Tell Me Again, My Love
27 Too immature to use that look
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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27 Too immature to use that look

Ryn watched as Mika talking with Jason. She did not know what they were talking about but it must be full of fluffy stuff.

She remembered when she was still with Jeremy, when they were still full of love, she would say that mushy stuff to him. She tried her best to be the perfect girlfriend but she guessed it was not good enough for him.

Ryn quickly shook her head, trying to stop thinking about the past. What was the point of thinking about those times? It only made her feel anger and hurt. The wound in this heart would be bleeding over and over again with no chance to recover.

She was deep in her thought until she did not notice Mika had finished coxing Jason for having to cancel their dinner. Mika, despite being playful and spoiled, notices the sadness in Ryn's eyes. And she had no doubt it was because of her stupid brother.

With this huge reaction toward her big brother, was it wrong for Mika to think that Ryn was still having feeling toward Jeremy?

Mika's lips pursed thoughtfully.

"You're done?"

Mika snapped back to reality and gave back Ryn's phone. Then she wrapped her arms around Ryn.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just feel glad you're back to me."

Ryn chuckled. Then she yawned.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so tired. Can we order a takeaway?"

"What about our movie?"

"I'm sorry. Mika. I really am tired. Maybe you can watch with Jason. Please?"

Despite the coax and cry, Ryn was too exhausted to even give in the Mika. Lastly, with a heavy feeling, Mika sent her home.

"Go have fun with your handsome man. Come on, smile. You're not a kid anymore, Mika. Besides, we'll spend the weekends together, right?"

During the time Mika was coaxing Jason, the salesgirl let them use the socket to charge her phone. She had enough until she could borrow Ryn's power bank. Which Ryn quickly handed once they reached her home.

"Stop giving me that face. We did have fun just now, right? You bought a lot in that boutique." Ryn hugged Mika tightly before pushed her into the car. "Go have fun with your boyfriend. I'll call you tomorrow."

Ryn waved until she couldn't see Mika's car anymore.

She turned and entered her home. Once she was done locking everything, she jumped onto the couch and promptly fell asleep. She was too tired to even go into her room.


Two days later she found herself looking at the grinning Mika. She frowned.

"What are you doing here?" she asked without looking, already turning around to lock the door.

"I'm here to support you for the filming," Mika replied.

"Fine. I might as well save my money for the bus fare," Ryn murmured and followed Mika into the car.

This time the car was different again from the last time.

"Jason's?" Ryn asked as she pulled the safety belt.

"Yes. Don't you think he's such an angel to gift me this? He said this car is better than the Ferrari and he even renovated a little for my comfort." Mika's eyes shone with happiness and love at the thought of her boyfriend.

"Instead of a car, he should propose quickly. You're not getting younger and he needs to tie you down before you mooing over those handsome models."

"We're too busy for marriage. You should be the one worried. I'm younger than you," Mika stuck her tongue out.

"I'm older just a month than you. No big difference there. You're lucky for being a genius so you can graduate early while we, stupid people have to endure this education system and work hard."

"It's not my fault for taking a year for the degree." Mika shrugged.

"Show off," Ryn muttered under her breath.

Mika laughed. It was a sore spot for Ryn when being the youngest but managed to graduate first. In fact, she was supposed to graduate early by skipping a few levels in school but she refused because she wanted to be in the same class as Ryn. That was how deep their friendship was. The day when Ryn and Jeremy broke the news they were in a relationship, she was the happiest in the world. And when they broke up and Ryn disappeared, she was the saddest in the world. She almost had depression but luckily for her, Jason was there.

They arrived at the campus quite fast with Mika's favourite to speed.

Both went to the location Jack told Ryn before. Ryn did not expect much but she knew Jack was such a professional and a devil on top of that so everything would be perfect.

"Hello, everyone." Ryn greeted.

Like usual Jack and his assistant were already there. Some men and women were there too and Ryn knew they were the staffs. But…

"Are we the first one to arrive?" Ryn looked for other students who were supposed to be in the video as well but…

"Seems like they think they're too popular to even care about timing," Jack muttered. He narrowed his eyes at Ryn and Mika.

"Don't blame us. We don't know anything. Besides, remember you owed me," Ryn quickly pointed out.

"Fine. What do you want?"

Ryn nudged Mika forward. Mika's eyes widened. She took a deep breath and gave her businesswoman's look.

"Stop giving me that look, kid. You're too immature to use that look."

"Ryn~" Mika turned and hugged Ryn sadly.

"So you want to talk with me about business? Ryn, stop holding onto her and get ready with your outfit and makeup. If these superstars think I will wait for them, they're wrong. We'll start with or without them."

Mika shook her head when Ryn tried to leave her with Jack. She gave her puppy eyes but Ryn was scared of Jack too.

"Stop crying and tell me what you want," Jack barked. He crossed his legs and stared at Mika.

Mika took a deep breath to control her emotion but it was hard. Why couldn't Ryn tell him about her proposal?


"Urm… can we talk about this later?" Mika choked out. She was not ready to face Jack. She only came here to cheer on Ryn, not meeting this devil!


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