Tell Me Again, My Love
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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2 Are you happy now?

A month later…

She grabbed another bottle of water and zipped her bag. It took another few minutes for her to get into the taxi and told the driver where the destination was.

When she arrived, they were already there. With a cock of her eyebrow, they simply grinned and signaled her to see the man busy with arranging the set.

"Hey," she air-kissed his cheeks as he did the same. Then she looked at the set. "No more pom-pom?"

"Ha-ha. Not funny at all. Go get ready. No more time to waste."

She chuckled and went to see another woman. She spent a few minutes chatting before went into another room to change her clothes.

The hours spent with laughter and giggles. They stopped for a short break and continued more. It was a nice break for Ryn after so many days focussing on her study. In here, she no longer the quiet and boring girl everyone in her class knew about but a cheerful and talkative girl.

When she got back, her parents were back. Finally. After weeks being away to God knew where they were finally back with what looked like boxes of things she did not want to know.

"How's your study?" her mother asked but her focus was on one of the boxes. She finally found what she was looking for and took it out.

Ryn's face turned pale. "I've told you I don't want them. How many times do I have to tell you not to buy them again?"

"This is good for you especially when you're being active back," her mother replied and when Ryn quickly looked at the boxes pretending she did not understand what her mother meant, her mother gained more confidence to lecture her daughter, "Don't you try to hide it from me. You're wearing make-up!"

"It's for a friend. How could I say no when he promised to follow my schedule?" silently she cursed her laziness. She should wash off the makeup before she got home. Now she was caught red-handed.

"He's using you. Why do you always fall victim to the capitalist?" she followed Ryn to her room. "It's not as if we ask you to support us. You are still studying, which you begged us to allow you to, and it breaks my heart to see you struggling with everything."

"I'm not struggling. It's just…"

"It's been two years and you miss the life?"

Ryn froze. Her mother hugged her tightly.

"It's been two years, my darling. Two long years. It is time for you to forgive and forget, right?"

Ryn nodded.

"Besides, everything happens teaches you something. You have to take everything in your stride and turn it into your strength. And don't forget to eat only healthy and organic food. Do not touch those weird chemical food if you want to stay healthy and sane. I have no doubt they put something to brainwash everyone."

"Oh, mom."


She put the assignment into the bag and let out a sigh. She rolled her shoulders and sighed more. Finally, her work was done. Now she only needed to focus on the exam.

She went downstairs to prepare for her dinner. Although her mother always nagged about eating organic food, she followed her grandparents, eating whatever caught her interest and today she felt like eating beef.

"You shouldn't torture your body with that," her mother commented when she came into the kitchen, lured by the smell of cooking beef.

"I'm hungry. Besides, I have finished all my assignments."


She did not say another word, just bringing her food to the dining table. She would do the dishes once she finished. If she stayed in the kitchen, her mother would continue her nag as she prepared a meal for her husband and herself. Total vegetarian and organic.

She did the dishes once her parents finished their meal. Her father mentioned about her returning to modeling. She just smiled and shrugged. She did not think she would take many jobs like she used to.

And no more overseas assignments!

"I guess you're going to start your gym session again," he commented but his focus was distracted with his magazine.

"I'm thinking of using the college's facility instead of looking for a new one. Don't worry, dad. I'll use my own money for everything. I'm going back to my room."

He grunted. He called his wife and showed what took his attention. She gasped.

Ryn locked the door and went to open the door. It was still early but she had no plan today.

"What a long day today," she sighed, lying on the bed.

She looked at her phone and smiled seeing the message she received. It seemed like her busy life would start back. She could not wait to be busy.


A month later...

Ryn wiped the sweat with the towel and walked back to the locker. After this, she had an appointment with her modeling agency.

"Excuse me."

She reached for another bottle of water and uncapped it.

"Excuse me."

A tap on her shoulder.

She spun and looked at the girl. "Yes?"

"I'm sorry to disturb you but I would like to ask you a favour."

Ryn simply stared at her.

"I'm sorry. My name is Cherie Yang. I'm a third year in the design and fashion and… next week is a fashion show and I'd like you to be my model," Cherie stuttered, her cheeks reddened.

"Model?" Ryn unzipped her bag and frowned.

"I know it is a last minute thing but your height is perfect for what I've in mind. Friday night at the main hall." Cherie started to scratch her nape.

"Friday night, right?"

Ryn opened her planner and checked whether she was available that day and time.

"I really need your help."

She sighed heavily. She tended to do her own thing on the campus. Even her classmates commented that she was such a loner and asked her whether she had a problem at home. It was weird when they were trying to get her involved with the activity but she was not that sporty and did not even catch up with the latest gossip or watch movies or series.

If she were to agree with this, she would need to leave quickly to take the flight. It would be tiring but at least she would finally participate something in the campus. Making up her mind, she gave a nod. "I don't mind. How many clothes do you want me to wear?"

Grinning widely, Cherie told her everything she needed to know. Ryn took note mentally, nodding to encourage Cherie talking. Once she was sure she got all the info she needed, she waved goodbye and went home.


She gave a smirk and waited for few seconds before moved to another pose. She spent a few minutes posing before changed into another outfit.

"Oh man. Everything is good. I don't know which one to use."

She giggled when the director moaned. She tucked her bang to the side and looked at her photo on the computer. Just like he said, every pose was perfect. It was one reason why she worked almost non-stop now when they heard she made a comeback. She had to choose carefully less it would affect her study.

She changed back into her black top and jeans. She did not bother to clean the make-up. She waved goodbye and left the building. She was exhausted but she still needed to buy grocery. She did not want to think what her hippy parents bought if she asked them. She did not mind eating healthily but no chocolate or any meat? No way.

"More meat? My dear child, you do know in order for you to eat… that… they have to kill an innocent cow! Don't you feel sorry for that cow?"

Ryn just kept quiet when her mother started nagging. It was the same old nag she had to listen over and over again, being the only omnivore in a vegetarian family. Once her mother was done, she went into the kitchen to put everything into its place. Then she went back into her room.

She called her manager.

"Hmm… I just finished a job. Tomorrow I need to do the fitting for the clothes for the show this Saturday," she told her manager. She opened her planner and ticked the job for today. "How's your cold?"

"Still bad. I don't think I'll live tomorrow."

"Just take your medicine and sleep. I can travel alone." She chuckled.

"Are you sure? It's going to be very hectic."

"Don't worry. I can do it. It's not a week like last time, only three days."

"I'm worried. Your mother will blame me if anything happens."

"Don't worry. I'll be okay. You should focus on making yourself healthy back."

She opened the window and let out a heavy sigh. It would be hectic and she might end up being depressed again but she was positive. She learned from the past. She would not let her work overwhelm her, like last time.


"Thank God you're here."


"Because she's hoping you have heels for the outfit," a girl replied.

Cherie wrung her hands nervously. She looked at Ryn rather hopingly.

"Why don't you show me the clothes and tell me the concept?"

Cherie quickly showed her the outfit. She was a bit flustered in her explanation until Ryn had to calm her down. She was still wringing her hands when Ryn came back wearing it.

"Are you sure about these ruffles?"

Cherie bit her lower lip. Ryn spun slowly to show what she meant. Cherie's face turned pale. She took a scissor to cut the ruffles off the dress.

"The second outfit," Ryn went back to change into another outfit.

Cherie did not even look at her when she returned. She was talking to her phone. Ryn went to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Not bad for a newbie. Got the talent and with some polishing from experience, Cherie would become one of the best designers in the country. She already knew one of them and maybe she could help both of them meet. Hmm…

"Not much adjustment is needed," Ryn told her.

"Oh, thank you so much. You don't know how thankful I am," Cherie hugged her tightly before she bid goodbye. Ryn shook her head, smiling at how Cherie can't stop thanking her when she said she would bring the heels and even someone to do her makeup. Cherie reminded her of someone she once knew.

She was just unlocking the door of her house when she heard something. She wanted to ignore it but another sound made her look at the next door. She quickly ran to them.

"What happen?"

"We were talking when she suddenly fell down," he answered.

"Bring her inside. It's hot here." Ryn took out her phone and dialed the emergency number. She handed the phone to him to explain and focus back on the unconscious woman. She unbuttoned the blouse to ensure her comfort.

She waited until the ambulance came. Then she went home. It was a tiring day and she just wanted to sleep.

"Mom, what is that?" she asked when she saw her mother was holding a box.

"I'm not sure. It's for you." Her mother shook the box rather vigorously. "Not a pet, then."

"Mom, stop shaking it. It might break," she took the box and went to the dining table.

"Open it. Hurry." Her mother seemed like a kid with the jump and the hands clapping. Ryn smiled and opened it. No doubt it was from the agency.

"It's not real, right?" her mother asked suspiciously as Ryn pulled out a white fur coat.

"Faux Fur. How do I look?" she put it on and sighed in pleasure. It fit as if it was made just for her.

"You look good. Are you going to wear it?"

"Of course. It's snowing over there."

Her mother sighed and sat on the sofa. "Are you happy now, Ryn? You're not forcing the smile, right?"

"No, mother. I am happy. Don't worry."

"Are you sure?"

Ryn kissed her cheek and went upstairs. She was happy with the coat. Knowing how cold it would be there, she was thankful to receive this. She had no need to buy one.


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