Tell Me Again, My Love
24 Don“t try to run away
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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24 Don“t try to run away

Ryn was daydreaming, getting more bored as the time ticking away.

More people coming in and going out as the audition continued. Jack was scolding without even care who heard him.

Then finally it was Irene's turn.

Irene's eyes widened seeing Ryn sitting on the chair with her eyes glazed. Why was Ryn sitting over there? No wonder she didn't return from the room.

"Irene?" Jack looked at the portfolio then to the girl in front of him.

"You just signed a contract with a modelling agency?" he read the profile.

"Yes. I've won the competition two months ago," Irene answered confidently, her eyes kept glancing at Ryn. Would Ryn tell them the truth?

Jack's eyes narrowed. He stood up and walked to the table full of props. His right hand touched each prop until he found one he was looking for. He took a brooch and handed it to Irene.

Everyone, except for Ryn and Irene, sighed heavily. Here it goes again.

"10 poses with this brooch."

He went back to his seat and crossed his arms.


"Give 10 poses with this brooch and you're not allowed to repeat the pose.

Irene gulped. Slowly she took the brooch and stood in front of the camera. You only have 10 frames. Camera ready?" he stared at the laptop.

Irene blinked her eyes, still frozen.

"Irene He? Are you ready?"

Irene gulped. Slowly she took the brooch and stood in front of the camera.

The first pose was awkward. Also the second. Her body started to shiver and she held her tears desperately. She knew she just took bad pictures but her mind was blank.

Jack's face darkened as she reached her tenth pose.

"If you think you are now a model, you're wrong. These all craps. You should just throw your contract into the toilet."

Irene cried harder.

Ryn quickly went to hug Irene when she finally noticed her friend there. She finally remembered she was in the casting audition for the advertisement. She couldn't even believe she fell asleep while waiting for Mei Li.

"Stop scaring everyone, Jack. Not everyone can understand you. She just started," Ryn muttered. "Shh… it's okay. He's just bluffing. He's a marshmallow," Ryn coaxed, conveniently forgetting how scared she was before.

Jack cocked an eyebrow. His lips curled into a smirk.

"Then show her how it's done," he challenged.

"This brooch? How many poses?" Ryn brought out her professional attitude, making everyone shocked.

The Ryn now was different than the meek and soft-spoken girl they just met.

This was Ryn, the top model.

Jack grinned and signaled the camera to get ready. Then, he paused.

"Call those outside and let them see how a real model works a product."

Ryn sighed a bit, almost dropping the mask she had. She glared at Jack and waited for everyone to gather. Even the CEO's daughter was there too.

"You can start now."

Ryn shook her head to loosen her hair. When she flipped her hair back, she looked as Ryn, the top model. Even her aura was different.

This brought goosebumps to almost everyone who was watching.

Even Irene's jaw dropped.

Was that really Ryn they knew? This was what in the mind of those who knew her, except for Harry. Harry who already knew about Ryn and in fact saw some of her runway show when he went to the office when he needed to meet Mei Li.

"Last frame and we're done."

Everyone, other than the CEO's daughter and Irene clapped their hands. They were impressed with Ryn. They couldn't believe their eyes seeing all ten frames were beautifully produced. Ten different poses with the brooch as the centrepiece. Not even one frame was wasted.

"If you can do even 10% of what she has done, you have what it takes to be a model. Don't talk crap and try to name drop with me because I don't care." Jack started as he signaled Ryn to sit down.

Just as her bottom touched the cold chair, her phone rang. Ryn excused herself.


"Hello. I'm here. Where are you?" it was Mei Li.

"Look for a building with a blue rooftop. Ask anyone where the audition is and they'll show you the way. I'll wait outside."

Ryn did not need to wait long before Mei Li arrived. When Mei Li asked, all Ryn could do was laughing awkwardly and gestured her to follow.

Mai Li's eyes widened when she saw Jack leaning on the wall. She stopped and tried to turn around.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Mei Li froze.

"Follow me."

"I'll be going now as Mei Li is here," Ryn tried to excuse herself. She started to walk away but Mei Li caught her shirt.

"Don't try to run away."

Before both could do just that, their collar was held by him and he pulled them into the room.

Ignoring others who were still staring at the pictures, Jack handed the contract to the shaking Mei Li. He grinned. "Clear her schedule in two days."

"Wh… Excuse me?" Mei Li stuttered.

"I'm having another headache," Ryn groaned as she held her head.

"Sign first then you can have your headache," Jack ruthlessly pushed the pen to Ryn. As long as Ryn signed the contract, she has to do whatever he wanted. He grinned at the thought.


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