Tell Me Again, My Love
40 You are my love and my soul mate
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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40 You are my love and my soul mate

Mika was surrounded by her beauty squad when a bouquet of red and white roses. She squalled and took the bouquet with both hands.

"So beautiful, Jason."

"You look so beautiful, babe," Jason dropped a kiss on her lips.

"Thanks. You haven't trim your hair?" Mika noticed the length of his hair and frowned.

"Later I'll go. Tonight we have a show to attend. Then tomorrow I'll bring you somewhere special."

"You take a day off?"

"Hmm… We haven't spent time enough together. Next week I have to go to Singapore. Do you want to follow me?"

"I can't. Next month?"

"Babe." Jason gave a puppy look at her but she focussed back on her make-up and hair.

Mika was finally done with her hair and make-up. She stood up and adjusted the dress she was wearing. She turned her attention to her boyfriend, twitching her lips seeing his hair. Why couldn't he trim it earlier?

"Stop staring at my hair. We need to move now," Jason kissed the top of her hair, chuckling with her warning of not to disturb her hairstyle.

"I just want to disturb you even more when you said that."


"Fine. I'm just kidding. Let's go. Your Ryn is waiting for you."

"That stupid girl simply told me to sit like a good girl on my seat and not to call her backstage," Mika grumbled as they both walked into the elevator.

"She just wants to stay focus on her job, like you do in your work."

Mika watched her boyfriend calmly pushing the button for the ground floor silently. She knew she had been neglecting him lately but she couldn't control herself.

"I'm sorry." She wrapped her arms around him.


"I did not spend time enough for you since Ryn is back. Are you angry at me?"

"Should I?" Jason looked down at her, smiling seeing her face changed. He kissed her forehead.

"You are my love and my soul mate. Of course I do feel sad without you by my side but I do know you, in your heart here, you have me just side by side with Ryn." He placed a hand against her chest, against her heart. "But don't neglect me too long, okay?"

"Hmm… I love you."

"Love you too, My Little Lolita."


Ryn rubbed her growling stomach sadly. She wished she could move now so she could go to the food table just right across the room.

"Stop fidgeting," the make-up artist scolded when Ryn moved a bit.

"I'm sorry." But Ryn could not help from looking at the way of the food table longingly.

It felt like years before she was released from the chair. She adjusted the pink robe and headed purposely toward the food table. Finally it was time to eat.

"Ryn, what are you doing there?"

Ryn dropped the fried chicken and turned around.

Few girls were standing there, staring at her. Their arms on their hips.

"Err… eating?" Ryn stuttered. She tried to cover the oil around her lips.

"Stop eating. Your turn will be soon and you haven't changed into your outfit. Come on, chop chop," Genie pulled Ryn's hand while others making sure Ryn didn't take any more food along with her.

Knowing Ryn, she could even sneak in food in her bra if she had the mind to.

This Sleeping Beauty is so troublesome.

While they were pushing her toward the clothes rack, Ryn looked down and checked the slightly bulged pocket of her robe. Still there. Still safe.

She grinned to herself.

She changed into the outfit under the watch of her fellow models. Being a newcomer in the show, she only has one outfit to wear.

"And my turn is in the middle, not the first group," she grumbled to herself.

"Stop grumbling. Later you will sit with us like a good girl. No eating until your turn is done," Genie turned into the leader of the group and warned Ryn.

"I'm hungry."

"Give her salad," one of them chirped in.

"Not bunny food," Ryn gasped. Her eyes widened in horror.

"Stop complaining and eat. At least it can tied up your hunger for a while."

"I need meat. I need chocolate."

"Just eat or you want to starve?"

Ryn pursed her lips. She finally took the bowl of greens from them and chewed on it sadly.

"You're the only model I know not even bother with diet," Genie shook her head helplessly.

The others watched over their diet carefully and even spent hours training and exercising. Catherine on the other hand, just ate whatever she wanted (mostly meat and chocolate) and exercised whenever she wanted. She did not even bother to take trainer to help her keep in shape. And she slept a lot.

How on earth could she keep her shape being so lazy?

Ryn waited until they left her. Well, she waited but some of them did not even bother leaving her. They stayed right next to her, watching her carefully. How could she eat the chocolate in her pocket?

She sighed heavily.


Jeremy adjusted the lapel of his shirt. Then, he took the bouquet of fresh flowers and got out from the car. He smiled and waved at the flashing of lights from the camera. Being an artist he had to go through the red carpet before he could get into the venue. He hid his sigh and took few pictures. Then he was allowed to get in.

He looked for his seat and groaned to himself. Why of all the people here he had to sit next to his sister? Surely his sister would try to steal all of Ryn's focus… like usual.

"Why are you so late?" Mika asked once he sat on the chair.

"I need to finish the last file which you made a mistake… again."

"I didn't do anything wrong," Mika cried and quickly looked at Jason, wanting him to support her.

"Hey, no talking about work. The show will begin anytime," Jason grasped Mika's hand, patting her gently.

"Stop spoiling her," Jeremy muttered and pinched Mika's nose when she stuck her tongue out to him. "Kid."


Jason simply stroked her hair lovingly.

The light started to dim, indicating the show would be started.

Jeremy adjusted his seating and looked forward excitedly. Finally his Ryn would walk down the runway.


Harry clapped his hands politely as the models started to walk down the runway. Instead of checking the outfits of the models like what his mother was doing (honestly, why would she do that?), he stared at the way the models were walking. He needed to improve himself if he was to make this modelling thing his job.

His eyes moved from one model to another, checking and studying their walk. He knew it was different between woman and man but being new, he needed to get as many information as he could.

As he was looking and studying, his eyes widened seeing a familiar girl sashaying along the runway. His jaw dropped.


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