Tell Me Again, My Love
13 The world is small for a petty reason
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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13 The world is small for a petty reason

Harry sat quietly on the chair. Truthfully he was a bit nervous. Everyone looked excited and happy but this was his first runway. He had no experience and no idea how the real situation would be.

"Hey, don't worry. Everything will be fine."

He smiled at Ying Ying.

They met during the modeling casting and she was the first one to break the ice. He could be quite quiet especially when he was in a new environment but Ying Ying and her friends welcomed him.

"The first time will be nerve-wracking but I don't think you'll do worst."

Harry smiled at Jay, Ying Ying's boyfriend. Both of them were chosen to be in the show, which made Harry felt better. New friends who had experience in modeling. He learned a lot from them and they were not stingy with their help and information.

"What I can't believe is that Jeremy himself will be in the show."

Harry did not comment on that. As this was his first job, he had no idea what was expected. Hopefully, he would not slip or make a fool of himself.

"For today's rehearsal, you're going to walk from here, then go here, pose and walk back. Not too fast." The floor manager pointed here and there. There was a big X sticker on the floor where they were supposed to stop for a pose.

"Any question? No. Can we start now?"

Harry joined the others on the stage and waited for his turn. He followed what the others do, ensuring not to walk too fast or too slow. Music was playing, accompanying them.

He glanced at the man sitting on the chair. The CEO of the company and would be the last model of the show. Mr. Jeremy would be closing the show with another model.

Until now they all had no idea who the model was but the floor manager told them not to worry.

"Sorry, I'm late."

Everyone stopped and looked at a woman who came in pulling a bag.

"You're finally here. Just right on time." The floor manager quickly went to hug the woman.

"You know how the flight is," Ryn replied.

She came straight from the airport. Luckily her manager and Mika came to pick her up or she would have arrived later, might be missing completely from the rehearsal.

"Anyway, you'll be the closing model with Jeremy."

Ryn, whom already noticed him when she entered the place and ignored him completely, could not help from glancing at him in shock. What? With him?

Jeremy quickly approached his ex-girlfriend and tried to look professional. "I'll be your partner."

"No. Thank you."

Everyone was taken by with Ryn's sudden reply.

Ryn, noticing the weird look from them, cleared her throat and looked at him, "This is not a game."

"I know."

"Maybe both of you can talk about this?" The FM looked at them worriedly. She could feel the coldness from Ryn.

"My office?" Jeremy tried to hold onto Ryn's hand but she took a step backward to avoid his hand.

"Mika has explained to me the concept and showed me the dress. So, can you recap back the way you want us to move? Is there a certain style of walking do you want me to do?"

Ryn walked toward the models and smiled at them, acting as if the awkwardness did not exist.

Most of them recognized her and some didn't.

Those who didn't were wondering why the FM and even the big boss did not even scold this woman who obviously was late and never came to the dress fitting. They did not even see her during the model casting!

"So arrogant to come so late but act like nothing."

Harry glanced at the girl who muttering it. He cocked an eyebrow seeing Ying Ying was the one who did it.

"Guess its different when you know the boss," another girl added.

Unconsciously Harry took a step back to make a space between them. He did not like what he was hearing because he knew Ryn just come back from abroad. Mei Li told him how busy Ryn was but because of her friendship with Mika, she agreed to participate in the show.

Although Ryn did not acknowledge his presence, he knew she was aware he was selected in this show because Mei Li would tell her. Even though he had not signed any contract, Mei Li still came to help him with his walking style and what to expect during the show.


He knew Ryn was not what she was portraying in the campus or when they were in his aunt's house. So many layers surrounded the girl until he wondered who she really was.

"Alright, people. Let's do the last rehearsal."

Everyone moved to their position, including Ryn.

Jeremy stood close, trying to hold her hand but was being ignored again and again.

When it was their time, she finally looked at him. He was shocked seeing her expression. She looked the same as when they were still together; looking at him adoringly.

Trying to swallow the pain in his heart for his stupid mistake, he reached out his hand and grasped her precious hand. He vowed not to let this hand go.

Both walked until the end of the narrow stage and stopped at the X. He let her do her things with the pose, happy to be her 'prop'. Then they returned back and posed again before separated.

The FM smiled from ear to ear. Everything looked good and just what Ms. Mika wanted. Hopefully, everything would work out according to plan.

Ryn zipped her bag and prepared to leave. Her body was tired and she desperately needed to sleep just a few hours. Just a few winks would be enough too as long as she could rest.

Hopefully, Mei Li managed to book a hotel room nearby. She could not wait to lie on the bed and close her eyes.

"Ryn, wait."

She stopped. She took a deep breath to calm herself and turned to look at him.

"We need to talk," Jeremy tried to take her hand.

"Is there something we need to talk about, CEO? I am just a mere model in the show. I don't find us having the same topic." With that Ryn quickly left the hall.

"So arrogant. Who does she think she is acting like that to Jeremy?"

Harry looked at the girl who was complaining to her friends. What's with the jealousy? He found nothing wrong with Ryn talking with the CEO. It clearly showed they knew each other before.

But why it seemed like Ryn was uncomfortable being so close to him?

"Hey, let's go to the café opposite the building?" Jay tried to cheer everyone up when he saw some girls seemed to be unsatisfied with the newcomer.

"Are you crazy? The show is tonight," Ying Ying glared.

With a flip of her hair, she stormed out from the hall, with some of the girls – obviously her friends – following behind.

"Girls," Jay chuckled. He looked at Harry, "Don't worry about them. The stress can get too much for them, especially with Catherine the main model of the show."

"You know her?"

"Apart from her being the spokesperson of this company? Not much. All I know is she used to be a supermodel but then suddenly disappear two years ago and now making a comeback." Jay patted on Harry's shoulder, grinning, "Besides, this fashion world is quite small so there is no used to fight against each other."

Harry nodded. He agreed with Jay's words. The world is small. Whether the girls like it or not, they would work together. If they couldn't control their own emotion, how could they perform perfectly? Would they rather jeopardize their own job for a petty reason?


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