Tell Me Again, My Love
48 I“m all ears
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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48 I“m all ears

"Another day. Another class." Ryn pushed the blanket off her and walked into the bathroom.

It took her only fifteen minutes before she returned and put on her usual 'uniform'; a random shirt and a pair of jeans. Her hair was pulled into a neat ponytail and covered with a cap.

She just layered a thin moisturiser and sunblock with her lips only a triple layer of lip balm. Then she rushed to the kitchen with her stomach grumbling in hunger.

"Forgot again to buy grocery," she grumbled when nothing was inside the freezer, not even her most hateful food; the rabbit's food. Her eyes looked around the kitchen, hoping something popped like magic for her to eat.


All she could find was cereal. Just cereal.

She cried dry tears.

While she was feeling sorry for herself, her phone rang. Automatically she answered it even though the name on the screen was 'Jason'.


"Can I see you?"


"Today… but without Mika's knowledge."

Ryn looked at her grumbling stomach, making up her mind, "Will you treat me breakfast?"

"Breakfast? Of course. It's a piece of cake."

Ryn pursed her lips when she heard the 'piece of cake' from him. Really, couldn't he find another expression?

"Thank you for coming," Jason stood up and pulled a chair for Ryn like a gentleman he was.

"Can I order now?" Ryn quickly grabbed the menu and looked at the items. "Fried rice with sunny side up egg. Extra spicy, please. Beef stew. Coffee."

Jason and the waiter blinked at her.

"Yes?" Ryn gave them a puzzle look.

"Erm… Madam, the food you just ordered started at 3.00 p.m." the waiter choked out.

"3.00 p.m.?" Ryn finally saw the numbers written on top of the list. She sighed and looked again.

She was so hungry, she just wanted to eat something heavy.

"Do you want the same food as mine?" Jason asked slowly, seeing Ryn's face turned red and her eyes narrowed.

"Red bean fried bread, chicken fried bread, chicken porridge, this cinnamon fried bread, half-boiled eggs."

Again Jason and the waiter blinked at her.

"… and coffee. That's all. Can you make it quickly? I'm starving." Ryn finally closed the menu and looked at the waiter.

"Alright, what do you want to talk about?" Ryn asked once the waiter left to process her order.

"Has Mika being disturbing you?" Jason started.

"Not really. I'm used with her."

"Ryn, I am not going to tell you what happened during your disappearance. I just wish it won't happen again. Jeremy and I… we were at fault at that time."

Ryn didn't say a word. She just looked at Jason, waiting for the real reason behind the invitation.

"Mika… she's still scared of losing you. She tried not to show it but…"

"What does the doctor say? Has she improved?" Ryn knew Mika was still under the observation of the doctor. Jason was the one who accompany her. Ryn never had the chance to do so even though she did ask Mika. Mika simply smiled at her request and told her it's alright, Jason will be there with her during her session.

"She's getting better. She's no longer under medication."

"That's good to hear." She smiled at the waiter bringing a tray full of food.

"I think that Youtube thing is a good therapy for her."

Ryn finished a plate of bread and pulled the porridge closer.

Jason paused and watched the bowl getting empty. He sighed and rubbed his temple. "You really are hungry, aren't you?"

Ryn nodded. "I have a class after this. That's why I need to finish everything quickly. You can continue talking. I'm all ears."

Jason couldn't find a word to say. He was speechless.

No wonder Ryn and Mike were such best friends.


Jason coughed to clear his throat. Then he opened back his mouth. Only to close it back.


Two days later…

Ryn adjusted the cap on her head and checked her appearance. Once she was happy, she got out of the bathroom and looked for Mika.

"Why do you suddenly want to go shopping? I thought you hate shopping," Mika asked, twirling her hair unconsciously.

Early morning Ryn came to the office and told her to clear her schedule for the first half of morning. Mika, never missed the chance to play around with Ryn, quickly agreed. She told her assistant to push all the meetings she had this morning to another time or assign someone else to attend it.

They took Mika's pink Bentley to the largest shopping mall in the country. Instead of looking for parking space, Mika handed the car key to the valet and pulled Ryn into the building happily.

First stop was a cafe. Mika chose an avocado chocolate drink while Ryn chose a small plate of fruits salad and hot chocolate. The brought the things they ordered to an empty table.

"So, what's with the surprised visit?" Mika asked once she was done taking pictures of their food and drink.

"Can't I visit my best friend at work?" Ryn asked back, giving a poker face.

"Of course you can. I can always bring you to your office. By the way, when will you start your industrial training?"

"I'll tell you once I need to find a place for the training." Ryn refused to tell anyone when her last semester would start. Mei Li because this manager of hers would start piling more jobs. Mika on the other hand, because she would start planning so many activities and vacations without asking her first. Better do not inform them.

Besides, after today, she had no doubt her best friend would have time to remember her.


Ryn patted Mika's head and laughed seeing her whine. She glanced at her watch, checking the time.

"Are you busy?" Mika noticed how frequent Ryn was looking at the watch. At first she wanted to ignore it. But now she was worried she was disturbing Ryn with her work.

"Huh? No… no. It's just I'm waiting for Mei Li's response over the latest project. You know her, right?"

Mika didn't question the excuse. She knew how busy a model as popular as Ryn was. In face from her face, Mika knew Ryn had not enough sleep. Those eyebags. Mika felt like crying seeing how pale Ryn looked lately. How could Ryn stand being busy like this?

"So, what do you want to see first? Shoes? Dresses? Hats?"

"Bags? Let's go to LV."

They finished off the meal and went to the escalator. Ryn glanced again at her watch and pursed her lips slightly. Mika who was bubbling happily did not notice it this time.


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