Tell Me Again, My Love
37 A Youtube channel
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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37 A Youtube channel

"When are you going to take Mika off me?"

"Are you planning to ask Ryn to live with you?" Jason asked back.

Jeremy smiled grimly. It would be hard to make Ryn agree. It would make it harder with Mika being the gooseberry in the house.

He needed to kick Mika out of the house before he could bring Ryn in.

"Honestly I'm going to propose to her this weekend but-"

"But what?"

"Your silly sister has another plan with Ryn," Jeremy sighed heavily.

"Then just propose her tonight and bring her to your place tomorrow."

"Are you really Mika's big brother?" Jason asked, holding his laughter seeing how serious Jeremy was.

"Yes, I am."

"You're not afraid of dumping your sister to me?"

"Don't tell me your feeling toward Mika is not love," Jeremy asked back, this time coldly.

"Hey, I love her so much. You see how crazy I am with her. But I am… I guess I am taken back with your attitude toward Mika. Shouldn't a big brother be a little overprotective over his little sister?"

"Mika knows how to protect herself. I've arranged all sort of martial arts for her to learn and master so I'm not worried. You should be worried if you made her angry."

Jason laughed awkwardly. He knew first-hand about Mika's ability. Heck, he was her sparring partner of a few years and even their instructor praised her so much of being a genius.

"Anyway, I guess I have to postpone the proposal to another time. I do need your help to pull Ryn away on that time or the proposal will turn into something else," being in love with Mika made Jason knew her so much. She could ignore everything for Ryn, even him!

"Don't worry about that. I'll help you if that will make that brat out of the house quickly."


Ryn packed her bag quickly. It was late and she was so tired, she barely managed to open her eyes.

Finally the day she had been waiting for.

The show!

Although it would be held in two more days but the models would be at the hotel tomorrow for the last minute preparation. Some even had stayed there since yesterday.

Ryn could not wait to meet her fellow models and exchange the latest gossips about everyone. And maybe some would even bring her delicacies from their countries. Ryn sighed happily at the thought. And then she yawned loudly.

Argh… She was so exhausted!

What did she do today for her body to feel this tired?

She put the bag away and flung herself on the bed. Finally, time to sleep!

Even the ringing of her phone did not wake her up. She was that exhausted.

She woke up in the afternoon the next day. She quickly freshened herself up.

And the phone started to ring.

Wearing only in a towel, she grabbed her phone and looked at the display.

It was Mika!

"Hello, Mika."

"Are you hungry? I'm hungry."


"Ryn, are you there? Say something."

"Actually I'm in the middle of a shower."


"I'll call you back once I'm done."

Ryn did not wait for Mika's reply. She dropped the phone on top of her bed and continued her shower. The shampoo was getting into her eyes.

It took her fifteen minutes to be ready. She only put on her favourite sweater and pants before she called Mika back.

And it took Mika seventeen minutes to arrive at her home.

And her best friend was holding a camera when she got out of the car.

"I've decided to open a Youtube channel and this is my first video," was her explanation before she groaned, "Ryn, what are you wearing?"

"Just my usual sweater and pants. I thought you said you're hungry. Let's go."

Ryn did not think much about the social channel Mika was working on. Her stomach was drumming from hunger. She knew Mika had already chosen their next stop of food heaven.

"Can you hold this for me while I'm driving?"

"The whole way?"

"Yes, my dear. I want to record myself driving."

Sighing heavily, Ryn did what she was asked for. She tried not to shake too much. Luckily for her, Mika did not use her usual speed, mindful of the camera Ryn was holding.

"Now I know how I can make you slow down," Ryn giggled.


"When you want to record yourself for your channel, you're mindful of the law."

"Hey, I am a good citizen who obeys all the laws in the country. I am a model citizen."

Ryn snickered.


"Fine. You're a model citizen. By the way, where are we going?"

"At first I'm thinking of our usual place but there is this new hot place that serves delicious menu."

"Okay. I'm in. You're the pro in looking for delicious food. I'm just your partner-in-crime."

"Heard that, viewers? I'm a pro in this." Mika stuck her chin up proudly.

Ryn could only shake her head in bemused. Her hand was still holding onto the camera carefully, recording her best friend driving the car.

It was not long before they arrived at their destination. Unlike usual, this time Mika parked the car rather carefully, muttering to herself how she was going to edit this video and make it fabulous.

Ryn could only follow her as Mika started to describe how she found this restaurant on the internet.

"So, how is it?" Mika asked. This time she was the one holding the camera.

"Delicious. What about yours? Why don't you put the camera there so it can catch your face?" Ryn pointed at the handbag Mika put on the table.

"Good idea." Mika quickly popped the camera on top of her handbag, adjusted a bit to her like. Then, she took the first bite of her black pepper chicken noodle.

"So good~"

Ryn smiled watching her best friend enjoying the food. Just like what Mika said, the food here was delicious. No wonder so many people patronizing this place. They even had to que for a while before they could get a place to sit. So many people!

"So, are you going to change your clothes?" Mika asked once they got into the car.

"Why do I have to change my clothes?"

"To check into the hotel, duh."

"There is no reason to change into another outfit just for checking in. These are good enough. Besides, I need to check the gym once I'm checking in," Ryn explained.

"No. You must change. We are going to comment on our first view of the room. I want your reaction too."

"Oh, Mika."


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