Tell Me Again, My Love
41 Modeling is just a job
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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41 Modeling is just a job

Ryn walked into her class, ignoring the look and whisper from everyone. She went to her seat and took out her notebook.

"This is what happened when the show was broadcasted worldwide," she murmured to herself.

She knew the reason behind the weird look and whisper. It was all because of the show two days ago.

The show was broadcasted worldwide. It was even more popular in the country because it was held here. So almost everybody watched the show that night. Hence a lot of students watched it too.

So troublesome.

"So, you've neglected to tell us you're in that show as well?"

Ryn lifted her head and looked at the girls. She sighed a bit.

"I thought you're no longer want to be my friend," Ryn muttered with a slight smile. She did not show any expression at them. To be truth, she was too lazy to even care about their opinion of her.

"Why are you so rude? Is it because you're so popular, you're looking down on us?"

Ryn sighed. Trust Irene to make it sound like she was the wrong one in here.

"Look. Modeling is just a job for me, just like you, Irene. Studying is another part of my life. I've never blended these two together and neither should you. Be professional. Then you can achieve a higher level in your career."

Irene shivered furiously. Ryn was supposed to look dejected and shameful for being left out from the group. But not only did she not look ashamed, she even dared to comment over her professionalism? How rude.

"The lecturer is coming. Go back to your seats, girls."

Ryn did not even keep what happened just now in her heart. They were still young and haven't gone into the real world. They thought everything revolves around them. Still kids.

The time flew fast and finally, the class was done. Ryn quickly packed her belongings and left.

"Is she afraid of us to run away quickly?"

Ryn waited at the bus stand, a bit worried honestly when she looked at her watch. She did not want to be late but the lecture ended a bit later than she expected to.

A car stopped right in front of her.

"I don't think we're late," Mei Li told her when Ryn got into the car.

"Hopefully there is no traffic jam. I don't want them to wait for us," Ryn pulled the seat belt.

"Don't worry. An hour more to go before the appointment time."

Ryn checked again the information about the label. If nothing went wrong, she would sign a contract with the cola company.

Ryn closed her eyes for a short nap.

When they reached the building, Ryn went to the washroom to freshen up her face. She even put on light make-up. Her hair was put into a high ponytail.

She, with Mei Li went to the office. There were four people there with one of them busy talking in the phone.

"Good evening. Sorry for being late," Mei Li took the lead and apologized to them even though they were just right on time.

"Erm… actually, you are not late at all. Welcome, Miss Catherine and Miss Mei Li. My name is Alexander Ko from Extreme Cola," a man quickly stood up and shook hand with Mei Li and Catherine.

Both thanked another man who helped to pull and push the chair for them. Ryn took the document and flipped it through while listening to the discussion between Alexander who represented the company and Mei Li.

"When will the shooting begin?" Ryn asked right after she signed the contract.

"Preferable as soon as possible. What do you think?"

Mei Li quickly flipped open the book filled with Ryn's schedule. "What about next week on the seventh?"

They quickly discussed the schedule and the vision they have for the video and photos. Then, Ryn and Mei Li excused themselves, politely decline when they invited for a meal together. Ryn had another appointment to attend.

"You can change while I fill in petrol."

Ryn took the paper bag and went to the restroom. Once she was done, she went to the convenient shop to buy mineral water.

"Today's schedule is crazy," Ryn commented when she handed a bottle to Mei Li.

"Because you have to work oversea tomorrow that we have to compile these appointments today."

Mei Li started back the engine and drove the car, heading toward the next appointment.

Ryn used the compact mirror to refresh her make-up. Being lazy, she just put on mascara and lip tint. Instead of a ponytail, she braided her hair tightly.

"What time are you picking me up tomorrow?" Ryn checked her phone for her latest schedule. Mei Li and she synchronized their Google calendar so both could add in Ryn's work. Ryn even put on her college schedule so Mei Li would not add any appointment on that day. For today's schedule, Mei Li discussed it first with Ryn and only after Ryn agreed then Mei Li added in the rest.

"Four hours before. We'd be having breakfast at the airport," Mei Li looked a bit guilty. She had not told Ryn what Mika told her. Mika wanted it to be a surprise.

This has given her a huge headache. All she could do was secretly adding the day for the assignment. Even tomorrow she would not follow Ryn there. In fact, she would stay here and continue discussing Ryn's projects and assignments.

She even planned to look for an opportunity for Ryn's to enter the acting world. She hoped Ryn would agree to it. The idea, after all, came from listening to others opinion about her potential in acting.

"We're here. Do you want me to take the lead again?" Mei Li asked as she shut down the engine.

"We'll just follow the flow. Oh my God, I'm so hungry."

"Just suck it up. This is the last one. Then I'll treat you dinner." Mei Li grabbed her handbag.

Ryn, on the other hand, did not bring anything. It would look weird if she brought along the backpack that she used for classes. It would look weird with the clothes she was wearing.

"I haven't had lunch yet."

"So it's lunner, then."

Ryn looked at her stomach sadly. Who was the one crazy enough to agree to too many works? Nowadays she was getting busier and busier, she had to cut short of her sleeping time!

No wonder she lost quite a lot of weight.


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