Tell Me Again, My Love
30 Not a rabbi
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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30 Not a rabbi

"Ryn, are you done? The food is here," Mika called happily, holding two containers. She already passed the other food to the crews with the biggest pizza with extra cheese for Jack.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Mika finally noticed the weird atmosphere there but her growling stomach was more important.

She gestured Ryn to come closer to take her food.

"Not green again. I'm not a rabbit," Ryn grumbled when she took the container.

"Yes, Miss Carnivore. You need to control your eating habit for the show next week." Mika knew it was all on her shoulders to control Ryn's eating habit. Ryn ate too much meat and too fewer vegetables.

"I bet you're loving this moment," Ryn grumbled. She did take the container even with heavy heart and looked at the content.

Not even a small piece of meat inside! It's all salad, cucumber, tomato and even her most hated avocado.


"What?" Mika gave her an innocent look, could only guess Ryn already saw it.

"Why is that vile thing in here?" Ryn pointed at the small piece of avocado. Even in her dream, she could still recognize it.

So vile it hurt her throat and eyes.

Both of them clearly already had forgotten the people watching them. Harry chuckled, could almost get used with this kind of display. He knew how close both Ryn and Mika were. It was clear when Mika almost all the time sticking so close to Ryn, even ignoring Jason, her own boyfriend. Even when the media was taking pictures, the one Mika was holding was Ryn, not Jason. That was how close both were.

Irene on the other hand froze. She thought Ryn would apologize more and beg to be included in their group but now… it seemed like Ryn did not even bother with them. How low did she think they were?

"Daddy, what now?"

"If he wants to quit, let him. We have more directors to choose from," the CEO muttered without thinking.

"Sir, he is the best in the county. He even receives recognition from abroad," one of his underlings whispered.

"So… so what? We paid him so he should… should just do whatever we want," the CEO almost stuttered.

"Why I feel like that man is stupid?" Mika whispered at Ryn, eyeing the men. She heard what the CEO said with his voice booming.

"If we were to choose a new director, I'm afraid…"

While her father talking with his underling, the daughter came closer to Ryn who was trying to finish her food.

"If you think you can show off and be the focus in the show, you're wrong. I will be the main."

Ryn put down the container she was holding and look at her. She cocked an eyebrow. "Try not to make any mistake during the shooting. I have to leave in two hours."

The girl's face turned red in anger. How dare… how dare this girl indicate she will make a mistake during the shooting.

"The admin clearly has no idea who Jack really is. They dared to tempt the devil so they have to face the consequence."

"They won't break the contract easily if they knew how much they have to pay back," Mika murmured almost thoughtlessly. She took a big bite of her salad and looked through the paperwork. "Maybe I should cancel this one or he'll say no, don't you think?"

"Regardless of what you think, we can't expect what is in his mind. Just expect the worst and make another plan," Ryn ditched the avocado into Mika's bowl and frowned even more, "I need meat for energy. Or maybe chocolate. Maybe chocolate shake?"

"You are not allowed to think about meat and chocolate, you hear me? Do not even think about it," Mika shook her finger at Ryn. "Open your mouth. This avocado is a superfood. All those supermodels eat it."

"Superfood, filthy food. I don't like it."

"I don't care. You'll eat every single piece of it and will like them."

Ryn sniffed.

"Why do I smell pizza?"

Ryn eyed Mika suspiciously.

"What pizza?" Mika looked at her food as if it was the most important thing in the world for her.


"I seriously have no idea what you are talking about," Mika chomped another mouthful of salad.

"Mika, how could you?"

The girl shivered angrily. Clearly, these two girls were ignoring her. How dare them!

"Are you pretending not to see me here? Do you know who I am?"

Both Mika and Ryn looked at her.

"You're still here?" Mika asked finally after a few minutes silence.

Harry couldn't stop chuckling. He and his friends could hear them clearly. It was funny to see Jane who was so popular in the campus, not only because of her beauty but also her connection to her dad who is the CEO of the university was being ignored by these two. But then again, Ryn never bats an eye when she learned he was the most popular guy on the campus. Just 'oh, that's you then' she continued eating the steak he made with full attention, then said thank you politely and went back to her home with a full stomach.

"Jane is going to turn into Hell," one of his friends commented dryly.

"But those two won't care," Harry answered without thinking.

"They are cool."

Irene stormed away. She could not take it anymore. She was supposed to be the envy of the group because she was contracted as a model. Not only she was chosen just as an extra, but she was also ignored by everyone. It was as if her existence did not matter to any of them, not even to Ryn who was supposed to be her friend.

"Can't you stop blocking the light? I'm trying to eat here," Mika frowned at Jane.

"I need to go to the ladies," Ryn stood up and tried to walk away.

"I'll go with you."

"I can go alone, Mika," Ryn muttered and tried to stop her.

"And let you eat those pizzas?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about," now it was Ryn's time to act innocent.



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