Tell Me Again, My Love
5 Pregnant?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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5 Pregnant?

Ryn frowned to see the restaurant. She looked at Mika but this friend of hers was busy parking the car. She looked at the restaurant, then at her outfit, and at the restaurant again. She was not wearing a suitable outfit for that kind of restaurant.



Her finger pointed at the restaurant.

With a smile, Mika shut the engine off. Still, in the car, she took Ryn's hand. "Don't worry. I've booked a table for us. We have something to discuss and I want to talk about it while eating."


"Come on." Without waiting for Ryn, Mika quickly walked toward the restaurant. Unwillingly Ryn had to follow. She should have guessed this would happen when she saw what Mika was wearing when Mika picked her up just now. She should not be taken back like this. Everything should not shock her now.

"What do you want to talk about?" Ryn waited until the waiter left with their order to ask, giving her best friend a narrowed look, "If it's about him, I'm sorry. I don't want to talk about him."

"It's not about him."


"It's about you." Mika handed an envelope to her.

Ryn took out a piece of paper from the envelope and read it quickly. Then she read it again, this time carefully. "Mika?"

"If you look at the amount, you can be assured that you are given a fair rate for five years. Actually… more than what the usual payment for a three years contract."

"But I…"

"I know you're becoming a model because of Landy and it's not a long term plan but I wish you could consider this. Although the company is quite well known now the plan is to establish it internationally. With you as the face of the company, I have no doubt that within a year, we can reach that goal."

Ryn pushed the envelope back to Mika and smiled. "You should invite my manager too to discuss this, you know."

"She said to discuss this with you." Mika grinned.


"So, do you agree? Are we going to work together?"

Without a word, Ryn went to hug her best friend, ignoring the look from others. She pulled her head so she could see her best friend's face. She squeezed Mika's cheek and hugged her again. "Of course."

"Cool. We'll sign the contract tomorrow. Now we eat. I'm hungry~"

Ryn laughed. She went back to her seat and thanked the waiter who brought their order. She ate her food while Mika's kept talking. When Mika was excited, she would not be able to close her mouth and this was one of those times.

Just treat it as a song and she would not get a headache.

"Thank you for the dinner and the ride," Ryn said as she unbuckled the belt.

"Tomorrow I'll pick you up. Wear these." Mika handed a paper bag with the company's logo on it. "Don't worry about the make-up. I'll do it for you."

"Fine. Fine. You're the make-up expert. Bye."

"Bye. Sweet dream."

"Sweet dream."

Ryn entered her home with a sigh. Guess the modeling gig would extend to three more years rather than few months like she planned. Hmm… guess she needed to make sure she would not succumb to stress and exhaustion anymore.


Ryn puckered her lips a bit and smiled.

"I never thought you still remember my favourite colour."

"Of course. I remember everything." Mika kept everything into the bag she brought along and looked at her best friend proudly.

"I can't believe in just two years you manage to establish your company. You must be suffering so much for those years," Ryn hugged her best friend tightly.

"I suffered so much," Mika nodded her head sadly, "I don't even have someone to share my burden."

"Stop exaggerates. What's the use of your boyfriend if not to listen to your wail?"

"You're not fun, Ryn. Why are you bullying me?" Mika wailed sadly.

"Enough. Wash your face and fresh up your make-up. We don't want to be late for the program." Ryn pushed Mika toward the bathroom.

It supposed to take them an hour to reach the hotel but with Mika's mad driving skill, they reached there (in one piece) less than 40 minutes.

Ryn stroked her chest as she glared at her best friend who casually handed the car key to the attendant there. "We are not racing. Why do you need to drive so fast?"

"I just want to test my new car. What do you think?"

"Why waste money to buy a new car when your old one still in good condition? Why didn't you use the Mercedes?" Ryn shook her head as the sight of Mika's brand new pink Ferrari been driven away. Mika was being spoiled again.

"Jason bought it for me. I love it. Don't you love it?"



"Hush. There are people here," Ryn hissed.

A man and a woman quickly approached them. They greeted Mika and Ryn politely and led the way to the hall where media were waiting.

Mika held Ryn's hand and took a deep breath. Then, she let go and put on her serious face.

They took their seat on the stage. Ryn was used with flashes from cameras so she did not even react with so many flashes. Mika, on the other hand, was still new in this so she unconsciously looked for Ryn.

Under the table, Ryn patted Mika's hand to calm her down.

The emcee quickly welcomed the media and introduced them to Mika. Mika took over and introduced Ryn as the spokesperson. Ryn signed the contract. It was quick and straightforward and then the Q & A session started.

"Miss Catherine, you have just made a comeback after two years missing. May I know where have you been? And why did you go missing all these years?" one of the reporters asked.

"Is it true that you had to quit because you're pregnant with Minister Li's child?" another asked before Ryn could answer the first question.


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