Tell Me Again, My Love
12 Do you want to sign a contract?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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12 Do you want to sign a contract?

"I don't understand why you want to join us," Mika whined as she followed her elder brother into the elevator.

"Why can't I?"

"I thought you have a lot of work upstairs," she muttered under her breath as she watched him push the button for the floor.

"This is work too."

"Yeah, right. You just want to meet him," she rolled her eyes. It seemed like he could not separate between work and personal life.

"Big bro, green is not a good colour for you," she murmured.

"Quiet or I'll cut your pay."

She gasped. Her eyes widened. He would not do that, would he?

"It is our pleasure to have our CEO to be with us," she said hurriedly and followed behind him. "But please. I want him in the group. Outside the job, I don't care much. I've chosen an outfit for him."

"If he's suitable."

"He is suitable. Please, brother. Don't let your jealousy clouding your judgment."

"We'll see."

She chewed her lower lip nervously. Her big brother would not jeopardize her plan, right?

They put on their poker face when they went through the hallway. The models who were waiting quickly straightened themselves and greeted them politely.

Both nodded and went into the room. Two women were already waiting for them and quickly greeted them. They went to their seats and signaled for the casting to begin.

One model after another model came in.

Jeremy kept quiet. He only checked the portfolio and pushed it to Mika without a word.

Mika, on the other hand, kept asking questions. She did not smile, making everyone a bit nervous. Compared to her big brother, the quietness was better because Jeremy was at least smiling.

Finally, it was Harry's turn. Harry walked into the room. He knew what to expect as he heard the other models talked about it earlier. However, he did not expect to receive a cold look coming from a man they said the CEO of the company. Had he done something wrong?

"So you are Harry Li? Still a student?"

"Yes. My name is Harry Li and I am in my final year in M City University."

"Final year?" Jeremy tapped the pen he was holding onto the table as he frowned. What semester was Ryn in?

"Can you please walk?" Mika quickly interrupted. She did not want things to turn bad. The casting was not supposed to be this tense.

Harry quickly walked just the way Mei Li told him to. He spent days practicing but it was quite nerve-wracking to do it in front of so many people. He calmed himself and tried not to show how nervous he was.

Jeremy wanted to open his mouth but Mika quickly cut him, "Thank you, Harry. You can leave now."

Jeremy glared at his sister but he couldn't do anything about it. He tried to stand but Mika stopped him, "We still have two more models to see."

When Harry got out of the room, he saw Mei Li waiting outside. He quickly approached her, a bit shocked to see her because she told him earlier she was not able to come along.

"How is it?" she asked nervously.

"I'm not sure. I think I did it right," Harry scratched his head. He really had no idea what to expect. He did not expect he would get it right for the first time. Yes, Miss Long told him to come but she did not promise he would get it. He did not want to get his hope high.

"At least you've tried. Come on. I'll send you home."

Harry followed Mei Li. He chuckled to see how tiny and cute Mei Li's car was and wondered whether he could fit in it.

He managed to but barely. He wondered how Ryn could fit in it. Ryn's height just barely below his ear and he was 1.85 meter.

"Regardless of the result, you've done your best. What do you think about being a model?"

"A model? Interesting?"

"Do you want to sign a contract?"


"A contract. I'll manage you just like Ryn."

Ryn? He looked at her in shock. Ryn was a model?

"You mean she's a model?"

"Of course she is."



Ryn yawned loudly as she walked back to her room. Finally, she could sleep after hours working. Her body shivered from the cold and she pulled her coat closer. Tomorrow she still had to wake up early.

She quickly jumped onto the bed, preparing to sleep but after a few minutes, she opened her eyes with a loud groan. She needed to wash off the make-up first before she could sleep.

"Finally I can sleep," she again jumped onto the bed after washing her face. However, before she could finally slip into the dreamland, her phone rang.

"No… no… no… no…" she wailed, covering her face with a pillow. Why? Why couldn't she sleep in peace? She needed her rest desperately.

The ringing finally stopped.

Ryn sighed happily and prepared to sleep.

And then the ringing started again.

She groaned loudly and finally reached for the phone. Her blurry eyes blinked at the screen.


"Are you sleeping?"


"Oops… sorry. I just want to tell you that Harry has done the model casting."


"Not sure whether he'll succeed but I'm thinking of signing him."

"How's his potential?" Ryn fluffed the pillow to make it more comfortable.

"He has it but his inexperience made him easy to get nervous. He can work on his walk and his pose but of course, he has to work hard to reach your level."

"Who is going to help him? You?" Ryn yawned loudly. "Mei Li, can we talk later? I'm so tired. Tomorrow I have an early photo shoot."

"But… but…"

"Bye." Without waiting for Mei Li, Ryn disconnected the call and closed her eyes. She couldn't think anymore. She was too exhausted to even care.

Four hours later she woke up from the alarm. She grumbled under her breath and quickly prepared herself. Today would be a long day… again.

When she joined the crew, she was holding two cups of hot coffee.

"Last day, guys," the make-up artist took one of the cups and sipped it happily.

"You're not coming with me to Paris?" Ryn quickly sat down and closed her eyes. Just a few seconds of winks would make her feel better… slightly better.

"Ryn, wake up. You're ready."

Ryn went to put on the first dress and the heels. There was no sign of sleepiness, which made the stylist, hairdresser and make-up artist giggle. They knew once the session ended, Ryn would quickly look for a place to sleep. She did look exhausted, more exhausted than usual.

"And it's a wrap. Thank you, everyone. Lunch is on me."

Everyone cheered at the director's announcement. Ryn let herself being pulled by the stylist.

"Later you can sleep. Come on."

"Maybe I need to wash my makeup off first," Ryn murmured.

"No. I know you're going to sleep. You must join us for lunch. I love watching you finishing everything."

"I don't eat that much."

"Yes, you do," the hairstylist joined in with a laugh as he hugged Ryn tightly.

"Argh… let me go. Can't breathe."

Everyone laughed seeing Ryn struggling to free herself.


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