Tell Me Again, My Love
14 What“s wrong with glitter?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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14 What“s wrong with glitter?

Mika skipped into the room and smiled happily seeing Ryn just woke up. Without warning, she jumped onto the bed and hugged the still sleepy Ryn.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty. The show is almost starting and my supermodel needs to get ready. You'll love the dress I designed."

"I need to fresh myself first. Give me just a minute." Still yawning, Ryn went into the bathroom.

Mika adjusted the hem of her dress. For today's event, she designed a glamorous gothic Lolita dress. She even put on fascinator with black and red flowers, which she designed herself.

She loved her job so much. It's so satisfying wearing her design and watching others wearing her design.

She admired the dress she brought for Ryn. A couple set, pairing with the dress she was wearing. Ryn today would be the Princess of Darkness while she becoming the twin sister of Ryn.

So perfect.

Mika squealed at the thought and skipped to the bathroom, "Ryn, hurry up. Hurry. Hurry."

"You're such a kid, Mika. Did you eat candy before coming in?"

"How do you know?" Mika scrambled to get her mini Skull clutch and took out a handful of strawberry candies.

Ryn, only wrapped in a white fluffy bathrobe, took the dress on the edge on the bed and went back into the bathroom to put it on.

"I still can't believe you'll make a dress for me just for the red carpet." Ryn finally came out again, this time in the dress. She showed her back to Mika, signalling her best friend to zip it up.

"So perfect. I knew your size wouldn't change after all these years after seeing you wearing your favourite t-shirt of the past five years."

"Yeah, right. Mei Li gave my measurement, right?"

Mika made a zip sign to her lips and giggled. She helped to brush Ryn's hair before putting a fascinator on it. Then, she put some make-up for Ryn, a suitable style for the dress and not too complicated so when Ryn went backstage to get her make-up and hair done, the hairdresser and the make-up artist only need to touch up a bit.

"Why do I have to walk through the red carpet as well? I'm working."

"The reporters want to take your photos. We are giving them what they want and you, dearest, is giving the company public. It's a win-win situation."

"Says you."

"Let's go. Let's go. I bet everyone is waiting for us."

"Fine. Let's go."


Harry chuckled when he received another message from his mother and sister. They were preparing themselves to come to the show. After all, this was his first show (and his first job). They wanted to cheer him up by supporting him.

It was weird when he kept receiving reports every minute. Well, more like questions.

He had told them when his turn was and what he would be wearing but they were too excited, it felt like he was talking to air. He kept repeating the same answer again and again.

His dad grumbled about him 'stealing' his mother's care. His aunt had taken half of the focus and now because of him being a model (or future supermodel according to his mother), his father was being ignored again.

"Quickly grow up and be independent like your aunt," he muttered before kicked Harry out from his study room.

It was funny seeing his stiff and serious father being jealous over his own little sister and children. All his father cared was how much his mother focus and shower her love upon him.

"How are you feeling?" Jay grabbed a chair and sat next to Harry.

"Nervous, I guess."

"Don't worry too much. It's going to be fine." He pointed at the girls who were busy with their make-up and hair. "At least we don't have to spend hours like them."

Harry nodded.

"What's your plan next?"

"I'm not sure. I plan to focus on my study first before deciding whether I want to be a model or find another job," Harry shrugged. Honestly, he had no plan yet. He wanted to finish one thing at a time so he could give his 100 percent.

"How's everything?"

Mika checked the make-up section, approving the work the make-up artist had done. Then she turned around and called, "Ryn, make-up first. As everyone is busy, I'll do yours."

Ryn frowned and replied shortly with a "No" and made most girls gasped seeing how brave Ryn was.

"Why not?"

"Because you'll over make-up me with so many glitters," Ryn pointed out her best friend's weakness in make-up.

"What's wrong with glitter?"

"I rest my case."

The make-up artist just giggled, already knew about Mika and her favourite with glitter. And they also knew how close both Mika and Ryn were. But some of the models who were already unsatisfied with Ryn started to whisper about it, condemning Ryn again.

"I better change into the first outfit. We can't let everyone waiting, right?" Ryn, too tired to even talk back to her best friend, tried to change the subject quickly. The time was ticking and instead of trying to persuade Mika to change her mind, better Ryn prepared herself for the show. She was after all the opening act.

Once she was done with her outfit, make-up, and hair, she went to Mika who started to look stressful. "Babe, don't worry. This show will be successful. I love this collection and I believe in you."

Mika hugged Ryn, trying not to smudge the makeup and ruffle the dress.

"Alright, we're going to begin now. Smile." Ryn air-kissed her best friend and followed the FM.

"You're turning into a squirrel, Mika. Calm down," Jeremy hugged his little sister. He saw what happened between Ryn and Mika and was thankful Ryn was here with her.

Ryn waited for the signal and started to sashay along the runway. She played with the camera before turned around and walked back to the backstage. Once she was out from the public eye, she rushed to change into the second outfit.

Three outfits with three slightly different make-up and accessories. It was such a rush she had even forgotten about Harry who seemed to be speechless seeing her turning into 'wind' passing him on her way to change to the second outfit.

"You're next," the FM pushed Harry slightly forward, signaling him to get ready.

Harry took a deep breath to calm himself before walked down the runway, trying hard not to search for his family. This was not a high school show whereby everyone was just having fun and not caring about how the walk was. This was a job and he must do his best.

"Oh my God, that's my son!"

His ears turned red when he heard his mother's voice. Was it a mistake for letting them to come here? He tried to keep his composure and do what he planned earlier. Having reached the end of the runway, he paused for a pose before turned around to walk back.

He did not rush to change his clothes when he went backstage. He only had one outfit to wear and that's it. Maybe they deliberately did this because they knew how inexperience he was and did not want to make him feel suffocated with all the rush.


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