Tell Me Again, My Love
32 Dancing till dawn
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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32 Dancing till dawn

Ryn watched silently as her best friend looking at her wardrobe. She did not even comment when her best friend threw one after another outfit from the wardrobe onto the bed.

They were just watching movies while eating fruits when Mika suddenly had a brilliant idea. Why don't they go clubbing tonight? It was after all weekends and Ryn had no work the day after.

Hence now Ryn found herself sitting on the edge of the bed, in her towel, while Mika was busy choosing the right clubbing outfit for her.

"Why can't I just wear these two?" Ryn chose black jeans with a black top.

"Too boring." Mika groaned loudly, "Why is everything you own so boring? I thought you're sometimes given clothes and jewellery from your shoot?"

"It's in another room," Ryn pointed out.

"What? Why don't you show me earlier? Since when you put it in another room?" grumbling, Mika quickly pulled Ryn out of the bedroom and into the room where Ryn dumped everything she received every time.

"You even put the dresses I gave you here," Mika started to wail when she saw all the clothes she designed for Ryn was hanging in the cupboard complete with individual plastic cover.

"Mika, dear, where would I wear them? My world currently revolves around house and campus, unless I have assignments. Even during assignments, I just wear my most comfortable clothes to and fro there."

"Hmph… you're so carefree when you're supposed to take care of your image," Mika grumbled with her eyes busy looking at each cloth.

"Mika, I'm not a socialite like you. I'm just a plain old Catherine who, coincidentally, a simple model. I don't have to wear designer clothes all the time."

"Lazy," Mika muttered under her breath.

"I heard that."

"I want you to hear it."

Ryn stuck out her tongue. Mika returned back.

"Finally I found the perfect one for you," Mika cried happily as she took out a purple bralet top. Then she chose a black shimmery legging.

"Too sexy," Ryn commented.

"Sexy is for clubbing so it's suitable. I'll wear these," Mika chose a short leather skirt with pink bralet.

"I have a pink one too?" Ryn did not even remember what clothes in this room. She simply clean them whenever she received them and put them in the cupboard.

Never look at again.

Even the jewelleries and those other accessories received the same treatment.

She didn't mean being an ungrateful girl toward all these gifts but like what she told Mika, she was not a socialite and she did not care about brands. She was a simple girl who loved wearing simple and comfortable clothes. Her favourite was just a plain sweater and jeans.

"I don't think you even remember everything you put in here," without ashamed, Mika quickly put on the outfit she chose.

"I have you to memorize everything, right?"

Ryn brought the outfit Mika chose to the bathroom to change into them. Then she went back to Mika for the make-up.

Going clubbing with Mika without make-up? Horror. Simply horror.

It took another hour for both of them to be ready with everything. Ryn actually made a cross sign in front of the car before she got into the car.

Mika snorted when she saw what Ryn did.

"I am not that bad on driving. Stop acting like I'm a monster."

Ryn did not even comment upon that remark. She pulled the safety belt. She then gripped the belt and prayed hard.

"Dramatic queen," Mika scoffed.

Mika cracked her fingers and pursed her lips a bit. Then, with a twinkle in her eyes, she started the engine and pushed the accelerator.

The engine roared loudly and the car moved smoothly.

"The club won't close even if you slow down a bit. It's already late."

"I'm a qualified driver, babe. Don't worry," Mika chuckled.

"How many summonses you have to pay last month?"

"No comment."

They finally arrived at a very exclusive club. Mika made a quick and quite dangerous spin to park the car, shocking everyone (and Ryn). Ryn had to hold to dashboard.

"Stop glaring at me. I parked the car safely, right," Miko giggled.

"One day I will day from a heart attack, no thanks to your crazy driving skill," Ryn muttered sourly.

Giggling, Mika went around the car and wrapped her arms around Ryn. She pulled her still sour friends toward the club, where a lot of people were waiting in line to get in.

The bouncer who was standing at the entrance, once seeing her, quickly let them inside. He ignored the shout from those who were waiting. They were not happy seeing the two girls just waltzed into the club without having to queue first. Some of them even had been waiting for 2 hours!

Mika pulled Ryn happily, avoiding people who were having fun dancing to the beat. They went to the VIP room with one of the waiters leading the way.

It was not a room but more like a section separated from the others with bead curtains. The cushion was in an L shape, very plush and soft. It felt like she was sitting on a cloud when she sat on it.

"Cool place to own," Ryn commented as she looked around. This was the first time she came here and she knew Mika was excited to show it off.

"Of course. Do you like it?"

"It's cool. I love it." Ryn leaned back and closed her eyes, enjoying the music.

Mika waved for a waiter and told her what she wanted. Then, she followed what Ryn was doing ad leaned back her back to the comfortable sofa.

"This is so wrong," Mika murmured.

"What is wrong?" Ryn replied as she buried herself deeper into the cocoon, getting sleepier every second passed by.

"We're in a club. We should be dancing till dawn."

"I am dancing. Still dancing."

Mika opened an eye and glanced at her best friend. It seemed like the loud noise did not even disturb Ryn's mission to sleep. Maybe it was a mistake to put the comfiest sofa here. It only made Ryn sleepier!

"Wake up. Let's dance. This is my favourite song," Mika shook Ryn awake. She did not want to waste any second with her best friend. Every moment is precious!

Ryn forced herself to open her eyes. Why did she agree to follow Mika? She should just stay at home and sleep!


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