Tell Me Again, My Love
47 A proposal
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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47 A proposal

Ryn rang the bell and waited. It took only a minute before Mika opened the door and pulled her inside.

"Why do you want me to come here quickly?" Ryn asked. She walked to the sofa and quickly laid her body on it.

The penthouse where Mika and Jeremy live has three floors with the top floor has pool, Jacuzzi and a BBQ place. The third floor has three rooms. The master bedroom – Jeremy's – the second bedroom – Mika - and the last room for guest. Ryn spent the night that day at the guest room. The second floor has gym, office where the siblings or mostly Jeremy used, and studio where Jeremy spent hours creating songs. The first floor, where the main entrance was, only has living room and kitchen.

"Is it important until you can't even talk in the phone?" she asked again.

"Of course. Do you want orange juice?" Mika skipped to the kitchen.

"Sure." Ryn was already patting the small cushion and laid her head on it comfortably. She closed her eyes and let out a yawn. She just got back from class and Mika, being so impatient, urged her to come quickly.

In just mere seconds, Ryn fell asleep.

Mika smiled seeing how peaceful Ryn look. She put the glass of juice on the coffee table. Then she went to the office to get the proposal and a box.

She brought them to the coffee table and put it there. The orange juice she moved to the kitchen's island.

No. She changed her mind. She put the glass in the refrigerator to chill.

It took Ryn just fifteen minutes for her to wake up from her nap. She stretched her arms and looked around. Then she smiled.

"Are you awakened?" Mika asked, bringing the orange juice for Ryn and herself.

"Hmm… yes." Ryn sipped the juice slowly as her eyes looked at the box.

"Go wash your face first, then we'll talk business." Mika only took a sip of her juice and put it back on the table. She was too excited to finish her drink. She did not want to pee while discussing with Ryn.

When Ryn went back from the bathroom, Mika had arranged everything on the table neatly. The box was empty. The proposal was placed next to the items.

Ryn cocked an eyebrow.

"Why don't you read this first?" Mika handed the proposal to Ryn.

Still her brow raised up questioningly, Ryn took the document and started to read it page by page rather quickly. Then, she stopped, her eyes widened. She turned back to the first page and read it slowly, thoroughly.

Mika crossed her arms and waited. A smile curled on her lips. Her excitement sparkled in her eyes.

"Mi… Mika? This… this?"

"What do you think? Interesting, right? A new challenge, right?"

Ryn gulped. She was still shocked with what she just read.

"Look at these. What do you think?" Mika showed the small containers. "Of course these are just the first testers. We are going to develop them into the perfect shade and creaminess. Of course we are going to use the latest technologies and the best ingredients."

Ryn slowly took a small container and looked at it. She used a small spatula to scrap a bit of the creamy cream. She rubbed it against her fingers. Then she rubbed it on her lips.

"How long have you been working on this? And are you sure about your idea of making me your… partner?"

"Ryn, my sweet silly Ryn. Although I am a beautiful and talented businesswoman but you are the real pro in beauty world. You are used with make-up and you know which product suits you and even me. Our skin type is different but you know which one is the best for each of us. It's a talent. Why shouldn't I make use of it?"

"But as a partner?"

"How long can you be a model? Even after graduated, will you be able to get a job that can cater to your crazy modelling schedule?"

Ryn pursed her lips a bit.

"You haven't even planned to stop your modelling deal, right? But at the same time you do not want to waste your degree, right?"

Ryn chewed her lower lip listening to Mika's question. Only Mika could understand her.

"Partnering with me not only help me in this new adventure but it will not waste your degree. Once you are done with your study, you can just get into the office and focus on this line while at the same time doing your job as a model. Isn't it the best solution?"

Ryn was speechless.

"Why did she feel like she was dealing with the business side of Mika? The Lolita of Mika?

Mika grinned. She showed a few more containers.

"Our first product will be a lips-tint. Next week we'll go to the lab so you can see what we actually are working on, okay?"

"I haven't agreed yet, Mika," Ryn said slowly.

Mika's face changed.


Ryn smiled. Her best friend looked so cute when she cried like that. Ryn put down the container and took the proposal back. She flipped until it opened to the page she wanted.

"How do you know I have this much for my part?"

Mika looked at the said page and smiled back.

"Of course I know. I've asked Mei Li your average pay for each project and how many you've done this year. And I also know you haven't spent much from your past modelling job, being stingy as you are."

"Hey, I am not stingy. It is more like I am good with saving money and spend modestly." Ryn paused. "You know how much I earn?"

"Is it wrong for me to ask? I just want to ensure we can have a balanced partnership." Mika started to wring her hands worriedly.

Ryn sighed. She pulled Mika into her arms and patted her back comfortingly.

"It's okay. You are just thinking about me. I bet you are worried about my future."

"Really? You are not mad at me?"

"Should I?"



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