Tell Me Again, My Love
38 Checking into the hotel
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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38 Checking into the hotel

Ryn watched carefully as the bellboy arranged their bags to the trolley. Mika had gone inside to check in and get their card. She could no longer comment when Mika proudly announced that she booked a suite for both of them and she even told the hotel to decorate it for newlywed. Shouldn't the suite be for Jason and Mika instead with her? They were not a lesbian couple!

She sipped her hot chocolate as she watched the bellboy put Mika's favourite teddy bear on top of the bags. Then, she handed the car key to the valet to park the car.


She turned to look on her right and waved back. It was Genie, one of the models that were participating in the show!

Genie quickly approached her and pointed at her dress. Ryn could only smile weakly.

"Wow, I mean.. wow. You finally look like a legit supermodel," Genie giggled.

The black sweatshirt and pants were not in sight. Instead, Ryn was wearing last season's dress designed by Mika herself, completed with black stocking and pink fascinator.

Even until now Ryn was confused about how this fascinator she was wearing in the box among the boxes in her 'designer' room. Mika was like a treasure hunter when she entered the room and started digging in.

Even Mika was wearing one of her dress. It was not a couple set with the one Ryn was wearing but when both of them stood together, it would scream the brand.

"Thank you, Supermodel Genie."

"You're welcome." Genie wrapped her hand around Ryn's arm and pulled her toward the reception.

Before they reached the reception, Mika approached them with a card in her hand.

"Miss Long," Genie greeted politely.

Who in the fashion world did not recognize Mika Long? Clothes, jewellery and rumour had whispered that she would produce her own shoes brand.

Mika cocked an eyebrow at Ryn and Ryn, in reply, mouthed Genie's name.

"Hello, Miss Genie."

Ryn giggled and wrapped her arm around Mika's waist. "Who else has come?"

"Mary and Julie are already here. They went to the museum."

"Museum. Maybe we should make a trip to a museum after checking our room."

"I'm hungry…. And sleepy…"

"No, you're not. You have to hold the camera for me. Bye, Genie. Until we meet again."

Genie could only wave as her big eyes blinked watching Mika pulling the groaning Ryn to the elevator. Seriously, the friendship between Mika and Ryn was one of a kind.

Mika pushed the button for the suite level and quickly took out her camera. She switched it on and quickly smiled.

"This is the key for our room. As you all know, my bestie here," she pointed the camera to Ryn who was already closing her eyes, leaning against the wall.

"Ryn, wake up,"

Ryn opened an eye and looked at Mika. She covered her mouth to stifle a yawn.

"Are we there yet?" she asked and at the same time, the door was opened. Ignoring Mika, Ryn just stepped out of the elevator and headed to the suite.

"I'm so sleepy," she murmured.

"I'm not sure whether I should keep filming this or not," Mika sighed but she did not stop recording Ryn's movement. Her best friend was so funny but she did not even realize it!

Ryn touched the scanner with the card and smiled happily when the door was unlocked. She quickly opened the door.

"Wait… wait…"

But Mika's cry was ignored. Ryn's attention was a suitable place for her to lie down. She found a sofa and without thinking plopping herself onto it and sighed happily. Time to sleep!


Ryn's answered was a soft snore. She ignored everything in the world.

Mika threw a small cushion pillow to Ryn but her best friend did not even react to it.

She was dead to the world.

"And this is the reason why your favourite model is also known as Sleeping Beauty," Mika sighed as she looked at the camera. Then she shrugged.

"Anyway, you still have me to show the place here. So let's go back to the door and we will restart this thing again."

She skipped toward the entrance. Even got out of the suite. Then she opened back the door and focussed the camera to the front so viewers would see what she was seeing.

"This is a suite and as you all can guess Ryn and I will share this like newlyweds as we are," Mika giggled.

She tried not to shake the camera too much. She even walked slower than she used to. She went to every room and corner, gasping and commenting along the way.

Once she was done, she went back to the couch and giggled seeing Ryn was still sleeping. What did this best friend of hers do last night?

She finally was done the filming. She threw her phone onto another couch and jumped onto Ryn.

"Wh… what?" Ryn mumbled sleepily.

"Why are you so sleepy so early?" Mika asked, pinching Ryn's cheeks playfully.

"It's not early. It's evening… late evening. Almost night," Ryn mumbled as she tried to push Mika off

"It's not time to sleep. I'm bored. Let's go have fun."

"I'm tired."

"No, you're not. You're just plain lazy. Come on. After the museum, we'll have a meal. Then tonight we'll have a massage."

"You've planned everything," Ryn grumbled and tried to turn around backing Mika but Mika turned her back.

"Ryn, go wash your face. We need to move now or we won't be able to eat at the Bunny restaurant."

"What Bunny restaurant?" Ryn finally gave in and walked toward the bathroom. She needed to wash her face. It might open up her eyes.


She yawned loudly as she walked back to Mika. It did not make her sleepy less. In fact, she could not stop yawning!

"I need coffee."

"Fine. We'll go downstairs and get Americano and Latte. Then, we'll go to the museum."

"What's wrong with sleeping now? We can always go there anytime, even after the show. Yawn~"


"Fine. Let's go."


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