Tell Me Again, My Love
39 Definition of easy and relaxing
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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39 Definition of easy and relaxing

Ryn closed the door and headed to the elevator. After all the activities with Mika, she was finally able to have time for herself. And it was time for gym session.

When she reached the gym, she saw many models were already working hard. She greeted those she knew and joined them.

"You're late," Genie teased, still running on the treadmill.

"There is a place for me here, right?" Ryn started a quick warm up before she joined Genie, running on the treadmill next to the model.

Some of the models brought their own trainers along.

Even Genie brought her own trainer.

Ryn giggled when she heard Genie's groan whenever the movement was too hard or when the trainer kept pushing her even though she was already tired.

"I wish I could see you working out like this. Let see whether you can still smiling," Genie gasped.

"No. I am not going to do that. I'll stick to the easy and relaxing exercise," Ryn replied.

"What's her definition of easy and relaxing?" Genie's trainer chuckled.

He had seen what Ryn was doing since the moment she started exercise and although there were some movements too simple, Ryn seemed to know exactly what she was doing and gradually increasing the difficulty of her exercise.

"One that can finish quickly so she can sleep early," Genie replied. Her eyes glanced at the clock on the wall. It was already late and she swore she heard Ryn yawned.

"Alright. I'm done. Good…. Yawn… workout, everyone. See you tomorrow," Ryn yawned. She used only two fingers to hold onto her water bottle.

It was time to sleep!

"How could you, Ryn!" Genie cried and wanted to follow Ryn back to her room but her trainer stopped her.

"You have an hour more to go," he reminded.

"No~ It's unfair~"

"You paid me to put you in shape for tomorrow's night. Suck it up and do it. You'll thank me later."


Ryn used another card to open the door. She saw Mika curled on the couch, talking in the phone.

"Still working in the middle of the night?" Ryn asked when Mika was finally done with her conversation.

"Like usual. You've finished with your exercise?"

"Hmm… Is there any chocolate yet?" Ryn looked at the chocolate box given by the hotel. She frowned seeing only a third left.

"Mika, how many did you eat?"

"Try to remember back how many did you eat," Mika replied back as she checked the channel in the television. "So boring and I can't sleep."

"I can. Good night." When she could not eat chocolate, better she goes to sleep.

She took a quick shower and changed into a blue pajamas.

"Why can't you wear a nightgown? I brought yours."

"Good night, Mika."

Mika pouted. She thought they could spend the night chatting and having fun tonight.


Mika yawned and rubbed her sleepy eyes when she felt the sunlight hitting her face.

Ryn turned and smiled at her sleepy best friend. "Good morning, babe. Go fresh yourself. I've ordered breakfast for us."

"Morning. You've gone jogging already?" Mika mumbled.

"Hmm… I'm hungry." She put down the remote control for the curtain and looked outside.

"Is it cold outside?" Mika wrapped herself with the blanket, still sleepy to wake up.

"Not really. Wake up. Or I'll finish all the food."

Mika pulled the blanket to cover her head.

"Mika, come on. You need to wash your face. Later I have to go for the final rehearsal."

Ryn sighed when it only made her best friend furrowed deeper into the bed. The bed was too comfortable. Even she had to push herself to wake up and go for a short run. If she had no show tonight, she would bury herself under the blanket.

Life was so unfair!

Suck it up, Ryn. Only today you have to wake up early. Tomorrow you can spend the whole day on bed sleeping.

Ryn nodded at her thought. Her eyes twinkled at the thought of able to sleep in tomorrow.

She quickly opened the door and welcomed the man pushing a trolley of food into the dining area. They even had a big dining table here!

"Mika, food is here," Ryn called after she paid the meals and sent the man outside.

She lifted the lid and clapped her hands happily. Smell so good, it made her mouth water.

"Mika, breakfast!"

Ryn waited for a minute…. And then two. When Mika still did not come out from the bedroom, Ryn groaned and went into the bedroom to pull Mika out. She could not eat alone, could she?

She could not even see Mika on the bed with the mountain of blanket covering the King sized bed.

"Mika, wake up. I thought I'm the Sleeping Beauty here, not you. Wake up," she tried to grab hold onto Mika's foot but she only caught the thick blanket. Where the heck was Mika's legs?

"Stop folding your legs like birds. Come on, let's have our breakfast."

Ryn grabbed the blanket and threw it to the floor, exposing Mika's bad posture in sleeping. Mika shivered under the icy air conditional. Her hands reached for the blanket which was already thrown carelessly on the floor.

It took Mika another five minutes to walk to the bathroom, yawning non-stop. Ryn wiped the sweat on her face, relief finally able to wake up her best friend. Her stomach was growling in hunger!

"Finally, we can eat," Ryn pulled Mika toward the dining table. She couldn't wait anymore!


Jeremy took off the glasses he wore and rubbed between his eyes. Finally, he was done with the files. He looked at the clock and found it was already morning. He only had few hours to rest before he could go to the show.

Instead of his own bedroom, he went to the guest bedroom, where Ryn slept. Her scent was almost gone but he still liked it. He lied on the bed and closed his eyes tiredly.

"Soon, my love, soon we will be together."


"Don't forget to come home early. At least three hours early."

Harry nodded. He focussed on finishing his bowl of congee and fried bread. Later he planned to have a short game of basketball after a trip to the library. He needed to return the books he borrowed for the last assignment.

"I'll buy new clothes for you to wear tonight. So get back here four hours before."

"But you said three hours just now."

"Make it five. We need to establish your position as a model. We cannot let you wear your old clothes. You must make a stand."

Harry sighed heavily. It seemed like his mother and sister were still unable to quench the excitement of him being a model. It was no big deal so why everyone was made such a big deal over it?

"My clothes are fine, mother. I can wear whatever in the closet."

"No, you cannot. You'll follow me to the boutique."

"I'm late. I'll go first. Thank you for the food." Harry quickly grabbed his bag and rushed out. He would never win against his mother so better to retreat quickly.


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