Tell Me Again, My Love
36 Where is my phone? 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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36 Where is my phone? 2

Ryn was groaning, grumbling and shouting as she knocked on the door of Jeremy's bedroom when she heard the bell rang. She paused. Her head turned toward the sound before turned back at the door.

"J, someone is here."

No answer from him.

She called again… and again… and again.

Still, he refused to respond.

Sighing heavily, she went to the entrance door and pushed a button on the intercom.

"Yes? How can I help you?"

"Miss Catherine? My name is Jacob Lee, Mr. Long's private assistant. May I come in?" a man asked carefully.

Ryn went back in front of Jeremy's bedroom and knocked on the door. "Do you know Jacob Lee?"

Finally. Finally, a response came from him. Slowly the door was opened and his head popped out.


"He's waiting outside."

It must be the new phone. Jeremy quickly went to the front.

Ryn followed behind.

"Jacob, wait outside," Jeremy ordered via the intercom. Then he put on his shoes and went out of the penthouse. Just as the door was closing, he turned and looked at Ryn, "Can you wait inside?"

Ryn nodded. She went back to the living room and sat on the couch. Knowing her best friend, Mika would take ages to return from her breakfast.

She switched on the television and adjusted her seat. Before long the television was watching her sleeping.


Jeremy waved for Jacob to follow him. He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms.

"Sir, I've bought the mobile phone you ordered me to. It's in silver. I've bought the memory card it too, just like what you wanted."

Jeremy took the paper bag from him. He took a box out and handed the bag back to Jacob. He checked the phone carefully.

"Good. Very good. Good job."

Jacob could only watch as Jeremy took out Ryn's phone from the pocket of his pants.

Jeremy switched the SIM card, grumbling to himself seeing the slot for the memory card was empty. He knew it. He just knew it.

"Silly Ryn."

Once he was done switching the SIM card and put the memory card, he switched it on and started to download some applications. He even connected the biller to his bank account.

Only the best for his Ryn.

"Sir, about the meeting with Mr. Kwok from Twinz Corp the day after tomorrow?" Jacob asked worriedly.

Even though Miss Mika always went to the meetings on behalf of his boss but he was worried Mr. Kwok will think they were looking down on him. Hence, he wished desperately for Mr. Jeremy to go to the meeting himself.

Jeremy seemed not to hear his question. Jacob gulped and asked again.


Jeremy sighed heavily. He knew what was in his private assistant's mind. Although Mika could do the same work as well as him, some of these men still look down on Mika's ability. If only his little sister could wear normal working attire, maybe they would not think like that.

"Fine. Send me the file and information about the meeting."

Jacob could not stop himself from grinning widely.

"Thank you, sir. Thank you. I'll send you everything once I return back to the office."

Jeremy did not even acknowledge Jacob's words. His focus was on the phone. When Jacob excused himself, Jeremy only replied with a 'hmm'.

Once he was satisfied with everything, he sent a message to Mika, ordering her to return home quickly. He wanted Mika to hand the new phone to Ryn. He knew if he was the one giving it to Ryn, he would be rejected.

Besides, he had already planted the fault onto his sister's shoulders so might as well carry it on until the end.

He entered the house carefully, making sure the bag was hidden behind him. To his relief, he found his love sleeping peacefully on the couch.

He quickly hid the bag in the shoe closet. Mika would know what to do when she saw the package.

Then, he went back to the couch where Ryn was dozing gently. His eyes gazed softly at her as if she was his queen. She was so precious to him, so vulnerable, that made him wanted to coddle her all the time.

Heck. He did not even mind if she wanted to retire for good and stay at home. He had enough money to last them forever and he could find more money just to make her be the happiest woman on earth.

He scooped her up and brought her to the guest's room. The bed was still the best place to sleep instead of the couch.


While humming, Ryn stirred the beef stew. Mika was still grumbling over their lunch menu.

"Why can't we take a take-out?" Mika whined.

"After you bought that expensive phone, you still want to talk about buying out with me?" Ryn muttered before she scooped a bit of the stew and gestured to her best friend.

Despite the grumbling and wailing, Mika could not hide her eagerness to taste Ryn's cooking. Ryn was still the best in everything she did, well, except for sports.

Ryn was so bad in sports, Mika had to lean her shoulders to cry on when they were young and Ryn failed in the qualification session.

But now it seemed like Ryn did not even care what her weakness was. She focussed on her talent and study.

"When are we going to eat? I'm hungry~"

"No longer want to eat out?"

Mika shook her head quickly. Her eyes sparkled, gluing at the stew.

"Go prepare the table. Then call the boys. Lunch is almost ready."

Mika turned into a bullet and rushed everywhere. She retrieved the cutleries instead of preparing the rice.

Ryn shook her head in bemused. Mika being Mika, still a child. Ryn lowered down the fire for the stew and went to prepare the rice. Then she made iced tea.

"Yay, lunch is ready," Mika quickly took her seat next to Ryn.

Jason and Jeremy took the seats facing them.

"Wait. Take pictures of us," Mika handed her mobile phone to Jason and quickly wrapped her arm around Ryn's shoulders. "Take one for Ryn as well. She needs a picture for her IG."

Jeremy quickly grabbed Ryn's phone before Jason could touch it. Jason looked at his friend and shook his head in bemused.

Ryn cocked an eyebrow but did not comment upon that. She simply made a pose with Mika.

Once Mika was satisfied with the photos, they began to eat.

Jeremy couldn't stop himself from grinning from ear to ear. This was what it supposed to be for all of them. One day he did not have to send her back home. She would live here together with him… as his wife.

Or maybe he should buy another house for both of them. He did not have to share Ryn with Mika.

"Jason," he called when both men were sitting at the living room while Mika already pulled Ryn into her bedroom to play around.

Jason glanced at him.

"When are you going to take Mika off me?"


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