Tell Me Again, My Love
22 Casting for university promotion video
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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22 Casting for university promotion video

Mika unwrapped the strawberry lollipop and sucked it happily. Her hand quickly pulled a file.

The design for the latest jewellery collection.

She flipped the pages, checking each design carefully.

One design caught her eyes. A set of necklace, earring and bracelet called "Eternal Love".

Her lips pursed just as her eyes shone brightly. Her finger followed the design, loving it more and more.

Without thinking she reached for a pencil and started to design a dress.

It complimenting the dress. In fact it would make the jewellery even pop.

"She's going to wear this for the party," Mika sighed happily once she was satisfied with the design. She scrawled a note on top of both design and called her assistant.

"Yes, Miss Mika?" a young woman wearing green dress came in with a planner and a notebook.

"I've approved this collection. Also, this dress. I'll go see the fabric in an hour. Inform the team."

"Yes, Miss Mika. I'll call them now."

Mika turned her focus on another file. She needed to help her brother checking a project.

Jeremy being Jeremy. He didn't inform her he went out for lunch and left her two projects to cover before the meeting tomorrow.

She needed to understand the progress of these two projects and reported them back to Jeremy later and tomorrow following him to check them.

So boring!

She told him when they started that she only cared about fashion and jewellery and he agreed. But now, when he made a comeback with his group and even as a solo artist, he started to give her his work.

"Maybe I should pull Ryn into the company so she can help doing these boring things," Mika mumbled as she pushed herself to read the file.

"When will Ryn start her industrial practice? Should I send a letter to the university?" she frowned. With that thought in her mind, she called for her assistant again and ordered the woman to find out the details.

"Yes, Miss Mika. I'll look for the information. I've told the fabric team about your instruction and they are ready."

"Good. Give me ten minutes."

Ryn took her phone, signalling the assistant to leave. She then dialled Ryn, couldn't wait to talk with her dearest best friend.



"Yes, Mika? Aren't you at work right now?" Ryn sounded breathless.

"Yes. But I want to ask…. Why are you sound so tired? Where are you?"

"At the gym."

"What time is it now? Why are you in the gym?"

"I'm bored. So, what's with the call?"

"Let's go shopping? Dinner and shopping."



"Fine. Pick me up later."

Mika smiled widely. She quickly checked online for the movie showing tonight. She chose a romantic comedy film for two with special cushy seating. They'll have a lot of fun tonight.

"Maybe I can sleep at her place tonight. Pyjama's party!" she rubbed her hands gleefully.

She did not even bother asking Ryn's opinion first. For her, Ryn belonged to her and she could not wait for Ryn to become her sister-in-law. She could be with Ryn every single day. Pyjama's party every night!

"Miss Mika, it's time for the fabric's appointment."

Mika stood up and adjusted her dress. Then she took a file and went to the door. Her assistant followed behind quietly as they headed to the elevator.


Ryn refilled her water bottle even though it was still half full. She was breathless after two hours of exercise. She finally felt better but oh my God, her body was killing her.

She checked her reflection in the mirror and smiled seeing the curve was still there. Hmm… maybe she needed to ask instruction to make her bum looked like a proper bum, not flat.

She walked slowly to the café. Two hours of exercise burned all the food she took today. She was starving!

She chose fried chicken and coleslaw. Hmm… maybe sweet fried dough too. She chose the last empty seat and rubbed her hands happily. Eating time!

She was just biting into the second friend chicken when someone stood in front of her.

"Ryn, you're here?"

Ryn put down the chicken and smiled at Rebecca, her classmate.

"I thought only we came here during break," Rebecca and Shanna sat on the chair without asking.

"Have you heard?" Shanna leaned forward. Her eyes twinkled brightly.

"What? What?"

"I heard there will be a magazine shooting to promote our university and there is a contest to choose the students for the shooting. Are you interested?"

"Shooting for promotion?" Ryn rubbed her greasy hands with wet wipes.

"It's today. Join us."

"Err…" Ryn looked at her fried chicken before at them.

"It's okay. We're hungry too. We'll go together."

The girls went to buy their own food.

Ryn chewed her fried chicken, still thinking whether she should follow them. She did not even bring anything or prepare anything.

Pretty soon the girls joined them. They were so excited with the contest and kept discussing about it. Ryn listened while finishing her fried chicken. She had made a decision not to join in the contest. As she was unprepared for it, she didn't feel ready.

Ryn followed them. She was being nagged for ignoring the campus's forum yet again. They could not believe she never once checked the forum. She could only smile sheepishly.

When they reached the class where the interview/contest was held, many girls were there as well. Even some boys.

Harry was there as well.

He was leaning against the wall, listening to his friends' chatter.

"So many people here," Irene frowned. At first she thought she had bigger chance to win the place but when she saw a few popular students. Even Prince Harry was there!

"Don't worry. You can do it!" Ryn patted her shoulder when she saw Irene's shoulders dropped.

Then she excused herself when she received a phone call. She walked to another corner and answered it.


"Hello, Ryn. Is that you I saw outside the building?" It was Jack, a creative director she used to work with.

"What building?" Ryn looked around in puzzle.

"I'm at M University, the modelling casting for promotion?"

"Oh, you're here as well."

"You want to join in the project?" he asked interestingly.

"Err… actually."

"Come into the room and meet the rest."


"So far what I've seen is quite…"

"I understand," Ryn quickly cut his words. She cursed whoever chose him as the director. Even among the models, he was known as being the pickiest and quite a devil to work with. Not many dared to work with him. Even Ryn was worried to work with him for the first time but when he saw how easy for her to follow instruction and give all the poses he wanted and more.

Ryn slumped down her shoulders and sighed heavily. She should just stay firm and told him she didn't even plan to join in the casting.

"This is going to be a long day."


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