Tell Me Again, My Love
17 A painting of him
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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17 A painting of him

Ryn rolled on her bed and yawned loudly. What time was it now?

She checked the time and sighed. Almost four hours sleeping and she still felt tired.

"An hour more? Ten minutes more…" she murmured and closed back her eyes happily. Ten more minutes before…

"Ergh… chocolate cake." Her eyes popped open and she groaned loudly. She just remembered the promise she made last night about the chocolate cake.

She grabbed a towel. Maybe a cold shower can wake her up. She needed to check whether she had enough ingredient to make chocolate cake.

"Extra ganache…"

Still shivering from the cold water, she checked the pantry. No chocolate and flour. Guess she needed to make a trip to the supermarket.

It took her an hour just to buy the things she needed. She bumped into two crews and asked them what was going on. Apparently, Angel finally agreed to film how she spent the day after months coaxing her. And so far their conclusion was Angel a bit eccentric and absent-minded, the usual kind of artist.

"I guess I need to bake a bigger cake for everyone," Ryn murmured once she entered her home. She tied her hair and quickly took out the grocery she bought. Luckily she bought enough for three 9-inches round cakes, too lazy to buy more when Angel felt like eating homemade chocolate cake.


Jeremy switched off the computer and stretched his arms. Finally, he was done with the job today. He glanced at the clock and nodded. Just right on time.

"Mika," he called once Mika answered his call.

"What?" it seemed like Mika was still mad for having to come to work today.

"Jason is picking you up today, right?" he just needed to make sure that his sister was taken care of.

"I guess so. Why?"

"Nothing. Bye."

It was better not to tell Mika he was going to Ryn. If not, Mika surely would want to follow along. Even Jason complained that since Ryn came back into their life, Mika was getting too occupied with Ryn, almost forgetting him as her boyfriend.

Jeremy grabbed his car key and headed to the elevator. He did not want to call Ryn, wanting to give her a surprise. Of course, another reason for this was because he knew she would reject him immediately.

So he planned to bring her out for a romantic dinner, just the two of them, at her favourite restaurant. Surely she would agree, right?

He grinned at the thought and quickened his walk. He could not wait to make her his.


Harry parked the car carefully behind the van and opened the bonnet. He took out few plastics of groceries he bought earlier. He glanced at the house next door and smiled. Hopefully, Ryn was not taken by seeing the camera crew today.

He placed the plastics on the floor and rang the bell. He already informed his aunt of his arrival so she should be ready. He only needed to wait for a few minutes before she opened the door. He immediately saw a camera stuck at the corner, aiming toward the door. He ignored it, just like how he ignored the girls at the campus whenever they screamed and tried to get closer to him.

"Steak?" Angel asked hungrily.

"Of course. Ryn is coming with chocolate cake but if she's uncomfortable with all these, I don't know," he shrugged and carried everything to the kitchen.

"I'm starving. I've finished a painting today. I've written a list for you to buy too," Angel followed behind, acting as if the cameras were one with the wall.

"Mom asked whether you want to come back this weekend," Harry did not forget about his mother's message.

"I can't. I need to finish two more paintings before I can relax. Do you have chocolate?" Angel was already busying herself checking the things inside the plastic bags.

"The smallest bag. I bought your favourite." Harry started to prepare dinner for them. The crews already informed him earlier that he only needed to make enough for the two of them. Hence, Harry bought some bread and soda for the crews.

"Oh yes, how's your show last night?" Angel finally remembered about her nephew's debut as a model.

"Not too bad. You should see others. They were better. I'm still new," Harry rubbed his nape sheepishly. Now he was aware of the camera and tried not to blush. He had been blushing since last night. It was weird especially when he saw his photos which his sister took. It was weird.

"Well, it's your first time. Your mother sent a photo of yours this morning and demanded I drew it. Check whether you like it or you can give me another picture," Angel showed her phone.

"Why would mom do that? So embarrassing."

"I'm just following the order. You should talk to her." Angel shrugged. With the chocolate in her hand, she skipped to the living room, planning to finish everything while waiting for dinner. Her stomach was growling in hunger. She only had sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. Of course, she was starving now.

Harry shook his head. He should get used with this but sometimes he wished he had a normal family. Taking a deep breath, he continued preparing for dinner quietly.


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