Tell Me Again, My Love
44 You“ve stopped filming?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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44 You“ve stopped filming?

"Good morning, everyone. Actually it is still dark outside but whatever. Today is the first day, first morning, and both of us have a very busy day today," Mika said cheerfully at the camera.

"Oh my God," Ryn groaned but was ignored by her best friend.

"Right now Ryn and I are having our breakfast, early breakfast actually. Later, both of us are going to our respectively destination… oh no, actually I will accompany her for her photo shoot before I have to go for a meeting. "Mika gave a serious look, "Being a successful businesswoman is not easy."

Ryn simply cut her sausage silently. They only had few hours sleeping before she had to go for her work commitment. When she was getting ready for breakfast, Mika mumbled about want to have breakfast in the room because she was having a huge headache. Hence, here they were, sitting at the dining table having breakfast, just the two of them…. And a Go Pro.

"These are what we are having. Of course what Ryn is having is not what a model usually eats before any show and photo shoot."

"I eat whatever I want. Besides, I deserve to eat what I want with all the exercises I do every day," Ryn muttered.

"Don't compare her exercises with other models," Mika told the camera seriously and groaned when Ryn threw a napkin to her. "Anyway, just bear in mind, Ryn is not your usual model. She's a lazy model."

"Yeah, I'm lazy. I'm so sorry for all the make-up artists, photographers and directors who sometimes need to wake me up. I'm sorry." Then Ryn ruined it with a huge scoop of scrambled eggs.

"Just ignore her." Mika rolled her eyes. Then, she focussed on the bowl of smoothies and some fruits. "This is what I am having today. I might eat more but right now this is what I want. I am still jet-legged and that monster should be the same but," she focussed back the camera to her, "She doesn't even show any sign of anything. That is why she is such a good model and why I quickly grab her as my spokesperson. She's a chameleon. A good chameleon."

"The gene thanks to my parents." Ryn finally finished her breakfast, she stood up and went to grab her backpack. "I've taken out your make-ups."

Mika quickly ended the recording and went to Ryn. Ryn was already putting on her bomber jacket and cap.

"Wait, I haven't finished yet my breakfast."

"I have to move now or I'll be late."

"Your late is an hour before the calling time," Mika wailed sadly seeing how cold-hearted her best friend was.

"A model must come early for any shoot or show. It's a basic… Eh, you've stopped filming?" Ryn blinked her eyes seeing her best friend came empty-handed. She thought Mika was still recording for her Youtube Channel.

"I haven't finished my breakfast yet."

"Why do you want to follow me? You can continue your sleeping while I go to work. I'll give you a call to wake you up for your meeting."

"But I want to follow you~"

Ryn rubbed Mika's head, "You are tired. Go back to sleep. I'll call you for your meeting, okay? Now, be a good girl and go back to bed."

Mika gave her most puppies eyes but it only made Ryn giggled and patted Mika's head.

"Be a good girl, okay?"

Mika pursed her lips sulkily. She could only wave sadly as Ryn walked toward the door, leaving her alone.

"How I wish Jason is here," she murmured sadly, suddenly missing her boyfriend.


Ryn bent down and scooped some water in her hands. She glanced at the camera and smiled. Then, as if she was being a mischievous child, she splashed a bit of the water toward the camera, giggling happily. She quickly ran, letting the wind caressing her long hair and dress. The man behind quickly followed, holding onto the camera carefully as few men pushed him.

"And cut. Next scene," the director shouted happily.

Ryn stopped her running and returned back to them. She accepted the towel from one of the assistants but her focus was on the monitor. She wanted to see how she did just now and whether she could improve it.

"Maybe if I…"

"You can improvise for the next scene. After this we can stop. Tomorrow we'll continue," the director cut her words. He glanced at the sun and frowned a bit. "I wish Fiona didn't make a lot of NGs just now or we can finish this today."

Ryn pursed her lips. She glanced at a group of people gathering not far from them. Apart from her, there were two more models in this assignment. Three of them came from different countries and her being the so-called 'junior'. She tried to make friends with them but none actually took her hands, only looking at her up and down before continued talking and snickering.

Ryn simply shrugged it off. She tried but they refused. So what else could she do?

Well, actually all she could do was giving her best for the shooting. Fiona started her scenes first. Ryn was quite interested to see how a supermodel acting in a commercial but to her disappointment, it took them almost half day just to film a scene barely acceptable for the director. Ryn was quite worried too seeing how serious and perfectionist this man was, even worst than Jack. She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to ease the shiver at the thought of Jack. So scary.

Fiona was supposed to run and play around at the garden. She was supposed to cite five lines (compared to Ryn who only need to say one sentence) but she kept mispronouncing or forgetting the words. Or when she spoke, her expression was not the one the director wanted. Hence the long hour retaking the same scene over and over again.

Ryn made used of the time to catch her nap. When she was awakened, Theresa was glaring at her while Fiona was drinking a bottle of mineral water. As she stood up to get to the place, she heard Theresa murmured to Fiona, "Empty-headed fool."

Ryn did not say a word. She gripped her hands as the laughter from those two sending her to the director. She closed her eyes to gather her emotion. When she opened them back, she was no longer a sleepy head but a real model, soon to be a supermodel. She listened carefully to the director's instruction then had her make-up touched up. She closed her eyes again and this time when she opened them back, she turned into a happy-go-lucky and mischievous girl, flirting with the camera.

It took her one takes to complete the scene. Everyone seemed so happy and she was satisfied, although she did wish she could take it again to improvise just the way she scooped the water. Maybe a little bent toward the left could make it look more radiant?

"Stop giving me that look. I like how you did it. Now we can continue to the next one. Theresa, come here."

Theresa was taken back. She was too engrossed with sharing gossips with Fiona, she did not even notice the novice has finished her part. Or maybe it was too bad, the director would only use both of them. She smiled at her thought. Why would they choose a newcomer for this brand when they had Fiona and her?

"Can I leave now?" Ryn asked. She was still jet-legged and had too much coffee, courtesy from the staff there.

"Fine. Remember to come early tomorrow," the director reminded with a tender smile. He was happy with Ryn's work today.

Then, he looked at Theresa and his expression changed into a serious one. "Only one take or you're out. We are losing the light," he pointed at the sky.

Theresa blinked her eyes at him. One take? Was he crazy?


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