Tell Me Again, My Love
28 Do you know who I am?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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28 Do you know who I am?

When Harry and his friends arrived, the scene they found was weird. A woman – Harry recognized as the boss of the label he modelled previously – was facing the director with her face wet with tears. What was going on right now?

"I don't understand how you can become a businesswoman with your timid attitude. So childish. Get out of my sight," Jack dismissed Mika who still couldn't speak a word.

Poor Mika quickly ran toward the building, looking for her best friend to cry.

Then Jack saw the boys. He gestured them to come near.

"Because all of you are not professional, I can forgive you. However, those girls are trying my temper. Don't they know they have to come early for the make-up?" Jack muttered, appearing talking with them but mostly complaining with his dark face.

"Go prepare yourself and tell Ryn to come quickly."

Harry pulled everyone toward the building, following the signage.

They found Ryn still busy with her make-up with Mika crying next to her.

"I can't believe you're working with that Devil. You know how scared I am with him. You should just tell me earlier and I can ask Jeremy to talk with him. You're so bad~"

"Fine. I'll discuss with him about your project. Ask your assistant to bring the paperwork. We can discuss over lunch."

"You really are going to help me? Really? Oh, I love you so much, Ryn. So-so much." Ignoring the make-up artist, Mika leaned to hug Ryn tightly.

"Careful with the make-up," the make-up artist reminded before sighing. "Why should I bother? You'll adjust her make-up later."

Mika stuck her tongue out to the make-up artist.

The make-up artist knew her from her previous job. She even knew Ryn and honestly was happy to see Ryn. Nothing much to apply on because of Ryn's smooth skin. Just a little bit of powder, very light brown eye-shadow and peach blusher, a coat of mascara and a touch of pink lipstick and Ryn was done. The rest of the time was filled with them joking and teasing Ryn who couldn't stop yawning.

The very famous sleeping beauty in the country. In fact, they learned that someone even suggested adding another category for the modelling annual competition. The Sleeping Beauty category. So far the nominee was only Ryn.

Mika quickly contacted her assistant and told the poor girl to bring the document to the campus. Then, she rubbed her stomach. A bit hungry after rushing here. She only had a cup of coffee and nothing else. She was worried Ryn would leave before she reached there. She quickly looked for food delivery.

Ryn who was almost falling asleep yet again once Mika let her go opened back her eyes when she heard boy's voice. She cocked an eyebrow seeing them grinning at her. She stretched her arms and yawned again before got up.

"While some can wear the clothes prepared, some of you can start the make-up so we won't waste time," she said, like a senior instructing her junior.


Ryn groaned and grumbled under her breath when she heard the bark. Jack must be losing his patience when his mood getting worst.

"Luckily you can be considered early," she told them before took a deep breath, pasting a smile on her face and marched out of the room.

"Good luck, Ryn," the make-up artist cheered.

Ryn took a slow and steady approach toward Jack. She cursed the person who had a so-called brilliant idea to use Jack for the promotion. However, in front of Jack, she maintained her serene look.

"So what's the storyboard?" she asked, rather carefully, just in case Jack raised his voice again.

"We'll start at the classroom and then move to the music room. We won't wait anymore. We'll start with you." Jack stood up and looked at his right, "Let's go."

When Irene and her friends finally arrived, the recording was on the way. None even looked at them.

Even when the CEO, his daughter, and her entourage arrived, no one greeted them.

Everyone was busy, rushing here and there, following Jack's command. Only Mika was sitting on the chair, playing with her phone after bored taking pictures of Ryn.

"Where is the director?" the CEO demanded when no one even looked at him. He stared at Mika who was ignoring him. His body shivered angrily.

Mika cocked an eyebrow when she heard the shout. She pushed the sunglasses she was wearing up to the top of her head and looked at them.

"Excuse me?"

"Do you know who I am?"

"Should I?" Mika's attention was distracted by a phone call. She looked at the display and stood up, "Excuse me."

She walked away from the group. "Hello. Can you see me?"

"Yes, Miss Mika. I'm coming to you."

The daughter tugged her father's arm and pointed at Mika, "Why do you let her being so rude? You paid them, right?"

The CEO looked at his darling daughter lovingly. Even though he could not do anything to Jack, but for a small fly like that girl, he could do anything he wanted.

He stood in front of Mika, arms akimbo. When Mika tried to step away from him, he and his daughter blocked her.

"Excuse me?" Mika looked at the father-daughter duo. What was wrong with them suddenly blocking her? Had they gone mad or something?

"Excuse me?"

Everyone turned to look at a woman wearing a solemn black working dress.

"Miss Mika, this is the paperwork for the Dreaming Love collection," Stephanie, Mika's assistant handed the file to Mika after she sidestepped the father-daughter duo.

"Mr. Eric Lee from Atlanta called to make an appointment about the Star project. He wanted to know whether the meeting could be done next week but in Atlanta."

"What's my schedule that week?" Mika turned into her businesswoman's attitude, ignoring everyone else.

Everyone looked at both of them in shock. Atlanta? As in Atlanta, America?

"Apart from the GX show, you have nothing else until the show, Miss. I have booked the suite at the hotel and canceled Miss Catherine's booking. I have also booked for the spa session for both of you the day before. I have booked fresh red, white and yellow roses and told the hotel management about your preference."

"Good. Arrange the meeting in two more weeks. Book a private plane. Also a suite at the usual hotel. Anything else?"

"How many days would you like to stay there?"

"Three nights are enough. Inform Mei Li about this as well so she can clear Ryn's schedule."

Stephanie handed two more files for Mika to check and put down her signature.

"I'll check them tomorrow. Set a meeting with the managers at 10.00 am. I want to see their project progress and whoever doesn't reach my standard will not receive the end of the year bonus. Anything else?"

"No, Miss."

"Then you're dismissed." Mika waved her hand dismissively. Then she finally remembered the father-daughter duo and their entourage. She cocked an eyebrow, "You're still here?"

No one could say anything. They were still shocked by what they just saw.


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