Tell Me Again, My Love
31 I am such a great man
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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31 I am such a great man

Both Ryn and Mika were still bickering with Jane staring at them angrily. They really were ignoring this girl, too lazy to even acknowledge her very existence. Was there any point whether they knew her or not? It wouldn't even change their life.

"Mika, the pizza is delicious. Good for you for the extra cheese. Good touch. So brilliant," Jake laughed as he walked back into the area, patting his full stomach happily.

The crews followed quietly. They threw a grateful smile at Mika. Then they quickly arranged back the equipment.

"We skip that scene. Ryn and the boys go prepare the last scene and it's a wrap," Jack barked.

"Wait, the last scene? What about me?" Jane finally left Mika and Ryn and rushed to stand in front of Jack.

"Who are you again?" Jack asked in puzzled.

"Daddy!" Jane quickly ran to her father.

"Oh, spoiled little girl. Not important." Jack turned around and pointed at Ryn, "One take only."

"Tell me I don't have to talk with him later," Ryn muttered under her breath to Mika before quickly pulled a smile and walked to Jack. "I'll try my best. How's the pizza, Jack? Delicious?"

Her chest was in pain at the thought of this monster devouring the whole pizza without even leaving a small piece for her.

Jack narrowed his eyes before a smile curled on his lips.

"So delicious I finished everything in two whole minutes. It's a giant pizza with extra cheese. It melted in my mouth."

Ryn gulped hungrily. She glared at Mika, blaming her, "I'll kill you later."

"No, you won't. Good luck with the shooting, Miss One Take," Mika giggled.

Ryn stuck out her tongue at Mika and stormed toward the last scene. She knew what Jack wanted. And she also knew the boys would not give a headache to Jack.

"What do you mean it's the last scene? Jane hasn't been in anything yet," the CEO growled.

"Who's Jane?"


"Move aside. I'm working right now. Boys, on your location. Ryn, stop acting like a kid. Your friend is not important. I am important. Everyone, get ready. And action!"

With a smile on her face, Ryn started telling the viewer to enroll into the university. Her total focus was on the camera, didn't even check what the others were doing. The cheerfulness and happiness radiated from her, into the camera.

"And cut. It's a wrap, people. Finally."

The boys and the crews cheered.

Ryn blew out a sigh of relief. Finally, it was all done.

She quickly said thank you to Jack and the crews before pulled Mika to the car. She did not want to spend more time here with Jack. That Devil always had his menstrual. Mood swing all the time. Anything could tick him off. Only his talent saved him from being thrown out of the industry.

"Let's go. Let's go."

"But my show," Mika put her feet firmly on the ground, refusing to move.

Ryn tried to pull with all her might but Mika could be stubborn as a bull. She groaned and grumbled but Mika ignored everything. Her eyes stared firmly at Jack who was giving his last instruction to the crews while the crews were busy keeping back all their equipment.

"Mika, please," she begged but the silly childish girl refused.

"Fine. I'll talk to him," Ryn finally gave in.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. A minute or two should be enough. But it took her almost five minutes to do just that.

She finally took baby steps toward Jack. So slow it almost made Mika screamed in frustration. What happened to her strong and brave best friend?

"What do you want? The shooting is over," Jack waved Ryn away. His mind was already on the editing part of it.

"I… I would like to make an appointment with you…. For… lunch?" Ryn stuttered.


Ryn glanced back at Mika, then turned to look at Jack. She nodded slowly.

"You are such a good friend and loyal too. Give me the proposal. I'll call you once I'm done reading it."

Mika quickly handed the paperwork. She gripped Ryn's hand nervously. Would Jack agree?

"Remember… remember that you owe me," Ryn stuttered.

"Hmph… you still want to use it over my head."

"You…. You're the one who promised me first. I… I didn't force you."

Jack flipped through the pages. Then he took out his pen and put down his signature.

"Done. I want to call the shot which means you are the one I want and I choose the setting."

"I am after all the spokesperson for all the products," Ryn pointed out dryly.

"Thank you so much, Jack. I can assure you whatever you want, we will provide. I even will provide your favourite food and drink. Whatever you want, we'll provide them," Mika couldn't hold her excitement and hold onto Jack's hands. She shook them happily, furiously.

"Yes. Yes. I'm such a great man. You should buy me that pizza every day."

"Every day is too much, don't you think," Ryn scowled, thinking about those precious pizzas given to this monster. Those pizzas belonged to her!

"Nothing is too much. Go, leave. I'll see you when I'll see you."

Mika and Ryn finally left the place. Mika was happy while Ryn was scowling.

"Hey, smile, babe. You are not beautiful when your lips pursing unhappily," Mika sang.

Ryn glared.

"What? What's wrong?"

"You're evil, Mika, so evil."

"Why are you calling me that? Shouldn't we be happy Jack agreed with the project?"

"Of course I am happy that he has agreed to it. However, I am not happy, obviously, with the way you're treating me."

"What did I do?" Mika was honestly puzzled with the blame. What did she do wrong this time?


"What's wrong with it?" Mika still couldn't catch up.

"How could you promise to give him pizza as many as he wants but refuse to feed me some? You said you're my best friend."

Mika pursed her lips, finally understanding the reason behind that dark face of Ryn.

"Of course I am your best friend and your future sister-in-law."

"Skip the in-law or I'll leave."

"Fine. I'm your best friend," Mika corrected herself.

"If you're my best friend, you wouldn't do this thing to me."

"What did I do?" Mika paused. It had finally drawn to her what went wrong. She glanced at the sulking Ryn, "Because I am your best friend, I love you so much that I'm controlling you. I want you to be in your best shape and health."

"Hmph… I don't believe it. If you want my happiness, you shouldn't give bunny food to me. Meat and chocolate are what make me happy and you know it."

"Bunny food," Mika laughed.

"Or should I call it 'the most natural and best food God has created for us'?" Ryn repeated what her mother always preached every time her mother caught her eating meat or fast food.

"Fine. But you have to limit yourself. You'll have to wear underwear during the show and you don't want extra fat showing."

"That's for me to worry about, not you."

"Whatever you said, Ryn. Whatever you said."


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