Tell Me Again, My Love
46 Definition of fancy
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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46 Definition of fancy

Mika took out clothes from the wardrobe and arranged them on the bed. Ryn promised to have dinner outside and she had already chose which restaurant they would go.

"So happy~" she could not stop from squealing and spinning around the room.

The theme for tonight would be romantic princess. Luckily she brought a lot of dresses to choose from. One for her and one for Ryn.

It took her almost an hour just to pick the dress. She quickly hung them at the door of the wardrobe. Then she chose the make-up palate to suit the theme.

Once she was done, she checked on her phone. She could not stop from checking the messages whether she liked it or not. Her work was never ending and she needed to ensure her business did not get affected even with her with her lovable Ryn.

There was an update from the jewellery team and the clothes team. She put them aside first to focus on the project her brother entrusted her to.

The meeting yesterday was not that successful. She was not satisfied with the proposal Mr. Eric Lee presented yesterday. There was a lot of things she did not like. Something smelled fishy somewhere.

She sent a report to her brother. Informing him about her uneasiness regarding the proposal. Then, finally, she turned her attention to her own interest; fashion and jewellery.

Her eyes glowed at the sight of the latest jewellery design's development. Her team really could work even without her. They followed the schedule. Good. Very good.

She made a few phone calls to praise her team as well as adding more instructions.

Sigh. Being a beautiful and successful businesswoman was so tiring.


"And cut. It's a wrap, people!"

Everyone cheered happily.

Ryn quickly took the towel given by the assistant. Luckily the shooting was done or Mika would be crying again if she got back home late.

Ryn changed into her green top and jeans, ready to go back to the hotel.

"Ryn, do you have any plan today? Why don't we have drink together?"

Ryn paused and looked at the group. She pursed her lips thoughtfully and nodded. This was another way for her to networking with people in the modelling world. Of course she would not waste the chance to create more chance for her.

And of course she would not tell Mei Li. Mei Li would get more assignments for her. It was not because Mei Li being greedy or materialistic but it was because she wanted everyone to see her.

Weird reason but when Ryn asked for more explanation, Mei Li could not give it.

The one-off job now had become almost a full-time job.

Whatever. At least these assignments did not interfere with her study. That was the only condition she has.

The small group of crew and Ryn went to the nearest café. They chose what they want and without a word, Ryn quickly paid for it. They thanked her, did not even expect her to pay the bill. They invited her because she treated them good and she was easy to work with. She also took only one take for her part, which made it easier for them.

Ryn spent about an hour with them before she bade goodbye. She quickly took a cab to return back to the hotel. Mika must be worried when she had not arrive yet. She did send a message but knowing Mika, this best friend of hers must be waiting.

"Ryn, you're back!"

Ryn was engulfed into a hug when she entered the suite. She gasped in shock before she hugged Mika back. True to her thought, Mika was waiting for her.

"Yes, I am. Hush, stop hugging me too tightly," Ryn laughed. She patted Mika's back and pulled the silly girl to the sofa.

"Are you tired?"

"Hmm… hmm…" Ryn leaned her back onto the sofa and closed her eyes tiredly.

"So are we going to cancel our dinner tonight?" Mika's face fell. She was so excited with their dinner plan tonight. But seeing how exhausted Ryn was, she did not have the heart to force Ryn for their date.

"Can you give me just twenty minutes to sleep? We'll go after this," Ryn promised with her eyes close tight.

Mika's face lightened. She quickly coaxed Ryn to sleep on the bed, even pulling the blanket to make her best friend's sleep even comfortable.

She quickly went into the bathroom to have a quick shower. Her make-up routine would take a long time so she made do with the shower routine cut short. She did not mind unable to spend hours in the tub. As long as she could go out and spend time with Ryn, she felt happy enough.

When she was done with her make-up, it was already 30 minutes. She glanced at the sleeping Ryn and made up her mind. She arranged the items needed to make-up Ryn, even the clothes.

Then, she waited next to Ryn. Half an hour was enough for Ryn to gather back her strength, right?

Soon enough Ryn woke up on her own. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. Unconsciously she smiled seeing her best friend.


"You're awakened? Are you ready for dinner?"

"Hmm… is it time for dinner?" Ryn stood up and stretched her arms. She felt better after the short nap. Short sleep is really the best medicine.

It took her no time to freshen herself and put on the dress Mika chose. Then, she sat on the chair quietly and let Mika did her magic.

"Where are we going for dinner? Is it fancy?"

"Not really. From I read, it's just a 2 Michelin star restaurant." Mika checked her make-up and grabbed her purse.

"Your definition of fancy and mine are totally different," Ryn shook her head in bemused.

"Is it?"

Ryn did not explain. What was the point, anyway? Both of them were clearly from two different worlds. It was fate that leaded them to their friendship.

They took a cab and Mika told the location to the taxi driver. Then she snuggled closer to Ryn happily.


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