Tell Me Again, My Love
9 The legendary lazy model
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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9 The legendary lazy model

Ryn drew the curtain and let out a huge yawn. Last night she fell asleep once she reached her room but she was still sleepy. She leaned against the railing and looked at the scenery. The morning breeze made her feel better. She stretched her arms and yawned again.

She lifted her leg on the railing and did a quick stretch.

Then she lied on the chaise and closed her eyes. She just wanted to spend the time relaxing before breakfast.

"Oh no…" she groaned when her phone rang. She wanted to pretend she was still asleep but it was hard to ignore.

She took her ringing phone with her to the balcony and sighed heavily to see the name displayed.

"Why are you calling me again?" she skipped the greeting and questioned him.

"I heard you're in Lexie's."


"Why you refused to be in mine?" he could not understand why she refused to be the lead in his single. He even paid a lot for her to be in it but she straight out refused. In the end he was also not in the MV, just using actors to express the song.

He wanted to act with her in his MV, as a pair of lovers. He wanted to confess his love and asked for her forgiveness through his song. Unfortunately she did not even give him the chance.

No matter. He would get the chance. His sister promised to create another opportunity for him.

But, he could not help from feeling hurt when he heard she agreed to be in Lexie's MV. Why?

"I don't think I have to explain everything to you. There's nothing between us. Please. Just leave me be." She was getting tired with his weird attitude. He was the one who left her and now he acted as if she broke his heart.

"Ryn, please."

"I'm going to be late for my exercise and breakfast. If you have nothing important to say, don't bother. Bye."

She threw the phone on the longue and groaned. Was it her fault things have come to this? Who in the right mind would accept someone so easily after what he had done?

She quickly changed her clothes and grabbed the hotel key. 'He' really made her so stressful!


"I don't understand why you refused to be in his video."

Ryn frowned when she was asked that question as she reached their table. She placed both plates on the table and went to get her drink. So many drink available even though it was still morning. She even could choose what type of coffee she want.


She placed her drinks (latte and fresh orange) and finally looked at Mei Li. She had no doubt he contacted her early in the morning to ask why she was in the Lexie's but not his.

"My schedule was full that time," she replied finally and took a sip of her juice.

"Liar liar pants on fire," Mei Li mumbled under her breath.

"Mei Li."

Mei Li pursed her lips a bit. Why was Ryn being so stubborn?

"If I don't want to, what can you do?" Ryn stared at her.

Mei Li didn't answer. Ryn focussed on enjoying her breakfast. She had a quick exercise before and quite hungry. After this she wanted to have a long rest before flying out for the next job.

"By the way, I've created an Instagram account for you."

Ryn frowned. Instagram?

"You do know I am lazy."

Mei Li sighed. Ryn's laziness was so legendary, she had to push and push and push whenever she wanted her charge to mingle with others outside the job. If left to Ryn, once she was done with her jobs, she would go home and sleep. Luckily Ryn hardly took bad photos and with her able to change her appearance according to the mood and theme once the camera start clicking or during the runway, everyone seemed to close their eyes over her laziness and wanted her. Even it was hard for Ryn to take pictures of herself. Her phone was only for calling, messages and updating her schedule. There was no other application in the phone.

"What do you want for your first post?" Mei Li tried to stay focus.

"Whatever you want. I don't care."

"Fine. I'm thinking about nature. But you have to walk a bit to get to the waterfall. Are you up to it?"

"Okay. Give me half an hour to get ready. Can you bring water and some snacks for me too? Chocolate."

Mei Li nodded. They finished their breakfast and went to their room to get ready. Truthfully Mei Li was relieved when Ryn accepted the Instagram idea. Now, the toughest job was to train Ryn taking pictures for her account.

Apparently Mei Li forgot one very important matter. Ryn was used going to the gym and even exercise to release tension and stress while Mei Li hated exercise. Ryn grinned at the thought and could not wait to see her lazy manager entering the forest.

It would be entertaining.


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