Tell Me Again, My Love
11 Model casting
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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11 Model casting

Ryn took off the outer layer of her clothes to reveal a bikini. She knew there was a waterfall here and put on the red and gold bikini before they started the hiking. She waited for Mei Li to be ready with her phone.

"How many photos?" she asked.

"Twenty? We'll choose the best to upload."

Ryn pursed her lips a bit before she sat on the big rock, looking toward the waterfall.

Without prompting, Mei Li started taking pictures. She had to be quick because Ryn, so used with the pace of the professional photographer, changed her pose quickly.

The boys arrived in the middle of the photographing session. Their eyes widened seeing how casual and calm Ryn was, also how furious Mei Li clicking the camera. What made them even taken by was how both of these women did not say a word, just doing their part silently. Mei Li did not even praise Ryn's beautiful pose!

Harry couldn't stop looking at her. He saw her during the fashion show and was shocked to learn she was his aunt's neighbour, the girl who helped contacting the ambulance when his aunt passed out.

Ryn looked different now. She looked like another person.

"And we're done," Ryn announced. She took out a towel from her bag and draped herself with it. She looked at the photos Mei Li took.

"Not bad. Now your turn. I can properly enjoy the scenery." Ryn winked and walked toward the boys… correction, she headed toward where the food was.

"Hotdog?" she tried not to drool seeing Harry holding two sticks of hotdog. Knowing Harry's talent in cooking, she had no doubt he put something on it or maybe special sauce?

"Is it okay if I… I mean, we, join you?" Although she was talking with them, her eyes were on the food.

Harry didn't answer verbally, instead he simply handed a stick of hotdog to her. The boys tried not to drool at her and tried to show their manliness but her attention was on the food, completely on the food.

Harry shook his head, bemused with his friends. Embarrassing all of them and the pitiful fact was, Ryn did not even realize it. She was so into enjoying her food she did not even notice the look from them.


"Oooh… Ryn has opened an IG account."

His eyes opened wide at the claim. Without warning he grabbed her phone and looked at the photo.

His Ryn, in a bikini, sitting at the edge of the big rock with her back to the camera. There was another photo of her warming her hands against the fire. There were few boys with her and they were talking. His face darkened.

"Must be her friends from university," Mika tried to cool her brother's down. His mood today was not good even though she promised to try including him in the show. He didn't even finish his breakfast!

"I thought she's working," he muttered coldly.

She gulped.

"She… she is. Must be because they met by accident. That must be it."

He didn't speak. Instead he made the car faster once the traffic light turned green.

Not good. Not good at all.

"Big brother, I know that you're anxious to get her back but being angry and jealous will not make her heart melt. Listen to me. Being considerate and patience will make her come back to you."

His hands gripped the steering even harder. He knew his little sister was right. He needed to stay calm and not forcing Ryn to get back to him quickly but seeing his love sitting so close to other men, outside of her job scope, made him worried.

It was hard to control his jealousy. Couldn't she understand how much he loves her? Why couldn't she just accept the fact that they belonged together?

"I'll try. I promise you I'll try to coax her but you've got to help me as well by not pushing her. You do know how she is. The more you push her, the further she'll walk away," Mika spoke carefully.

He muttered under his breath and used more strength than usual to flip the signal to the left.

The car stopped at the entrance and she looked at him silently. "Big brother, are you okay?"

"Just go to work."

"You're not coming?"

"I have meeting with the group and company."

Heaving a heavy sigh, she obeyed and got out of the car. She could only watch as the car left the building. Her stomach hurt just at the thought of her very stubborn best friend and her stubborn brother.

Her helpless expression changed into a cold one when she turned around and entered the building. Some workers gasped and quickly ran away, scared to face her wrath.

Everyone kept quiet and tried to make themselves disappear when she got out from the lift and headed to her office. She glared at them.

Her manager quickly approached her when she near her office.

"How is it?"

"We've managed to lock the date."

"Very good. How's the collection?"

"They'll bring along the collection in 30 minutes. The shoes as well. Will Thursday okay for the model selection?"

"Either today or tomorrow I'll give you a number to contact. I want him to be in the selection as well. You can continue your work."

Mika switched on her computer and rubbed her temple. At least she could depend on her manager to do the job well.

She tried again calling Ryn and finally, after fifth time, Ryn answered the call.


"Yes, Mika?"

"Follow me in IG," Mika demanded.


"Instagram. Follow me."

"Oh… that one. I'll ask Mei Li to do it."

"Is she handling the account?" Mika frowned.

"Of course." Ryn did not find the irony of it. Her focus was on walking down the hill. It was a surprised to realize she still could receive reception here in the middle of nowhere.

Mika took a deep breath to stop herself from blurting out what she thought about it. Why oh why this best friend of hers did not find it weird when someone else handling her private Instagram account?

"Anyway, do you have the number of the guy sitting next to you?" Mika changed the topic, afraid if she still continued on this topic her blood pressure would rise up over the limit.

"What guy?"

"Is Mei Li there?" It was too optimistic to think Ryn cares about the photos. She must be handing everything to her manager and Mei Li never complained because Ryn always do her job well, regardless whether it was photoshoot or catwalk. It was hard for Ryn to take bad photo so no one complained about her laziness.

No one even bother to make her change herself, not even the agency!

Why not? Ryn came early to work, even though most of the time to find a place to sleep while waiting. She hardly had skin problem despite too lazy with her skin care routine. She kept herself fit despite eating anything and everything she wanted.

Ryn looked at her manager who was grumbling under her breath.

"Mei Li, for you," Ryn handed the phone to her manager.

Mei Li sputtered before she put on her professional face, only to sigh when she realized what Mika wanted. She looked around and quickly approached Harry who was just walking toward them.

"Ask him yourself," Mei Li said and handed the phone to Harry. Harry automatically took the phone and put it near his ear even though he gave her a puzzled look.

"Hello, this is Harry Li."

"Harry? Good. I'm Mika Long from Full Moon Corp."

"Hello, Ms. Long," Harry greeted politely.

"I would like you to come to a model casting this Thursday. My manager will contact you for the details. Can I have your phone number?"

Harry gulped, taken back with her words. He asked again to make sure he didn't hear wrong. Then, the reality finally hit him… hard.

"Model casting?"

His friends who finally joined him shouted and quickly surrounded him. Model casting?

Mika frowned when she heard so much noises. She cleared her throat and asked again for his number.

Harry hushed his friends and gave her the number. He handed back the phone to Mei Li, stuttering, "She's not kidding, is she?"

"What does she want?" Ryn asked as she took her phone back from Mei Li.

"She said something about model casting on this Thursday."

"Wear something basic and comfortable shoes. Bring along your portfolio. Mei Li, you can help him," Ryn said and continued her walking. She wanted to sleep!

Mei Li handed her business card to Harry with a mutter, "we'll discuss this later. Give me a message once you've gotten call from the company." Mei Li quickly rushed behind Ryn, muttering under her breath. Trust Ryn to make a decision without discuss it first with her.


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