster was close to him. It opened its mouth widely. Then, it gnawed at Auron's right shoulder. 

"Ugh..." Auron made a pained expression. Then, with his left hand, he grabbed the monster's back and slammed it to the ground. With a stab on its stomach, Auron killed the monster.

Auron had tried his best. But, in the end, he still got one damage from the monster.

Auron quickly collected the monster's eyes before another monster coming towards him. In this heavy rain, the monsters were moving actively.

Just as Auron had thought, as soon as he finished collecting the monster's eyes, another group of monsters had come towards him.

Three hours passed. Under the heavy rain, and numerous assaults from the monsters, fortunately, Auron could hold on his vest's health.

During these three hours, Auron didn't even have a chance to go back to the rest area since he had always facing monsters continuously.

Under these continuous assaults, Auron's health reduced by another five points. Fortunately, with the rain stopped, Auron's torture had also ended.

Auron began collecting his loot from the numerous corpse on the ground. He had completed his quest with this battle. There was even some leftover corpse on the ground. But, Auron didn't take them.

With everything completed, Auron reported his quest and went to the next floor.

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