Tell Me Again, My Love
42 Getting sick of Mika“s attitude
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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42 Getting sick of Mika“s attitude

Ryn switched off the laptop and sighed heavily. Finally, she was done with her assignment and submitted it too via e-mail to the lecturer. Luckily for her, most of the assignments required her to submit online. She did not have to print and submit them in class. The notes were provided online too so when she went to class, she only needed to add some additional notes to make it easier to understand the subject.

She closed her eyes, resting her head on her arms. Maybe ten minutes nap would make her feel more alive.

She needed to prepare for the flight tomorrow!

Just a few minutes later she woke up and made a short stretching. She couldn't put it down any longer. The flight was early in the morning and she needed to wake up early to go to the airport.

She took out her bag and started to pick and choose clothes to bring along. As this was a work trip, she only brought clothes comfortable enough for her to move from one place to another, even extra socks just in case it was cold there. She was not worried about dresses or heels. Too troublesome for her to walk in heels when she could simply skip happily with her sneakers. For food, the brand usually feeds her or if she was too hungry, she would go find street food near the hotel. No need to waste money to eat in a fancy restaurant.

She was just finished packing when her phone rang. It was Mika. She twitched her lips but still answered the call. What would Mika want now?

"Hello, Mika."

"Ryn, I'm outside. Open the door. It's freezing."

She quickly looked out the window and sighed.

Mika was outside and why were there pink stuffs peeking through the gate?

Ryn went outside and was taken back seeing few bags near Mika's feet. Still, she unlocked the gate.

"I can't believe how cold the night is nowadays. I need hot cocoa," Mika cried and rushed into the house, leaving all her bags outside.

Wordlessly, Ryn brought in the bags. It took her several trips just to bring everything inside.

"Mika, where is your car?" Ryn finally noticed something was missing when she saw her best friend sipping the hot cocoa happily.

"I didn't drive. I asked the driver to send me here."

"Err… why?"

"Because I don't want to leave my car at the airport."

Ryn frowned.

"Are you going somewhere?"

"I have a business meeting and I heard you have a job there. So I think why not we both go together. Then we'll take a few days off for a short vacation. I've already booked everything."

"Does Mei Li know about this?"

"Of course."

Ryn pursed her lips and walked to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took out a chocolate bar.

"Are you angry?" Mika asked worriedly when she saw how quiet Ryn was eating the chocolate.

"Should I or shouldn't I?"

"Ryn~" Mika quickly hugged Ryn, making a puppy look.

"Why do you always make decisions without discussing with me first?"

"Am I wrong? I'm sorry. But I just want to spend more time with you."

Ryn closed her eyes and sighed heavily. Shouldn't she be used with this?

But she was getting tired of this.

"This time is the last time. Next time discuss with me first, not with Mei Li… or our friendship is through."

Mika's eyes widened. They began to get wet. Their friendship was on the risk of ending? Ryn would break up with her?

"No… no… don't break up with me~"

"I am not a doll for you to decide in my life."

"I'm sorry~"

Ryn rubbed between her brows and sighed heavily. Shouldn't she get used with this childish girl?

"Are you hungry? Do you want me to make you instant noodle?"

"Instant noodle?" Mika glanced at the clock. It was already late and Ryn wanted to eat? "You… you haven't had your dinner yet?"

"Anger makes me hungry," was Ryn's reply as she opened the cabinet to take out 2 packages of instant noodle.

Mika twirled her hair nervously. She was getting worried and scared again. Ryn was still angry at her?

"Do you want me to make hot cocoa?" Mika choked out, trying hard to control her emotion.

Ryn put the pot filled with water on the stove and looked at her. "Just go wait at the living room. I'll call you once it's done."

Mika still wanted to stay there but Ryn was firm. She was pushed out of the kitchen. She stood there at the entry and gave her puppy eyes again. However, this time she was ignored. Ryn turned her attention to making the instant noodle. She even fried some chicken nuggets and fried eggs.

Mika sat on the chair quietly, watching Ryn arranging one after another bowl and plates. Her eyes widened seeing chopped chilies in her bowl of instant noodle. Was this her punishment? Ryn was so scary~

Ryn took her seat and pulled her bowl of noodle closer. Without a word, she started to bury herself with the food. She did not even look at Mika nor speak a word. Clearly, she was still not happy with Mika.

Sob… Sob…


Ryn blew a spoonful of broth and brought the spoon to Mika.

"Ryn~" Mika cried once she swallowed the broth. She opened her arms and tried to hug Ryn.

"Eat your food before they turn cold. Later I want to hear what you have planned for me."

"Can't we talk while eating?"

"Do you want me to lose my appetite?" Ryn cocked an eyebrow.

Mika lowered down her head and tried not to burst into another cry. How could Ryn be so mean?

When they were done eating, again Ryn kicked Mika out of the kitchen. Mika, on the brink of heartbreak, started to pace around the living room worriedly. Would she lose her best friend again?

"Ryn, I'm sorry. I will not do this ever again. Will you forgive me? Don't leave me~"


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