Tell Me Again, My Love
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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She groaned and buried her head under her cap. Why oh why she did not go somewhere else? Why she stayed here and had to endure the screaming and drooling from the girls? And why on earth He had to use the lane behind her class as the way to wherever he had to go?

"Crap." She had enough. She stood up and stormed out of the class, muttering under her breath.

She finally found a place she preferred and sat there, leaning her back to the wall. It was going to be a long day today, again.

"Valentine's Day, huh?"

The day ended few hours later but her mood hadn't lightened at all. She grabbed her bag and stormed to the door. She could not wait to go home and leave this frustrating place quickly.

She cocked an eyebrow seeing a small car parked in front of her home. She muttered underneath her breath, cursing her happy-go-lucky and free spirit parents who would go anywhere they want, anytime they want. Have they forgotten what happened last time?

"Ah, here she is. You are not going to believe it."

"What?" she eyed them suspiciously.

"We've received a new job. So we're going there today. This is the pocket money for next month. See you once we're done there." Two air kisses on her cheeks and both her parents got into the car next to a truck. However, her mother got out from the car and ran to her who was still standing there still dumbfounded. "Sweetheart, there is a new neighbour. Do be a dear and welcome them. I've made my famous tofu cake. Bye."

She finally snapped and turned around, only to see the car moving away quickly. She let out a heavy sigh and went to the kitchen. The bag was left thoughtlessly on the floor behind the door.

"Doesn't she know her cake is infamous rather than famous?" she muttered, taking out the tofu cake from the oven and threw it into the trash bin. She re-tied her hair and took out flour, eggs, sugar and butter. If she started now, the cake would be ready once she finished refreshing herself.

She rubbed her wet hair as she walked to the kitchen. Finally the cake was done. She placed the cake on the counter to cool down and went back to her room to put on her clothes.

She left the house unlock and walked the short distance to the house where people were still lingering around.

"Excuse me." She showed the container to the woman fretting over the boxes. "I'm Ryn, your new neighbour next door. This cake is to welcome you to the neighbourhood."

"Oh? Oh, thank you so much. Would you like some tea… or coffee?"

They looked at the cluttered kitchen. Ryn shook her head. Her job was done and she wanted to go home. She excused herself and went home. She did not even bother to let her new neighbour introduce her family member.

She locked the door and went to tidy the kitchen. It was useless to think about her parents. They were who they were. Nothing could change them.


The next day she went to class like usual. However, this time she was prepared to endure more hysterical cries from her classmates, with the most popular student in the college having his basketball practice. Even the lecturer had given up trying to control the girls when they were too excited watching him playing.

"Alright, class, try to remember to submit your work tomorrow," the lecturer reminded for the last time before he left.

Another lecturer came in. Ryn sighed boringly and looked out from where she was sitting. Her existence was usually being ignored and she had no doubt the lecturer did not even care whether her class was listening to her or not.


She listened silently as her classmates chatted and laughed loudly. She could not wait to go home. Tomorrow would be Valentine's Day and she had nothing to do.

"Hey, do you have a plan tomorrow?"

She looked at Rebecca, her classmate, in puzzled. Why would Rebecca ask her about her plan?

"If you don't have one, why don't you join us?" Rebecca looked at her hopingly.

"Actually… I already have a plan," she replied slowly.

"What? Oh no. We only need one more girl."


Rebecca pouted as she walked back to her seat. Guess they had to find another girl to complete the group.

Ryn sighed and looked out the window. She could not wait for the classes to end. She could not wait to go home.

Her new neighbour was busy watering the flowers when she reached home. She stopped for a while to have a chat before went into her home. She was tired but happy to be home.

She connected her phone to charge it before she went to the kitchen. She hoped there were still some chicken for her to cook.

Yup. Her life was boring compared to two years ago but she had gotten used to it. No more rushing everywhere, although she still could fall asleep anywhere and anytime.


She clicked the print button and sighed loudly. It was done. She was finally done with all her work this week. Now she only needed to submit them and then she could rest until the next one was given.

She was just tidying up her room when she found an album. She sat on her bed and looked into it. It brought so much memory, good and bad, and without realizing her tears began pouring down her cheeks.

Had it been two years? Why did it feel like it was yesterday? Why her heart was still bleeding just by thinking about it?

She put it in a drawer and took a deep breath. No matter. What has happened was already in the past.

She changed into her sports wear. A short run might make her feel better. She was just reaching the door when the bell rang.

She frowned at him. Lucky for her, the trace of her tears was gone after few minutes… well, only her red eyes remained.

"Erm… hi… I…"

"Yes?" she recognized him as the popular guy in her campus. What was he doing here and why he seemed to be flustered?

"My aunty… she just moved next door. She said to give you these as a thank you for the cake." he showed the basket.

"Wait here for a sec," she took the basket and went to the kitchen. It seemed like she had no need to cook for tonight's dinner.

"Have I seen you before?" he asked when she returned with clean containers in the basket.

"Tell your aunty thanks from me." she handed the basket.

He wanted to say more but she simply cocked an eyebrow. Unwillingly he left, heading to the house next door. Ryn on the other hand grabbed her cap, mobile phone and keys. She still wanted to run.

She did not even notice his eyes following her until she disappeared.


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