Tell Me Again, My Love
15 Is Ryn still single?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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15 Is Ryn still single?

Ryn changed into the last outfit, a gorgeous white dress with black and dark red detailing. She quickly approached the make-up artist and hairstylist to change the make-up and hairstyle accordingly.

"The last one," the hairstylist placed a fascinator with white organza. Her lips were in darker red.

"The last one," Ryn drank her energy drink and quickly rushed to the stage.

"She had too much sugar. Hopefully, she can sleep tonight," the make-up artist signed seeing how fast Ryn ran in her heels.

"With her jetlag? Give her two days to sleep." The hairstylist quickly gathered his things.

Ryn waited at the entrance. She watched as the models strutting along the runway. Her heart pounded when she noticed someone standing next to her.

"Lunch tomorrow?" he whispered.

"You've got to be kidding me," she muttered.


Before she could reply, the FM signalled them to move. She put on her poker face and strutted along the runway with him next to her.

He only had this one outfit to wear so everyone who was watching the show was taken by to see him on the stage. No wonder he did not sit watching the show like usual. He was in the show!

Both of them stopped at the end of the runway, facing the cameramen who couldn't stop taking pictures. Such a perfect couple, match-made in heaven.

Ryn looked at Jeremy tenderly as he kissed her hand, aware with the flashes from the cameras.

Ryn was shocked by his gesture. Luckily he managed to cover her shock and play along with him. Both return back and Ryn quickly pushed his hand away.

"Mika, come here. Let's go," she grabbed Mika's hand and prepared to walk back to the runway for the finale.

Everyone stood up and applauded when Mika walking with Ryn. Jeremy was beside them. Mika waved and waved, couldn't help from grinning happily. It was a success.

Her eyes lit up when Jason, her boyfriend, approached her with a huge bouquet of red roses. Without thinking, she pushed Jeremy away, and even Jason, after taking the bouquet and started to pose with Ryn.

Jeremy chuckled while Jason shook his head helplessly. Mika only cared about Ryn, even with Jason next to her.

Harry finally let go of his nervousness and waved at his mother and sister. His face reddened with embarrassment to see how many pictures his mother took. Oh dear…

Mika hugged Ryn tightly when they got backstage. Ryn laughed as she spun around with Mika on her back. Some of the female models glared but did not dare to say anything. It was clear how close Ryn and Mika were.

Reporters quickly approached them, 1001 questions in their mind, both about the collection and anything newsworthy they could get especially after seeing how compatible Jeremy with Catherine. Was love in the air?

Mika put on her professional look but she could not stop from holding onto Ryn's hand. Jason and Jeremy stood next to them as Mika answered the questions. They even posed for some of the reporters. However, Ryn declined politely when one of them wanted to take a picture of her with Jeremy alone, pointing out it was better to take pictures with Mika as the designer of the collection. She ignored the look of hurt from Jeremy, pasting a smile on her face all the time.

Harry ignored them as he quickly went to change his outfit. His mother already booked a restaurant to celebrate his first job.

"Thank you, everyone, for a great job," Jeremy said loudly once the reporters leave the place.

Everyone clapped their hands at Jeremy's words. Mika was still busy hugging Ryn, even climbing behind Ryn's for a piggyback.

"Ryn, I'm so happy."

"Yes, I know. Can I put you down now?"

"I'm not going to let you let me go."

"That's enough. Ryn is wearing heels," Jeremy reminded as he pulled his little sister from Ryn's back.

Ryn patted Mika's hand before she went to change her outfit to the gothic dress she came in. She bumped into Harry who was adjusting his cap.

"Do you want steak tomorrow?" he asked without thinking.

"3, please," she answered automatically, "I'll bring a chocolate cake."

"Extra ganache. I'll bring strawberries and soda."


Both didn't realize their exchange was witnessed by Jason who was on the way to get Mika's a bottle of Cola. He frowned seeing how close Ryn was with that male model. He thought Ryn was still single and Jeremy was trying to get her back.

Had he gotten the information wrong?

Rather than going to them, he continued to the pantry to get the drink. He could ask this after the show, maybe at the next meeting, away from Jeremy.

Ryn came back with her right hand holding the fascinator. She smiled seeing Mika leaning against Jason's front as she spoke with Jeremy. Jason's arms around Mika's waist.

Ryn smiled seeing how happy her best friend was. Mika has been with Jason since elementary school and their relationship was still strong and getting stronger after all these years.

Only hers with Je…

Maybe she shouldn't touch that topic. It would only bring heartbreak to her still broken heart.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. Once she opened back her eyes, her expression was calm and there was no trace of sadness on it.

She approached them, correction, she approached Mika and held out the fascinator.

"The make-up is suitable for this look as well. Come closer. I'll put it for you," Mika took the fascinator and placed it carefully on Ryn's head.

"Let's go have our dinner. Jason has booked a private room for us, right, love?"

"Of course. Jeremy and I will go take the car. You girls can take more photos, okay?" Jason kissed his girlfriend's temple and went to the door with Jeremy following behind rather unwillingly.

"Are you sure she's still single?" Jason couldn't help from asking after he handed the keys to one of the valets

"Of course she is still single," Jeremy answered back before frowned, "Why? Do you know something I don't know?"

"Erm… nothing. I just want to remind you not to do things that you'll regret."

Jeremy's eyes stared at Jason, trying to understand what Jason's meant by that. Had something happened that he did not aware of?

"I'd prefer for you to be honest. Don't beat around the bush."

"I don't want you to act without thinking, that's all. There's our car. I'll call the girls here," Jason quickly took out his phone and called his girlfriend, avoiding Jeremy.

Jeremy stared. Something smelled fishy but he could not imagine what it was.

Of course Ryn was still single. Only he deserved to own her. She belonged to him and no one could stop him from having her.


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