Tell Me Again, My Love
21 Don“t be stupid
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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21 Don“t be stupid

Ryn put down the glass rather roughly. She stared at the man in front of her.

Why? Why was he torturing her like this?

"Why don't you eat your food? It's delicious." He nudged her bowl of chicken porridge. Instead of her favourite red meat, she wanted to eat a simple chicken porridge.

"This is the last time."


She pushed the bowl away slightly and stared at him.

"You can't simply assume you can enter my life. We're done. We have no relationship."

"We do have. You're my wife."

Ryn rubbed her temple. She was getting more headache with his stubborn attitude. Why was he being like this?

"J, please. You're suffocating me. I feel so trapped with your stubbornness. Why can't you accept that we are no longer lovers?"

"Why can't you stop being so stubborn and accept the fact we're fated to be together."

"It's useless trying to talk to you. Thank you for the lunch and no, you don't have to send me home."

Ryn stood up and put down the napkin she put on her laps on the table. She quickly walked out the private room he chose for their lunch, ignoring his call.

She managed to get a cab. She quickly locked the door when she saw him trying to open it. "Go, please. Hurry."

Although he was puzzled, the taxi driver followed what she asked. He glanced at the back and saw the man staring at them with his hands on his hips.

"Are you alright, miss?"

Ryn closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to control her emotion. Her energy depleted and all she wanted was to lie down on her bed and had a good cry.


"I'm alright," she gave a weak smile and quickly gave her address.

Her phone started to ring non-stop. It was him. She tried to ignore. Playing deaf. Even played dead. But it would not stop.

The taxi driver kept glancing at her but he did not say a word. Silently he switched on the radio but the topic the DJ was touching was about coming back to an ex.

Ryn's face darkened.

"Dear Bebe, I don't understand why my friends think I'm stupid for wanting to get together back with my ex. I still love him and I know he feels the same with me. Why can't my friends understand? Heartbroken Friend." DJ Bebe read the letter.

"Dear Heartbroken Friend, ask your friend why she doesn't him. Is it because of how he treated you? Communication is very important. Tell your friend why you want to return to him."

"Stupid," Ryn murmured.

"Next one. Dear Bebe, my ex wants me back after we've broken up three years ago. He dumped me for a new girl in the office. Now he said I'm his true love. What should I do? Uncertain Girl."

"Don't be stupid," Ryn muttered under her breath.

"Well, Uncertain Girl, instead of feeling pressure, I want you to ask yourself what do you think about him. Do you love him? Do you feel happy to be with him? Right now the important thing is your feeling, not his. This is your life. If you still love him, go back to him. If you don't feel a slight love toward him, don't force yourself. As I mentioned earlier, this is your life, not your ex."

Ryn nodded her head firmly. This was her life. She did not have to think about anyone else. Why should she care about others?

DJ Bebe then opened the session for callers after a song. They did not have to wait long before a man called.

"Hello, I… uh…. My name is Ling," he sounded nervous.

"Hello, Ling. Don't be nervous. Tell us what your problem is."


"Mr. Ling, don't be nervous. We're here to help you."

"The thing is… I just saw my ex and she… well, I knew she broke up with her boyfriend. He was too controlling and she couldn't take it anymore. I still love her, you know."

"Stupid man," Ryn muttered darkly. That girl dumped him for another guy and he desperately wanted to get back? So stupid.

"Well…" the DJ paused. It was clear the DJ was speechless.

Ryn leaned forward. She wanted to know what the DJ would reply to the caller. How would DJ Bebe answer? Would she support him or tell him how stupid he was?

"Well, Mr. Ling, I do understand what you meant. What I'd suggest you to do is not to force her to accept you back. Be patience. Treat her kindly and don't push her. I believe one day her heart will move to feel your sincerity."

"Just give up and look for another girl. She's not worth it," Ryn muttered darkly.

The taxi driver glanced at her, cocking an eyebrow. Without a word, he changed the channel and a sad song filled the space. The taxi driver gulped and quickly changed to another channel… and another channel… and another…

Why were all the channels playing a sad song?

When Ryn reached home, her mood was still bad.

The taxi driver quickly drove his vehicle away once she paid the fare, too scared to stay too long there. He could still feel the coldness emerged from her body throughout the journey and he did not want to experience it anymore.

Ryn threw herself on the bed and groaned loudly.

Half an hour later, she was already at the door, preparing to go out. She couldn't calm herself even though she kept lying on the bed. Might as well she go to the gym to release her anger and frustration.


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