Tell Me Again, My Love
3 Meeting him again
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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3 Meeting him again

She crossed her legs and sipped her drink. This girl was late… again. She thought after all these years, her friend would change this bad habit and become better.

"I'm so sorry~"

"At least you've improved to 20 minutes late. Impressive."

Her friend just grinned proudly. She put her handbag on the empty seat and took a sip of Ryn's drink.

"I thought you hate me too. Only now you want to see me." Mika said.

"Sorry. I don't mean to hurt you but…." Ryn chewed her lower lip slowly.

"Fine. I understand. I'm not angry. Well, just for a minute… or month…" Mika took a fries and frowned, "You're still eating these when you're being active back?"

"What's wrong with fries? You eat them too," Ryn pointed out.

"I'm not a model. You are. Besides, what is this gig you have to do tomorrow's night?"

"You do know I'm continuing my study now so this is for… it. You'll give me a discount, right?"

"Amateur show? You?"

"Don't laugh. No one knows I'm a model there so zip that big mouth."

Mika made a zip sign before giggled. Ryn rolled her eyes and waved for the waiter to come. She ordered Mika's favourite.

"I love you so much. Your treat, right?" Mika blinked her eyes a few times, innocently.

"Of course. I called you here, right?"

"I want dessert too~"

"That's too much, don't you think? You still charge me with transportation and meal for that night."

"It's cheap compared to my real price." Mika pointed out.

"Yeah. Yeah. Chocolate sundae for you," Ryn added it and thanked the waiter.

"So, tell me the concept. Are you going to be serious or playful? Is it going to be hot guys there?" Mika leaned forward, "There must be a lot of hot guys there, right?"

"Stop thinking about guys all the time. I thought you already have a boyfriend."

"Our love is pure so it's okay. Besides, he's busy right now with his work and I need to have some fun, right?"

Ryn stuck her tongue out at her friend and Mika did the same.

"I'm so glad to have you back. Don't let anything break us apart anymore, okay?" Mika looked at Ryn, this time seriously. She grasped her hands tightly. "I don't want to lose you again."

"You're being childish, Mika, again. Just drink your cocoa."

Mika chuckled. She drank her cocoa and waited for the waiter to arrange their food. Today would be the happiest day of her life. She got her best friend back. Ooh… if only this stubborn girl would forgive her brother and get back to him. It would be even better.

"What are you thinking about?" Ryn asked when she noticed how quiet Mika was. Hey, her best friend was such a chatterbox, it was weird when she did not say a word at all.

"Nothing. I'm so hungry… but first." Mika took out her phone and positioned it so that the camera would catch both she and Ryn, "Smile."

"You and selfie…" Ryn shook her head but still smiled for the camera.

"I really want to try this application." Mika again took their picture, this time applying the monkey face to their face. She showed the photo, giggling. "You're so pretty. Why do you always hide it with a cap?"

"Coz I want to have a normal life? Besides it is stress-free if no one knew my career at the campus."

"Coz you're afraid people will want to take advantage of you," she nodded wisely. "And don't want guys to keep hitting you. Oh, Ryn, you're so cool to leave all those hot guys for me."

"Oh, shut up, Mika. Just eat your food."


Cherie was wringing her hands when Ryn arrived. She quickly pulled Ryn into the room. Chuckling, Ryn simply took the clothes and went to change.

"You do bring some heels, right?"

"Yes. Don't worry." Ryn zipped the back and took out a shoe box from the paper bag she brought along. She has wiped the dust at home but still, it made her heart pounded hard just to open it.

"Ooh… so beautiful."

Ryn took a deep breath and put them on. Just as she thought, it fitted with the clothes, both clothes.

"You're wearing those? So cute. Haven't seen those for years."

Everyone looked at Mika who dashed into the room in her usual style. She put down her makeup bag and looked at Ryn up and down. "Not bad for an amateur. Who designs it?"

Ryn pointed at Cherie who was checking the other dress.

"How many models, again?"

"5." Ryn watched as Mika opened her makeup bag. "Don't make it too crazy. I've told you the concept."

"Yeah yeah. You have to believe in me. I know what I'm doing." Mika took out her phone, "But first a selfie."

Ryn shook her head. She did smile when Mika asked her to. Then, she took off her cap and pulled her hair into a ponytail.

"Cherie, do you want sparkles?" Mika rubbed her hands gleefully. She just bought new glitters and couldn't wait to use them.

"Not too much. Wait." Cherie quickly rushed to them. She was happy at first when Ryn said she could bring the make-up artist but seeing how loud Mika is, she was a bit worried.

"Don't worry. Just a bit under the right eye. It'll compliment the outfit, both outfits."

Ryn wisely refused to get involved with the makeup matter. She simply checked her phone and chuckled to see the list of instructions and reminders given by her manager. Despite still being sick, she was still worried about Ryn.

"Alright. It's time, people. Let's go. Let's go. "The director of the show called for them loudly, gesturing to the stage.

Ryn chuckled to see how pale Cherie was. Mindful of her makeup and hairstyle, she hugged Cherie, "Don't worry. Have faith in your design."

She waited for her turn and started walking down the runway. It felt natural to her and she just did what she used to. However, she could not help from winking at Mika who was busy snapping her pictures. This friend of hers was so excited to be included in this aspect of her life.

She was worried at first, afraid that Mika would refuse to be her friend back but now, everything was back to normal…. Well, almost everything.

She changed into the second outfit amid the chaos backstage. She did not even comment when one of the girls complain about everything.

And what was that about one of the models would be selected to sign into a modeling agency?

"Stop panicking, Cherie. You have to stay calm. Smile. And get ready."

Ryn walked down the runway for the second outfit, a bit worried truthfully with Cherie's pale face. She took Cherie's hand, whispered her to calm down and walked down the runway again, this time with Cherie as the designer. She giggled when Cherie, being so nervous, froze when another student gave her a bouquet. She had to nudge Cherie before the poor girl accepted the bouquet, amid the laughter from everyone.

"Hey, Ryn, are you coming to the party?" Cherie finally was able to be herself, asked Ryn. The show was a success with Cherie won it.

"I'm sorry. I have to leave now. See you next week. Bye." Ryn grabbed her backpack and paper bag containing the heels.


"Coming." Ryn went to the door, waving goodbye at the others. Mika would send her home, saving her from the taxi fare. Of course, she had to pay Mika for the 'fare' by buying a lot of deserts.


She put on her glasses and pulled her bag toward the door. Finally, she had reached the airport after long hours on the plane. Now she only needed to find the representative of the company to bring her to the shooting location.

"Miss Ryn! Over here!"

She quickly approached the guy in a green cap holding a cardboard. He introduced himself as Mark, junior assistant and took over holding her bag as he led her to a car.

"They are recording their solo part right now. Do you want to see them or…" he looked quite nervous and it made her wonder why.

"Why don't you bring me to my room first so I can clean up a bit?"

He agreed. She still was a bit suspicious. Why was he looking so nervous? She did not think it was that nerve-breaking just to pick her up and bring her to the hotel and the filming site.

It took her less than half an hour just to freshen herself up. No makeup, just moisturizer and lip balm, and most importantly her new furry coat. She loved her coat so much. She could not stop stroking its fur.

"I'm bringing you to see the director first. Is it okay for you?"

She simply nodded her agreement. It seemed like the time while she was getting ready did not lessen the nervous in him. Now he was making her nervous.

When she entered the house, it was full of people. She followed behind Mark, suddenly her heart pounding so hard. She had never felt like this before.

"Miss Ryn, how happy I am to finally see you. I hope your flight didn't delay too long." The director hugged Ryn before showed her the chair. "We just finished the group and solo session. Now, I will explain to you what the concept is and what I want you to do. I have no doubt this music video will be so beautiful and perfect."

She just smiled. It was weird to receive so much gushing and compliments when she hasn't done anything yet. She listened carefully and discussed the director's vision. Then she went to change her clothes and put on some make-up.

She went into the room for the first scene and froze. Her eyes were on the group chatting together. What the-


They quickly approached her. One of them stepped back slightly, waiting to see her reaction.

"You're finally here. We thought you don't want to be in our MV now."

She was too shocked to even push them away as they hugged her one by one. They waited some more until one of them, too anxious, started tickling her.


They laughed. All, except him who was still standing quite apart from them. He took a deep breath and put on his smile. Then he approached.

The others stepped back, wanting to give space for them. They even pulled the director and the team out from the room.

"What is going on here?" she finally found her voice.

"We're making a comeback and this is our first MV," he explained.

"No. You know what I mean. What are you…. what am I doing here? Is this one of your ways of revenge?"

"No. Of course not. I just… we just…" he paused. He took a deep breath before taking her hand. "Is it possible for you to forgive me?"

"Will a lifetime enough for me to forget what happened that day?" she muttered, pulling herself from him. She crossed her arms and looked at him with wet eyes. "I guess this is what professionalism meant. I have to separate my own feeling in my profession."


"I just need a minute to calm down before we can start the filming."

He watched her leave the room with a heavy heart. Years after their separation and she still hadn't forgiven him. "Forgive me, Ryn, forgive me."

When she returned, the whole crew was preparing for the scene. She had refreshed her make-up. She did not even look at him, simply talking with the director.

"Careful. Don't act rashly or you're going to lose her again," Brick whispered when he wanted to approach her again. He sighed heavily.

"Alright. We can start the first scene for this evening."

It was fun, she had to admit, despite her having to cover her uneasiness when sharing the same scene with him.

Before she even noticed it, the first day was over. She checked her phone and chuckled reading the message from her mother. There was even a message from Cherie asking her if she wanted to have lunch together. Ryn quickly replied with a 'next time'. Then she called her manager.

"Ryn…" he called but she simply went out, still talking with her manager.

He sighed heavily. It seemed like she still hadn't forgiven him. Apart from when filming, she ignored him completely. Even the crews could feel the tension and do not make any comment about it.

"I'll ask her to join our dinner." He looked at his leader and nodded. They were willing to help him get her back after he told them what happened. Of course, he had to listen to their questions and nags.

He checked his phone and answered his sister's question. Luckily for him, his sister agreed to help as well. Of course after all those shrieking and laughing, she mumbled something about planning a huge wedding for both of them. She even promised that it would be the best wedding ever.

He was ready to get married and he had no doubt she would accept it as their destiny. They were meant to be together, right?


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