Tell Me Again, My Love
35 Where is my phone? 1
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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35 Where is my phone? 1

It took Ryn several moments before her heavy eyes opened sleepily. She looked around and frowned.


There was a trace of someone else sleeping next to her. The space was no longer warm but there was still a trace of someone sleeping on it.

She let out another yawn and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She could not remember what time they went home but she knew it was already late when Mika finally agreed to leave.

Once she finished freshening herself in the adjoined bathroom, she went out of the room, searching for her best friend. Her stomach was growling from hunger and she did not even mind treating Mika's refrigerator and kitchen as her own.

"Good morning."

She froze hearing the masculine voice greeting her. Her heart pounded so hard, it even drowning the sound of her growling stomach.

"J.... Jeremy?"

He simply smiled. Without being asked, he took a familiar mug and poured coffee into it. The familiar fragrant almost made her eyes wet.

"Jason took Mika out for breakfast. I made your favourite pancake."

Jeremy kept a hold of himself not to pull her for a morning hug and kisses. He acted like everything was normal and what it should be. He pointed at a plate of pancake and placed the coffee next to it.

"Mika is out?" It was a weak question but she needed to make sure her hearing was still alright? How else could she be alone with him even if it was clear to Mika and everyone else how uncomfortable she was around Jeremy?

How could Mika leave her alone with him?

"Dont't blame her."

She did not say a word hearing his words. She went to the sink to wash her hands and sat on the chair.

He hid a smile watching her eating her breakfast quietly. This serene and peaceful atmosphere was so long ago happened and he was glad it was here again. He sipped his coffee thoughtfully, working his brain to overdrive on how to keep her next to him forever.

Ignoring Jeremy, Ryn focussed all attention to finishing her breakfast. He had not forgotten how she loved having extra whipped cream on her pancake or the fresh strawberries on a side, in a small bowl next to the plate. Her hand reached for the red fruit and bit into it.

"Why aren't you at work?" She could no longer ignore his existence. He did not make a move when she finished her breakfast. He did not say anything when she brought the dirty dishes to the sink and cleaned them. He did not even bat an eyelid watching her change into Mika's clothes.

He just smiled watching her every move while sipping on his coffee!

"I worked late last night so I take a day off," was his simple reply.

Truthfully, if she was not here right now, he would back or even still stay at the atudio, working on the song. The phone call was a heaven sent to him, prompting him to leave everything behind just to meet her once more. He was worried too when he heard his foolish little sister brought Ryn to the club. He did not want anyone hitting on his Ryn!

"Where is my phone?"

The question almost choked Jeremy. He coughed and looked away, refused to look at her.

Ryn narrowed her eyes. What had he done to her phone?


Jeremy stood up and walked to the living room. He sat on the couch and reached for the remote control. The television was switched on.


He proceeded to switch to his favourite channel; sports channel. Luckily the game last night was replayed again.

Ryn stood in front of him, blocking his view of the show.

"What have you done to my phone?"

"Ryn, I'm watching the game."

"Give me back my phone then I let you watch the game."

He sighed heavily. Guess he could not escape from this.

"Mika took your phone. Something about buying you a new one," he was not ashamed of telling Ryn this. Ryn's phone was not the latest model nor the best. The standard was so so and the quality of the camera was bad. How could his Ryn even bear to use this was such a question. She could even buy the latest model from just one pay of her modelling work yet she did not do so.

"Mika? How could she do this to me? She should ask my permission first!"

Jeremy let Ryn groaning and complaining. He felt no remorse sending his own little sister to Ryn's bad side. It was actually him who was taking her phone away. He hated seeing her using that phone.

Even if she refused to use her money for something she found wasted or extra. During their relationship, unlike other normal relationship when girlfriend asking the boyfriend, especially when the said boyfriend was loaded, to buy so many things, all Ryn wanted just to chill in front of the television or doing their assignments together.

So now, he wanted to shower her with what she deserved and more.

The phone he ordered was the latest model. It should be arrived before she woke up.

Why wasn't it here yet?

He glanced at the clock on the wall and frowned.

"Can I borrow your phone?" Ryn finally remembered that Jeremy has a mobile phone. Sge reached out her hand and waited.

And waited.

Even after three minutes, the phone she was waiting for was not given to her.

She cocked an eyebrow. "J?"

Jeremy stood up and walked slowly toward his room.

She plopped herself on the sofa and took the small white pillow into her arms. And waoted again.

And still waiting.

How much time does Jeremy need to retrieve his mobile phone? It should not take this long.

Feeling suspicious, Ryn made her way to his room. The door was closed tight.

"Jeremy?" She knocked on the door.

No answer from him.

She frowned.

"This is not funny, Jay. I need to call Mika to get my phone back. Please open the door and lend me your phone."

Still no answer.

Her hand reached for the knob and turned it. Within seconds she groaned loudly.

Jeremy, this crazy man, locked the door of his room!

"This is not funny at all, Jay. Not funny at all."

Jeremy closed his eyes and pretended he did not hear the cry and curse coming from his love. This was the only way he could think of. Of course he would rather pulling her into his arms and showered her with kisses and his love. But he knew this was not the right time. He must be patience.


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