Tell Me Again, My Love
20 So much sparks
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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20 So much sparks

Jeremy blinked his eyes sleepily. A smile formed on his face when he saw her sleeping face. His hand reached out to caress her cheek.

However, she disappeared.

His eyes widened. He looked around. His hands patted around.

Where was she? Where was Ryn?

"Ryn? Love?"

He looked around the room.

"Not again…"

He kept dreaming waking up with her. He remembered he always woke up earlier than her, especially when she was just starting to be a model. They always had a hard time to stay together when he was always busy with his work, and added with her being recognized as a model.

With their busy life, his temper and jealousy easily flared, especially when he saw her taking pictures with male models.

The months before they broke up, they always argued. He wanted her to decline her jobs while she stubbornly accepted a lot of works.

Because of his identity as a singer, they hid their relationship. She begged for them to reveal their relationship but he refused.

No one likes a singer who has a girlfriend.

They must hide their relationship for the sake of his career.

She cried because of him. She cried many times but he refused to introduce her as his girlfriend in front of everyone. Only those close to them knew about their relationship and he liked it that way.

A week before their breakup, he had a long weekday. So many shows to do and she was not there waiting for him at home. She had to work in another country and would only come back two days after that.

He was exhausted, wanting to be in her arms but all that welcomed him home was an empty apartment. He checked his phone, wanting to know what she was doing.

A collection of photos of her work, credit to Mei Li made him smile. He loved seeing her being so serious in everything she does. But he hated it when she was so busy until she had no time for him.

He looked for more. In the middle of frowning and smiling, he received a message from an unidentified sender. Without thinking his finger tapped on it.

His face darkened.

"No. Don't think about it. The past is in the past. Right now I have to work harder to take her back." He shook his head a few times. He checked for the time and went to the bathroom to freshen himself. He still had to go to work today.

Later he would go to her place for lunch.


Ryn sighed and burrowed her body in the heaven called blanket. No plan to go out. She did not even want to have breakfast and lunch. She just wanted to sleep the whole day.

"I'm hungry," she murmured sleepily but her body still refused to wake up.

"I need to eat," the mumble continued beneath the thick blanket. She loved the smell of this blanket so much. Maybe she could nibble it to ease her hunger.

Her stomach growled even stronger.

She finally pulled herself and walked slowly to the kitchen. It was almost empty of food except for some tubs of yogurts and steaks from Harry.

Her eyes lit up at the sight of the steaks. She quickly heated them up and brought them to the sofa.

"No schedule today but I still need to exercise after all these steaks." She closed her eyes in blissed. So delicious.

It took her no time to demolish everything. She rubbed her stomach happily.

"Need to buy grocery today."

She grabbed a cap blindly after a quick freshen up. Her eyes were still heavy with sleepiness but she needed to buy grocery today or she would not have anything to eat for dinner.

She was just opening the gate when a familiar car stopped right in from of her.

"Where are you going?"

"Why are you here again," she asked without answering his question. She locked the gate and crossed her arms.


"I've just had brunch."

"You can eat more. Let's go," he opened the door for her like a true gentleman.

"I'm sorry. I'm not going with you." She avoided his car and walked toward the shop.

"Ryn, please." He quickly followed her.

"Please stop interrupting my peace."

"Why are you being so stubborn?"

His question made her froze. Stubborn?


Jeremy paused. He lost his temper just now. How he wished he could take back his words. Hell. He wished he could turn back time and took back what he had done that day. If he could, they would be married by now.

"If you think I'm stubborn, why don't you leave me alone?"

He quickly hugged her. Despite the punches and cries, he tightened his embrace and muttered, "I love you. Please come back to me. I still love you."

"Let me go!"

"I love you. Forever and always. I love you. Please, Ryn. I still love you."


Angel just opened the door to take out the trash when she saw the scene. She paused. Her big eyes blinked a few times before she gasped.

"Oooh… Such sparks…" she dropped the trash bag and rushed to her studio.

Ideas. She had so many ideas. Inspiration just hits her when she saw them.

She grabbed a brush and started to smear a black canvas with yellow and red.

The poor bag was left at the door, forgotten.

Even the door was left open.

As the owner of the house happily painting in her studio, everything else around her was forgotten, including the door of the house.

And that's how Harry and his mother saw when they arrived to check on her.

"Angela, what are you doing?"

Harry quickly put down the groceries they bought and took the trash bag to put into the big bin outside. Then, he locked the door and brought the groceries to the kitchen while his mother nagging at her sister-in-law.

"I can't believe I allow you to move out. I can't believe I allow you to live alone. What independence? What being grown-up woman? You can't simply leave the door opened like that. What if bad guys come in and kidnap you? Have you thought about it?"

"Nothing happened, right?" Angel puffed her cheeks, angry receiving such accusation. She was not that helpless, was she?"

"Thank God nothing happens. You…" she knocked her sister-in-law's head, so stressed with Angel's laid-back attitude.

"Nothing happened so stop knocking my head. You're hurting me!"



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