Tell Me Again, My Love
26 Jason“s jealousy
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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26 Jason“s jealousy

Jason tried again but no one answered the call. He frowned. He checked the number. It was right. Its Mika's number.

He wanted to bring her out tonight. Just the two of them having candlelight dinner. He had booked a private room and even a musician for this special night. It was supposed to be a surprise.

He knew she was under stress despite her smile and childish giggle. Even the sparkle in her eyes not as bright as it used to. Not only she was under pressure from the new collection show last time, she needed to put her attention for the next collection in the jewellery line. So many things she had to do in such a limited time. She did not even have the time for a short vacation which she would spend skiing on the mountain or playing with the dolphin in the open sea. Then he heard she had to cover while Jeremy was busy with his musical job and trying to winning back Ryn's heart. Can't any of them see how poor sweet Mika was getting stressful with everything she had to do? And he was stressful too seeing her like this.

That was why he planned this surprised dinner. To cheer her up and remind her he was there with her.

Most importantly he wanted to remind her he was her love and should be focussed on. She shouldn't just focus on Ryn. Ryn had Jeremy and he needed all the pamper and love too.

He tried again, calling her. At first, he tried messaging her but he found she was not online and didn't even check the phone. Hence the call… over and over again…. And again… and again…

Still no answer.

He frowned. He had a bad feeling about this.

He quickly checked Mika's Instagram. Mika always posted about anything and everything. She might post something about her current location.

With a pounding heart, he opened the application.

His suspicion was right. Mika just posted just a few minutes ago a photo of her hand holding someone else's hand. And Jason had no doubt this second person was Ryn, looking at how skinny that hand was. Mika didn't like touching others but when it was Ryn, Mika seemed like she could not stop touching her.

Jason's face darkened. Not again.

Without thinking he called Jeremy.

"Hello?" Jeremy answered just after the second ring. "What's up?"

"Can you send me Ryn's number?" Jason didn't beat around the bush. He quickly spoke straight to the point.

"Ryn's number? Why? Why do you want her number?" Jeremy started to get jealous even though he knew Jason loved his little sister more than his own life but hearing a man asking the phone number of Ryn, his love, it made his heart boiled with anger and jealousy. He couldn't control himself.

"Mika refused to answer my call. She's with Ryn. I need to speak with my girlfriend."

"Oh. That. I'll send you," the anger and jealousy drained from his voice when he realized the reason. He felt stupid so he coughed a few times to cover the awkwardness.

"Thanks." Jason ended the call and waited impatiently for the number.

He didn't have to wait long. Jeremy was fast in sending the number. Jason quickly saved the number and push the button to connect the call.

Luckily this time the call was answered. He cleared his throat.

"Hello, whom am I speaking to?" Ryn was polite when answering a stranger's number. Sometimes she answered the call and sometimes she ignored when she saw unrecognizable number. This time she answered it because she was bored waiting for Mika to finish changing her clothes.

"It's Jason. Is Mika there?"

"Yes. She's in the changing room."

"She didn't bring her phone?"

"No. Why?"

"Didn't it ring?"

"No. Nothing is ringing."

"Oh." Must be his Mika forgot to charge the phone again. Jason sighed heavily.

"Do you want to speak with Mika?"

"Tell her to call me back after she finishes recharging the phone," Jason could not blame Ryn for 'stealing' his Mika. He could only hold it in him until he could unleash his dissatisfaction to Mika and made her remember who her real boyfriend is.


Ryn did not need to wait any longer when Mika, clad in the new maroon dress, skipped happily to her. She twirled to show off the dress and waited for the praise.

"Looks good on you."

"Of course. Who can match my taste?" Mika stuck up her chin proudly. Then, she looked at Ryn's outfit in displeasure.

No wonder people did not recognize her as the top model she really was. Her clothes were too unfitting to her status. Too simple!

And Ryn being Ryn, even managed to hide her aura and put on a mask to fool everyone!

"Why didn't you wear the clothes we gave you for your everyday outfit? You can even buy your own beautiful clothes. Why keep wearing this kind of…" even Mika couldn't finish her words, too frustrated with her laid-back best friend.

"Work is work and life is my life. Why should I waste money to buy new clothes when I can still wear everything in the closet? Too wasteful. Besides, I need to save for my future. Unlike you, Madam Lolita who has two businesses under your belt."

"Hmph… just admit you're too stingy to buy new things. Here, I'll treat you. Pick something fancy."

"My clothes are fine. Thank you." Ryn stood up and put her hands on Mika's shoulders. "Chill. I like what I'm wearing. If you're my best friend, you would not try to change me. Love me for who I am, as I love you for who you are."

She grabbed Mika's bag and handed it to her. "If you like this, buy it. Then change back your clothes if you want to wear this for a special occasion. I don't mind walking with you wearing your Lolita's outfit."

Mika looked at her dress, then at the sports attire Ryn was wearing. She loved wearing couple set or a matching set with her best friend. Her teeth began to sank into the bottom lip as she thought hard.

"But I like us wearing matching outfits," she murmured sadly.

Ryn sighed heavily. Maybe Jason spoiled Mika too much.

"Mika, I'm still tired from the exercise session and just want to go home to sleep. Can you give me a break?"

They spent almost three hours shopping and there was still no sign of Mika to stop and eat dinner. She was getting hungry from all the walking and waiting.

"But… but…"

Ryn took out her phone and handed it to Mika, "Before I forget, Jason just called. I guess you forgot to charge your phone again and it died when he was trying to call you. Call him back quickly before he thinks I'm kidnapping you again."


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