Tell Me Again, My Love
45 Sleeping the whole time!
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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45 Sleeping the whole time!

"I don't understand why it takes you a long time to return. All my plans are ruined," Mika wailed once she managed to corner Ryn.

"I come here to work, Mika, not to play. I didn't ask you to tag along, did I?" maybe the exhaustion made Ryn's temper flared. Her headache was getting worst the moment Mika cried loudly. Couldn't this silly girl just stop being such a kid?

"I've been waiting for you. We're supposed to go sight-seeing today," ignoring the temper, Mika continued sobbing. She had even checked every single interesting places in the websites. She lost quite long hours just to read the reviews and planned which place to go and what should they order if it was a restaurant or café. Imagine her disappointment when Ryn still did not return even during lunch. What happened there at the shooting place?

Ryn rubbed the space between her brows. Somehow he had to pacify this silly girl or she would not be allowed to rest!

"I thought we're here for five days. My work will be completed tomorrow. We still have three days to spend here, right?"

Mika pursed her lips sulkily.

Ryn pulled the sulking girl in her arms. "Stop being such a baby, Mika. I'll play with you once my work is done."

Mika followed Ryn into the bedroom. She watched as Ryn took off the jacket she was wearing before jumped onto the bed. "Aren't you going to fresh yourself first?"

"I'm too exhausted," Ryn murmured tiredly.

Mika quickly went to the nightstand and unzipped a black round box. She took out a packet of face wipe and went back to Ryn. Carefully she started to wipe the make-up on Ryn's face.

"Don't do it…" Ryn tried to shake Mika's hand off her face but Mika was determined. Nothing could stop her protecting Ryn's face.

"You just continue your sleep and leave me keeping your face clean and moisturized."

Ryn murmured something sleepily and tried to turn her body backing Mika but her best friend had turned into a big monster despite her petite size. She grabbed hold of Ryn's face in one hand and with another hand started to wipe the make-up off. Ryn had already took off the fake eyelashes so what left was to clean the makeup and then cleanse it.

Luckily Mika brought a lot of things in this trip. If she copied what Ryn brought for a trip outside the country, she would cry buckets of tears. Ryn did not even bother to bring any beauty product except for face wash and sun block. Of course she would also bring along a lip balm but it was because the lip balm was in the backpack.

Once she was satisfied that Ryn's face was cleaned enough. She used toner and then, with eyes shining like stars, she placed a face mask on Ryn's face. Ryn would thank her tomorrow, she had no doubt of it.

She kept back the rest of the things and went back to the bed. Instead of lying next to the sleeping Ryn, she did not do it but instead looking at her best friend's sleeping face.

"How long are you going to be stubborn, Ryn? Is it enough time for you to be sulking?" she was sad seeing how there was no improvement between her stupid brother and her best friend. They were so in love and she knew deep inside Ryn still had feeling toward Jeremy.

Her phone rang.

She looked at the sender and sighed a bit.

She quickly typed a reply and sent it back. The work never ended even though she was across the globe. Why couldn't those silly managers take responsibility and do their job correctly. Why do they need her to decide every single thing? As long as it brings profit and doesn't go against the law, just go for it.

Mika went to sit on the sofa and sighed heavily. Would it be alright if she leave these two alone? Somehow she had the feeling that someone else would steal Ryn away if Jeremy did not do anything. Well, for him not to do anymore idiotic things.

How she wished Jeremy was not that egoistic.

If only Jeremy quickly went back to Ryn when the misunderstanding happened and asked her gently, they would not even break up.

Idiots. Both of them. Idiots!

And she would not have this headache every single day worrying about Ryn would not be hers. Ryn was hers.


The next day…

Ryn crossed her arms as she, and the rest of the crews, were waiting for the two models. The calling time had passed half an hour ago but the two women had not arrived yet. They tried to call the women's manager but failed.

"I bet we have to wait another hour before they arrive," one of the assistants groaned.

"And they're the one making us returning home late last night," another one complained.

Instead of only one take, Theresa took almost two hours just to complete one scene. Even her fellow model and friend, left when she could not stand of waiting anymore. The director was so pissed, he did not even filter his words and scolded Theresa.

It was such a long and tiring day for every one of them.

They looked at the third model, Ryn, who was sitting quietly on her chair. She did not even complain or comment about anything. She just sat one the chair quietly after she put on the dress and did the make-up and hairstyle.

Then their jaw dropped in shock.

Ryn was actually sleeping the whole time!

This was the first time they were working with Ryn so they had no clue about her nickname among the modelling world. They were surprised seeing how Ryn could sit still without moving with her arms around her chest and snore gently.

So unbelievable!

One of them could not control herself and tapped Ryn's shoulder.

"Are we ready?" Ryn stood up and asked. Then she realized everyone was looking at her weirdly.

"What's wrong? Is something wrong? Did I drool and ruin the make-up?"

They had no idea how to reply. How could they? Ryn did not even look like she was sleeping just now. She looked bright eye as if she was awake the whole time!

"Director, are we starting now?" Ryn asked cheerfully.

Even the director was taken back by her. He could only blink his eyes at her.

"Eh?" Ryn gave them a puzzled look.


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