Tell Me Again, My Love
33 Party and drunk
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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33 Party and drunk

Harry followed his friends into the building. They were celebrating their very first commercial shooting and everyone was so excited, Harry had to cover his ears some times. He shook his head in bemused.

"Finally we can enter this. How long did we wait just now?" Richard asked. His body was moving following the beat.

"An hour? Two? Three? Can't remember." Another friend replied.

"Is it important? Right now is time for party!"

"Party!" the others echoed.

Harry chuckled. "I'll buy beer."

With the cheer of his friends as thanks, Harry made his way to the counter. He could not stop from moving his head according to the beat. Trust Richard to bring them to the coolest place. So far all the places Richard chose had never disappointed him.

He weaved himself between the crowds, carefully holding onto the drinks. A waiter followed behind, bringing along glasses and another jug of beer. He found his friends busy chatting and dancing near an empty table. Without asking he placed everything on it and signalled the waiter to do the same.

He poured himself a glass and watched as some of his friends went to chat with girls they saw. He chuckled.

"Why didn't you join them?"

"Nah… It's fun watching them instead."

"Handsome men really live in another planet, huh?" his friend shook his head.

Harry just grinned. He knew his friend was just joking. Compared to the others, he was the one who did not spend time flirting with girls either on the campus or even when they were hanging out outside. He did not want to be a player. He was just being him, Harry. Having a handsome face was just a bonus for him. It did not give any effect to him either in his mind or in his behavior.

But then again, if he was to become a player, making use of the face he inherited from both his parents, his mother would surely send him straight to the military school, without a doubt.

He moved slightly when he felt someone sitting close to him. The smell attacked his nostril and he had to cover his cough.

"Hey, handsome. Alone?" a girl wearing short mini leaned toward him with a seductive smile.

"Uhuk… actually, I'm with my friends," he pointed at the glasses on the table.

"Well… where are they? Why don't you dance along? With me?"

Harry shifted uncomfortably. His eyes looked around nervously, searching for help. However, to his dismay, all his friends were busy either dancing or talking with others.


Jeremy took off the headphone and placed it on its stand. He adjusted his hair and walked out from the soundproof room. He took the empty seat and listened to the recording.

"It's better than before. I think its great," the sound engineer commented with the other two nodded.

Jeremy ignored them. He focussed on the result. This song is important to him.

He played another three times, taking notes parts he needed to change to make it better. Then he went back into the room and recorded it back.

"What time are we going home tonight?" one of them whispered.

"Quiet. Don't let Jay hear you or we will not be able to return home... At all."

"What else hasn't he satisfied yet? Which part? Everything is perfect."

"Shhh... Quiet. He's looking at us."

Three of them quickly straightened their back and tried to stay focus. But the exhaustion kept distracting them and finally, one of them gathered his courage and pleaded for Jeremy to postpone this session to another day. Their brain was burned to the maximum and they couldn't think anymore.

Jeremy finally gave in. He let them leave but he himself still stay there. He rubbed his tired eyes and sighed heavily.

The song he created just for her. It was almost done. But regardless of what the other three said, he still felt something was missing. He tried different tone and even change the intonation but something was missing.

"What should I do?"

He finished the whole bottle of water and stood up. He let the music filled the room. Maybe while listening to the melody he could finally figure out what he needed to do to make the song perfect.

He went to the bathroom to wet his face. It was already late at night but he had no plan to return home until he was satisfied with the result.


Mika, giggling, pulled Ryn further into the dance floor, zig-zagging between other people dancing. She finally let Ryn's hand go when she found a spot she liked. The song being played was one of her favourites and she started to move her body following the music.

Ryn followed suit even though she was exhausted but she did like this song.

After one song then another. Mika showed no signal of stopping. Ryn on the other hand barely managed to open her eyes.

"I need to sit. I'm thirsty," she pulled the still dancing Mika toward their seat.

"Ryn, I am so happy today," Mika cried happily. She bent down a bit to get her glass of wine. She gulped the drink and grinned.

"You're drunk, Mika."

Mika shook her head, giggling hard. Who said she's drunk?

Ryn pulled Mika to sit down when this best friend of hers made a move toward the dance floor again.

"Sit down. You're drunk."

"I am not," Mika slumped onto the leather couch, giggling. She waved for the waiter.

"Enough, Mika. You've drunk too much."

Unlike Mika, Ryn hadn't finished her drink yet. She signalled the waiter to take her order instead and demanded for plain iced water and some chips.

"I want more. I want Red Sunshine," Mika told the waiter.

The waiter looked at Ryn helplessly. The drunk woman was her boss but the one still sober and looked rational was this other woman.

Ryn sighed. She signalled the waiter to comply with Mika's order.

"This is the last glass for you," she wiggled her finger at Mika but the playful girl pretended to bite the finger.


Mika wrapped her arms around her stomach and laughed.


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