Tell Me Again, My Love
29 Have had enough
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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29 Have had enough

Mika gave them a weird look. Such weirdoes. What were they doing here at the university?

She checked her phone and found Stephanie already added the information in her digital planner. She pursed her lips and typed another instruction to her assistant.

She ignored the group and looked for her food. Shouldn't the delivery food arrive? Her stomach was growling even louder.


Ryn twirled and waved at the camera. Then she walked toward the door, kept walking until she heard "Cut!"

She returned back, only to see Jack barking at the girls for ruining the scene again. She sighed a bit.

"I thought you're university students, know how to use your brain. Never thought you are too stupid to understand simple instruction."

The girls cried. Even though the one who made a mistake just one of them but their sensitive feeling was tore by Jack's bark and shout. It made them even angrier seeing how that girl never receives any shout, jeer or even scold.

Why the double standard? That woman was not that pretty and perfect.

Irene kept looking at Ryn who was busy discussing with Jack about how to save the scene after so many bad takes. She bitted her lower lip. She was jealous. She was supposed to be the star of this commercial. She won the modelling selection. She signed a contract to be a model. So why was she being ignored? Why was she being treated as if she was no better than the rest of the girls?

She took a deep breath to control her emotion. Her manager once told her that being a model she needed to know how to deal with difficult clients and to control her emotion. So maybe her manager was right. It was useless to do something without thinking. She must stay calm in order to think thing through and prepare a plan carefully.

A supermodel didn't only depend on their face and body but also their wit and she, Irene, would be the no 1 supermodel in the world in a year time. She had no doubt about it.

"Isn't she acting like it's a piece of cake? How many times do we have to take the same shot?" one of the boys commented as he took a gulp of his drink.

"She's been in this industry for years. Of course, she's used in this kind of thing. Don't you remember the MV we were involved last time? She's the girl," Harry replied.

"The sexy girl dancing with Lexie?" the boys gasped.

They could remember clearly the time when they were joining the MV filming. It was the first time they saw popular artist and could even get near him. Well, not that near but closer than what their friends could claim. The girls were sighing and mooning from the experience and couldn't even wait for the final product to be premiered. The one thing most of the boys could remember was a girl taking the main dancer role and dancing sensually with Lexie. She was the main female character in the music video, the love of the singer. The girls were wishing they were her while the boys couldn't stop looking at her. But the girl quickly left the place once her part was done. Lexie's assistant helped to send her and her assistant home while Lexie waited to continue with the party, this time a real party.

"She's a supermodel and mostly works overseas. From what I know, she's just making her comeback this year." Harry shrugged.

"Wow. And she's such a low profile. If I didn't see it with my eyes, I wouldn't believe she's a model, let alone supermodel. She's so low profile and doesn't even use her status on the campus. Just wow."

Irene froze. Why did it feel like the boy just now just said that sarcastically? To make her hear him?

"Alright, people. This is your last chance. If anyone makes another mistake, I'll kick her ass," Jack glared at the girls' group. His hand waved at the spot where they did their part. "Ryn, can you do it better?"

"I can-" Ryn was just starting to answer his question but held her tongue when he glared.

"No. I've changed my mind. Apart from Ryn and the boys, everyone else scrams. Crying like it can solve the problem. I want professionalism, not babies. I'm not your babysitter."

Everyone was shocked by his abrupt decision.

"Are you sure about this, Jack? Wouldn't it seem…" Ryn paused. She didn't know how to put it into words. She looked for Jack's assistant but the poor guy simply hiding when he saw Jack's temper flared up more and more after the third mistakes the girls made.

"I am the director. Stupid university. You have a supermodel as your student. You can simply be their spokesperson and promote this university easily but no, they're too proud to even realize their treasure," Jack muttered.

The CEO who had just arrived with his daughter froze. His face darkened. This director his vice CEO looked for was so rude and didn't even respect him. Who the hell was this Jack for looking down at him and his university?

"That's enough, Jack. There should be a time for you to hold your tongue," Ryn finally snapped and pointed it out.

"Why should I care about others' feeling?"

"Never mind. I'm having another headache," Ryn turned around and went to her spot to get ready.

The girls looked at the CEO and his daughter. They were hoping the CEO could show this rude director his place.

"Director Jack, what is going on right now?" the CEO demanded.

His daughter went to stand in front of the camera and posed. The cameraman pulled back his head and looked at Jack questioningly.

"You know what? I have enough with these rubbishes. You and your university are wasting my time." Jack exploded and stormed out of the set.

His assistant quickly bowed at the CEO and took the storyboard and script. Then he hurriedly left the place too. Even the cameraman and other crews left.

All the students, including Ryn looked at the CEO, too taken back to even speak. What would happen now when the director and the crews left the set suddenly?


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