Tell Me Again, My Love
7 Cannot be that childish child anymore
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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7 Cannot be that childish child anymore

Ryn put on her shades and mask, and followed them. Today they were going to a studio to support Irene for her first photoshoot. She put on her mask so to cover her identity. When she was asked why she wore it, she simply said she was not feeling well but wanted to support Irene.

It was a new experience for her, honestly, not being in front of the camera. She was so used with being a model, even though she was just starting back, so she had to control herself. Especially…

"Smile. Not too big. Natural smile. Too stiff!"

Irene was obviously excited for this job but she let her nervousness taking over her. Ryn scratched her chin and went to find a vending machine. She was getting thirsty. And she needed to get away before she followed her instinct to give instruction to Irene and leaded to her cover being exposed. Besides, she wanted Irene to understand the hardwork of being a model.

The shooting took more than an hour to finish. Ryn even bought some snacks for the crew and her friends. She took the chance to look at the photos taken and agreed that although Irene was a bit stiff and awkward but she had the talent. Just a little bit of polish and Irene could go further into the modelling world.

"I didn't know modelling is such a hard work."

Ryn smiled hearing the comment. She was used with people thinking a model had such a simple and easy life. It was hard and tiring but all worth it.

Her phone rang twice before she could find it in her bag. It was her manager and she had good news. Ryn excused herself from her friends and looked for a quiet place to chat.

"What time is the flight?" Ryn took out her planner and put down the time. She sighed a bit seeing her diary was getting full. She had no idea how from helping a friend to be a full-time model. She should learn to say 'no' after this.

"Hey, where are we going for lunch?" she rubbed her stomach ruefully. She only had oatmeal this morning with some berries then the snacks she shared with the others. Then rushing here to support Irene.

"I can't eat. I need to take care of my figure now that I'm a model," Irene said.

Everyone looked at her. Ryn cocked an eyebrow. A model couldn't eat? She did not know that even though she had been a model for years. Even her model friends did not skip any meal. Where did Irene learn about that?

They waved goodbye with Irene and went to look for a place to eat. They then went for a quick bowling game. It seemed like her friends really love playing bowling. Compared to them she was just a beginner so each time she managed to put down a pin, everyone was clapping happily.

Yes, she only managed to put down a pin… if she was lucky.

She was such a bad player but oh well, it was for fun. She was not a professional so who cares if the ball kept 'avoiding' the pins.

When she reached home, her neighbour was waiting.

"Ryn, have dinner with me? I made…" she glanced over her shoulder at the chuckle. Ryn looked too and saw the nephew. "Fine. Harry cooked dinner. Come and join us."

Ryn learned that her neighbour, Angel could not cook. Sometimes she sent some food to Angel, especially when Angel was busy with her job. Angel was a painter and when she was in the middle of completing a job or two, she always forgot to eat. No wonder her nephew, Harry always came to check on her. The same Harry who was actually the most popular guy in the campus. And because of the show that time, he finally knew she studied in the same place as him.

However, they were not friends.

She did not even tell any of them that she was a model. Why should she? Her job was her own private matter.

She took him as her neighbour's nephew and that was all. They sometimes had dinner together and that was all.

"Today we're eating steak and muffins. I still think you should make desert too." Angel looked at the dish her nephew made. "What do you think, Ryn?"

"No comment," Ryn took the seat and looked at the food Harry prepared.

"You're a good cook too, Ryn so you can comment about this. Chocolate pudding?"

"Aunty, you forgot to buy the grocery again. There is no chocolate and even milk for me to make your favourite pudding," Harry shook his head. Then he looked at Ryn interestingly, "Are you coming for the trip?"

"What trip?" Ryn cut the steak into tiny pieces carefully. She loved steaks so much, especially when there were black pepper sauce and whipped potato. Ooh… just love them. She did not even mind having to put more time to exercise as long as she could eat steak.

It drove her manager crazy.

"The one the student union conducted once a year. This year we're going to an island. Are you interested?"

She pursed her lips thoughtfully and shrugged. Her schedule was too full for these two months with only a day or two days break in between the jobs.

"Maybe next time."

Harry frowned. Everyone was excited with the trip. He got a place because he was one of the committee. So far the space was filled with applications and they had trouble choosing who to go.

"Anyway, the cake you made last time was fabulous. Can you make one for me?" Angel gave puppy eyes at Ryn.

"Maybe in two weeks? I have a plan already." Ryn checked her watch. She still had time. "Do you want chocolate cake like last time?"

"Of course. With chocolate ganache?" Angel beamed when Ryn nodded.

Harry chuckled as he shook his head. His aunt was so shameless and she was even proud of it.

Ryn devoured everything while promising to make the cake Angel wanted. She waved goodbye to both and went home. She could hear the cry from Angel when Harry demanded her to choose who makes the better cake; he or Ryn. They were such a weird aunty-nephew. Looks more like two kids playing around.

Whatever. She still needed to pack her things for the trip.

She took a quick shower before started to check her wardrobe. She decided to wear her pyjama for the trip and changed into casual clothes once she arrived at the airport.

"You're wearing those again?"

She just grinned when was asked by her manager once she got into the taxi. She snuggled closer to her and yawned.

"It's going to be a long flight. Do you bring your assignments?"

"Of course."

"How much longer until you graduate?" Mei Li, her manager asked again.

"Not going to tell you. I know you want to arrange more assignments for me." Ryn stuck her tongue out playfully. She giggled when Mei Li pinched her nose in return.

"I won't take things you cannot handle. Besides, the last word belongs to you, not me," Mei Li pointed out.

"You better remember that."

"I just wish you can be your happy-go-lucky back."

"I've grown up, Mei Li. I can't be that childish child ever again."


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