Tell Me Again, My Love
8 A familiar girl
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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8 A familiar girl

Harry followed his friends toward the beach. They had a short rest once they reached the resort. The girls were not there. Probably was still resting after the long journey. He laughed when some jumped into the water without wasting time. He took off his shirt and jumped into the water, joining his friends.

The journey was long and they had to endure an hour in boat. The water was so clear they could see the sands. There were even hints of colourful fishes here and there, among the corals. Harry could not wait for their snorkelling trip tomorrow. It would be fun.

They gathered in front of a stall and enjoyed ice cream and coconut water.

"Hey, I heard there is a filming over there."

Harry looked at the way his friend pointed, cocking an eyebrow. Then he shrugged it off and enjoyed his ice cream.

Why should he care something unrelated to him? Better he enjoyed his holiday.

He separated from them when they wanted to see the filming. He wanted to check out the scenery and maybe looked for new food to try.

When he returned to the room, his friends were discussing about the filming. He grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom. Later they're going for dinner.

"The girls wants to go to a club after dinner."


He checked his phone and frowned seeing messages from his mother. She was asking him to check on aunty once he came back. Why couldn't she go by herself? Had she forgotten he was outside the town?

He shook his head and put on his jeans and shirt. Unlike what the girls thought, he and his friends did not care about appearance. They wore what comfortable for them. So it was a huge joke when they found themselves among the popular guys in the college with him being voted twice as the boy the girls want to date.

Some of the girls haven't arrived at the promised place. Harry looked at the buildings lit with colourful lamps. Who could guess a small island like this has so many clubs. No wonder his friends wanted to come here.

"Stop being so grumpy. We're here to have fun."

He chuckled when his friend punched his shoulder playfully. He guessed he was still unused having no responsibility. Usually at this time he would be busy taking care of his aunt. He wondered whether his absent-minded aunty has had her dinner. No wonder his mother was anxious with her well-being. Even though she always-always forgot eating her meals, she still wanted to live alone.

"Your aunty can take care of herself. You're not her mother, Harry."

"I hope so," he murmured. Hopefully her neighbour was at home because he knew sometimes she would go to his aunt's house to have meals together.

"Sorry, we're late."

The girls grinned when they arrived. They knew they were late but no doubt the boys would not be mad at them. Some quickly went to their boyfriend, clinging and cooing. Harry shook his head, laughing seeing no one was angry at the girls even though at first they were grumbling about the girls.

They entered the club, only to be blocked by a man. "I'm sorry, we're in the middle of filming a music video by Lexie and in need of few people as extras. Would you like to be in the video?"

"Lexie?" the girls started to shriek and quickly agree. They pulled the boys in eagerly. Who could guess their good fortune to meet superstar Lexie and even be in his music video.

Harry looked at his friends and they simply shrugged. What else could they do?


She patted her hair while the stylist helped adjusting her dress. Two more scenes to go.

"Ryn, are you leaving with us tomorrow?" the stylist asked once she was satisfied with the dress.

"No. I have a day off before I go to Milan."

"And you haven't finished your study yet? How on earth are you dividing your time for study and work?" the stylist could not help from feeling tired seeing how busy Ryn was. And she knew Ryn took a break from modelling last time to focus on studying but now…

"I guess I am crazy enough to take everything," Ryn winked and went to set.

She joined the crews. Lexie whistled at her and she giggled.

"You're a chameleon. You can change your identity on will," his eyes looked at her up and down, enjoying how the dress wrapped around her curves perfectly.

"The same line, Lex? Where's your legendary charm?" a cameraman joked but he must admit Ryn was so versatile and could show off whatever she was wearing. That is why once the industry knew she made a comeback, they want to have her as their model or in this case, music video. She could be anything she wanted to be; an innocent girl, a vixen, a businesswoman and once even a doll.

The magazine of her being a doll to promote jewellery sold out in just two days.

She went to the director to discuss what he wanted for the scene. She did not even look at the people who was excitedly waiting to see Lexie. No one actually recognized Ryn as she was dolled up as a siren. They thought she was just another girl who blatantly go to the director bravely.

"Alright, can we start now? Is Lexie ready? Start the music!"

Ryn simply waited for the cue before she walked into the room. She waved at a group of dancers whom she danced with this morning and joined them while Lexie miming his song and dancing with some guys.

She giggled when he pulled her to dance. They moved with the song until the director cried 'cut'. Both hugged and went to watch the recording. It was good. They moved to the next scene and again it took them one take to complete.


Harry ignored the chatter and looked at the girl chatting with the singer. Why was she seems so familiar? He frowned.

"Let's take a picture with Lexie."

He wanted to say no, wanting to go to the girl and asked but his friends pulled him to the girls. They wanted to take a photo together as evidence being in this music video. They had so much bragging to do with their friends. Being in Lexie music video? Everyone would be jealous of them.

When he was finally managed to pull himself from them, the girl already left. He looked around but she was nowhere. He sighed and shrugged it off. Maybe it was someone who looked like her. It was impossible for her to be here. Impossible.

They continued with their initial plan; party!

He made sure he did not indulge too much alcohol, seeing how much his friends drank. Someone needed to stay sober to ensure everyone came back safely.

In short he was the weird one in the group.

He was still having fun, though.

It was close to 4.00 am when they returned to their room. After he made sure everyone went to their bed, he sat at the balcony and let out a heavy sigh. It was late but his eyes were still wide open. He looked at the scenery as he waited for his eyes to get heavy.


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