Tell Me Again, My Love
10 When are you going to invite us to your aunt“s house
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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10 When are you going to invite us to your aunt“s house

"Whose brilliant idea for us to do this after breakfast?"

He chuckled hearing the grumble. They were on their way to the waterfall. It was one of the plans when they arranged this trip so it should not be a shock for them to be here. Unlike most of them, he had no hangover. The girls pulled out from this trip, too sleepy and exhausted to do the jungle trekking.

"Ryn, wait."

He turned and saw a very familiar girl walking leisurely toward them. Behind her was a woman, panting and puffing. Ryn? She came too? She said she had another plan.

"Come on. The faster we arrive, the faster I can eat my lunch."

Yup. That's Ryn alright. She loves eating so much despite of her being so slim. He wondered where she put all the food she ate, especially steaks. She could finish 3 steaks in one seating, hence he had to cook more whenever he had to prepare dinner for his aunt.

"Hey, Ryn."

Ryn looked at him and the others. She waited for the woman to catch up and frowned at the panting woman, "Do you need more water?"

"I want to go home. I can't do this anymore. I want to go home," Mei Li almost cried from exhaustion. It was a bad idea to come here. She should just suggest they take picture in the room. Outside on the beach was cool too. Why oh why was she being so stupid to suggest nature at the waterfall for the first picture?

"Cheer up. I'll treat you meat for lunch and dinner. Come, eat this chocolate to recharge your energy." Ryn took out a chocolate bar from the bag and handed it to Mei Li. "Hey, Harry. Your group?"

"Yeah. I thought you didn't come." Harry introduced them to her. She chatted with them for few minutes before continued her journey. She wanted to arrive quickly, take the pictures needed and go back to the hotel room. She wanted to sleep! No. Not sleep. Eat first then sleep.

"She's in our university?"

"Yes. She's in business management. Our junior."

"Why haven't you brought her along? I've never seen her before. How do you know her, by the way?"

Harry finally stopped and looked at them. There was no more tiredness or sleepiness in their face. All looked eager to know more about Ryn.

Harry sighed a bit.

"She's my aunt's neighbour. I don't know much about her because she's quite private," he refused to tell them about her habit of eating with them at aunt's house. If his friends knew, they'd ask him to bring them along to have meal with her. He's not that close to her and it would be awkward if his friends started making a fool of themselves just to flirt with her. He shivered at that thought. Better keep some as secrets.

"When are you going to invite us to your aunt's house?"

Harry stared at their sheepish face. What the heck?


Jeremy took few deep breaths to calm himself. Why was she being so stubborn? He had apologized hundred times but still she refused to accept him back.

"I've told you not to call her," Mika commented with a loud yawn. "She's under stress now with her workload and you want to question her for being in Lexie's?"

"Shouldn't she support me first?" he tried not to sound childish in front of his younger sister but it was hard. He loved her too much. He wanted her back.

"I'm going to the office today. Do you want to come?" she yawned again.

Today was the day for checking the new collection. He always helped her with his opinion. She would not let him off the hood just because he was joining the entertainment world again.

"New collection?"

"Yes. Treat me lunch too."

"We haven't had our breakfast and you've already thinking about lunch?" he sometimes couldn't understand what's in his sister's mind. If people met her for the first time, they'd think she was a high schooler with her Lolita kind of clothes and childishness. However, when they saw her in the company, they'd realize how serious she was in her work.

The title Little Lolita Witch she earned was not for nothing.

And usually during this time that name was whispered among their workers, hoping the wand was not pointed toward them.

"Next week we're going to choose the models for the show. Do you want to join in?" she went to make her coffee. She must bring coffee to work. She even had a coffee machine in the office.

Yes, she's a coffee addict.

She tried to eat healthily. She even tried to follow Ryn's diet but her best friend's favourite food was steak. How could she eat steak every day and maintaining her figure? Following other model's diet? She was going to die from hunger! And she hated exercise.

She quickly followed behind Jeremy when she realized her brother was going to leave her behind.

"Can we go to the new café? I heard there's a delicious pie."

Jeremy sighed heavily. His little sister would never change. How on earth could she still stay together with her boyfriend for all these many years with her shameless attitude?

"Oh yeah, I also found a male model… well, not exactly a model but he's suitable to wear one of the outfits." She pressed the button for the garage.

He leaned against the cold wall and closed his eyes. He was tired. Yesterday he had to finish few documents before he could go to bed. Even though he had joined back the entertainment world, he would not leave his business, especially leaving everything in the hand of his little sister. She would only focus on the clothes and makeup, not everything.

"I want to meet them today at ten. Bring all the clothes and props," Mika told her manager via phone as her brother drove the car toward the café for their breakfast. "Have you confirmed the date for the show?"

Jeremy glanced at his sister. It seemed like the witch came even faster than before as Mika frowned.

"What do you mean you're still unable to get the date?"

The car stopped at the red light. Jeremy took the chance to check his phone. Maybe Ryn had changed her mind and agreed to be with him back.

No message from her.

He sighed heavily.

Ignoring the messages from his manager, his group members and even from his manager, he dropped the phone into Mika's laps and continued driving the car as the light turned green. He couldn't just let this be. He had to do something so that they could be together back.

"Don't give me any excuse. If they don't answer the call, you can go meet them. Is it so hard to solve it?" Without missing a bit, Mika took her brother's phone and dropped it into the cup holder.

He looked for an empty space and parked the car. Miya followed behind, still fuming.

"If you're still bad mood, I'll send you straight to the office," he warned.

"Stupid brother. I need my Ryn." Mika quickly called her best friend but Ryn didn't answer. Mika cried and hugged her brother sadly, "Even Ryn is bullying me."

"She's not answering the call?" he asked.

Mika shook her head. Ryn was supposed to answer the call.

"Maybe she's busy."

"Even if she's busy, shouldn't she answer my call?"

Jeremy didn't answer. In fact, he entered the café and headed toward an empty table. Mika took a seat opposite him, still muttering under her breath.

"When is she coming back?" he asked after they ordered the food.

She checked her calendar, which brought a frown to him. Why would she check her calendar? She tapped few times and groaned.

"What's wrong?"

"She's coming back in two weeks," she groaned sadly.

"I thought she's not taking oversea's work?" he frowned.

"She must be bored," Mika grumbled. "Hopefully she can make time for our show. She's ours."

"She has agreed?"

"Of course."

"Good. I want to be her partner."

Mika stared at her brother. Her eyes widened.

"If there is a spot for you…" she murmured slowly.

He stared into her eyes, "Make one."

She gulped nervously. She did not like the look in his eyes.

"You're scaring me."


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