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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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34 Hehe

This is not a chapter. Sorry, dear readers.

Just an announcement.

As this is an ongoing story, meaning that I have to type before I can update, I've decided to post my old story. It should be updated daily (I just finished scheduling all chapters except for epilogues). So while waiting for this absent-minded and lazy author updating this one, do drop by at the other story.

Title : Give me a break
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Mind you, it was written more than ten years ago. And the chapters quite short. It'd end in early May 2019 (meaning daily update!)

The first chapter should be posted tomorrow while I am on a flight for my super short holiday. My brain is getting fried with all the work and yeah, I guess I need new air just to create some romance between Ryn and either Harry or Jeremy (in short, I have no idea who should I match Ryn with in the end because I love both pairings)


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