Tell Me Again, My Love
6 She is still hur
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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6 She is still hur

"Is it true that you had to quit because you're pregnant with Minister Li's child?" another asked before Ryn could answer the first question.

Mika's face changed. She did hear the rumour but because she was too sad when her brother and Ryn broke up, she did not try to investigate who spread the lie and tell the true story but her stubborn big brother did not react at all. It was frustrating when both persons she loved so much being their stubborn self.

"Minister Li's child?" Ryn's calm voice made everyone kept quiet. "I'm sorry. This is the first time I've heard about it. Can you tell me the whole story?"

The reporters exchanged look.

"I think I only saw him once during the flower blossom show and only from far. If that is what you meant by having relationship, I guess I was having relationship with everyone I have met during all my shows."

They were taken back with her answer. This girl in front of her did not look like Catherine two years ago. The model two years ago were soft spoken, full of smile and a bit naïve. The girl in front of them although was smiling politely but she was more reserved and matured.

"To answer the question, I just want to have a short break after working non-stop. Now I am ready to work again and I hope everyone will support me and also Full Moon. There is no pregnancy involved whatsoever. Thank you."

"Why do you choose to represent this brand? As far as I know you've never endorsed any brand before," another reporter asked when he realized Ryn had no intention to answer the question about the scandal.

"I love the style. The dress I am wearing right now, Red Carnation, not only girly but very comfortable. It is also practical with the pockets." Ryn stepped forward. She turned around slowly to show off the dress.

She returned back to her seat and answered few more questions. This time the reporters focussed on the brand and the upcoming fashion show.

Ryn followed Mika to her office. She chose the white fluffy couch to sit and took off her heels. Mika locked the door.

"I can't believe they asked you about the scandal."

"I never heard about it. Luckily I remembered that show because it was the last show with Michele."

"And that, right?"

Ryn's face changed.

Mika quickly took Ryn's hands.

"It was a misunderstanding, Ryn. He explained everything to me."

"I don't want to talk about it."


"Can we talk about something else, please?"


"Mika, please. Or I'll leave."

Mika pursed her lips a bit. She wanted so much, desperately wanted her best friend to reconcile with her big brother but she guessed the pain her big brother caused Ryn was still there. The Ryn she knew loved her brother so much and would do anything for him. But that day everything changed.

Even her brother changed.

"Are you happy now?" Mika asked slowly.

"I still live. And for these two years I've learned to be a normal person."

"I just want you to be happy."

"Can we go back to business? The show will be in two months, right? With a new collection?"

Mika moved to her table and took out her planner. "Yes. In two more months. You'll take the first and the last."

"Only clothes or with jewelry as well?"

Apart from clothes, Honey Moon also produced jewelleries.

"No. But the new collection includes men attire."


"Send Mei Li the exact date." Ryn closed her eyes and yawned.

"I'll wake you up for lunch."

Ryn lied down on the sofa and hugged the love pillow tightly. She was not worried about ruining the dress. It belonged to her now.

Mika quickly settled things she needed to finish today and went to her brother's office, leaving Ryn sleeping on the couch.

"How is she?" Jeremy asked once Mika entering his room. He put down the pen he was holding and pushed the file he was reading aside.

"She's sleeping." Mika slammed herself on the dark brown leather couch and sighed heavily.

"How is she?" he repeated his question.

Mika looked at her big brother and finally realized what he was asking. "She is still hurt."

"Are we going lunch together?"

"No. I'll go with her alone. I don't think she's ready to face you again."

"When can I see her then?"

"Be patience, brother. She will accept you but it will take time. She's still hurting even though she's smiling now."

"So what's your plan?"

"I don't have any yet."

His face changed.

"But I'll think of something. Don't worry. Anyway, I've finished reading the latest proposal for the resort. Are you sure you want to give this project to me?"

"Yes. I don't have the time to manage it once I start touring and I need you to do it on my behalf."

"But we have other managers, right?" she whined.

"But the one I truly trust is you. This is mom's pet project so you have to do it personally."

"But why can't mom do it? I'm busy with the new collection."

"Have you forgotten she's still in Athens with dad?"

Mika pursed her lips sadly. Their parents went for extended honeymoon since last month and hadn't come back since. She did ask her mom when they'd return but all she got was "We will come back when we're done here."

"I don't think it's fair for them to leave me," she muttered sadly.

"You're no longer a kid. Of course they will leave you." He put down his signature and took another file. "If you have no other things to say, you can continue your work."

"You're not fun at all." With a huff, Mika stormed out from the room and went to her own office where Ryn was still deep in her sleep.

"When are you going to be my sister back, Ryn? Jeremy has changed into a monster now without you."

Mika missed the time when her big brother would smile and cover her mistakes. He never scolded her or told her off. He would patiently explained and if she did not want to do it, he would do it for her. However, when both of them broke up and Ryn refused to meet or even talk with them, he changed. It took almost 2 years for him to admit it was his fault and she wished she could squeeze Jeremy's neck for being so blind and stupid.

"I'll make sure both of you together back. Don't worry, Ryn."


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