Tell Me Again, My Love
49 Will you marry me?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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49 Will you marry me?

When they walked out from LV, both were holding bags. Ryn first did not want to buy anything but Mika insisted for them to have the same purse. And Mika paid for them.

"Where next?" Mika asked, couldn't stop from grinning from ear to ear. Shopping was the best remedy.

She loved shopping, especially with Ryn.

"Pedicure and manicure? You always love a pedi and mani session," Ryn suggested after she glanced at her watch. Not yet. They still needed to wait for more.

"I want. I want. I want. Look at my nails. I need new colours."

"What new colour? You'll choose either pink or pink or… oh, yes, pink." Ryn pointed out dryly.

"Even pink has a lot of options. Besides, as a model, you do need to take care of your nails too."

"Yes, yes. I understand, Mom," Ryn teased. She pinched Mika's cheek playfully.

They finally arrived at a nail saloon while teasing and giggling. The saloon was a frequent place for Mika and they all recognized her as one of their most important patrons. They quickly welcomed both Mika and Ryn in and even provided hot tea and a plate of macaroons.

"What colour do you want for your nails?" Mika asked while watching Ryn selecting the options. She had already chosen what she wanted; pearly pink with a hint of white. For her feet, she chose darker pink.

Ryn finally chose cream colour for her fingers but no colour for her feet. Once she was done, she sat next to Mika on the comfortable chair and let the girls doing the manicure and pedicure. She closed her eyes and stole some moments for a quick nap.

Mika, already knew what Ryn was doing without looking at her, simply smiled and closed her eyes. She wanted to rest as well.

"Where are we going next?" Mika asked as they walked out from the nail saloon.

Ryn looked down at her phone. Finally, the message she was waiting for.


"Let's go watch movie. I heard there is a new movie that might will become your favourite."

"My favourite?" Mika's eyes lit up.

"You won't even forget this film for the rest of your life," Ryn said without thinking.

It made Mika paused. She won't forget this movie for the rest of her life?


"Let's go. Let's go. Or we will miss the movie," not wanting to answer questions, Ryn pulled Mika to walk quicker. Her heart was pounding hard. Hope nothing would go against the plan.

"I'll buy the tickets while you buy the food. I want caramel popcorn and cola." She pushed Mika toward the people queuing for food. Before Mika could ask her, she quickly rushed toward the que for movie ticket.

She kept checking the message, confirming everything was according to plan. When she reached the counter, she showed the message sent by Jason. The girl at the counter nodded and handed her two tickets.

"The movie will start once you give the signal," the girl told her with a wink.

Ryn thanked her and went to Mika who was still waiting for her turn. Ryn showed the tickets, purposely hiding the title of it. She pointed at the big LCD display.

"It's seating time. Hurry."

"Just one more," Mika quickly went to the available counter to order the food. She could not wait to watch the movie with her best friend.

Ryn helped to bring the big box of popcorn while Mika brought the drinks. She scanned the tickets at the entrance and led Mika to the hall. It felt weird when they were the only two entering the hall.

"I need to go to the ladies," Ryn said once they found their seat.

"I'll go with you," Mika stood up as well.

"No need. It's not even far. You stay here and watch over our food."

Ryn quickly walked out of the hall. She met up with Jason and Jeremy. Jason was looking quite nervous. He kept pulling his collar.

"Calm down. She's inside," Ryn told him.

Jason took a deep breath and walked into the hall. He stopped and turned to look at them. "The ring. I can't find the ring."

"The ring is with me. Just follow the plan. Go inside. We'll follow behind," Jeremy hissed. The video would start any minute and Jason must be there when Mika saw it.

Finally, just finally, they managed to make Jason into the hall. Jeremy and Ryn took their respective seats, just behind the couple. Ryn was holding a bucket of pink rose petals while Jeremy was holding a bouquet of red and pink roses and the velvet box containing the engagement ring.

There were even a few people inside the hall recording the event from all sides discreetly. Mika did not even notice them, too engrossed with eating popcorn while watching the advertisements. It was fun watching how companies using creativity to promote their products.

Hence, the 'innocent' Mika simply thought Ryn was the one sitting next to her after the 'toilet break' and simply handed the popcorn carton to 'her'. When she felt 'Ryn' took a handful of popcorn, she brought the carton to her and enjoyed them.

Mika adjusted her seat. Her eyes shone brightly. The advertisements were finally over and now the movie would finally start.

"I know this," she blurted out when she saw the first picture. Then she blinked… and blinked again. "Ryn…?"

Photos of her and Jason were playing as a movie. From one to another. From their first photo as friends to when they were in relationships. Even photos of their anniversaries and when Mika was crying after Jason surprised her the night after her final exam with a huge bouquet of red and pink roses.

"Ryn… what… what is this?" Mika choked out before her eyes widened when the next screen was a picture of Jason holding a diamond ring, kneeling on one knee. "Oh My God!"

The light was turned on.

Mika blinked her eyes again. She turned to look at 'Ryn' once her eyes adjusted to the light, only to cry to see Jason there instead of Ryn.

Jason who was already holding the roses looking at her with eyes full of love.

"Ja… Jason? Babe?"

"Babe, we've known each other for almost ten years. I love you so much… and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Mika's eyes widened when Jason kneeled on one knee after Jeremy handed the ring discreetly.

"… Will you marry me?" Jason looked at her with pounding heart.

Mika covered her mouth with both hands. She was speechless. Then, she shrieked, "OH MY GOD!"

"Babe, will you marry me… please?" Jason was getting more nervous when instead of saying yes or no, Mika was shrieking "Oh my God" over and over again.

Ryn who could not take her best friend's behaviour anymore stepped forward and hugged Mika to calm her down. Mika finally stopped shrieking and looked at Ryn in wonder.


"Do you want to marry Jason, Mika?" Ryn asked slowly, understand how shocked Mika was. "Mika?"

"Babe?" Jason gulped.

Mika was finally calmed down. She finally looked around and noticed a few cameras recording them rather openly. She blushed even harder and buried her face on Jason's chest.

"Sister, you should answer first," Jeremy reminded dryly, feeling pity at his best friend who was sweating like crazy waiting for her answer.

"Answer? Answer to what?" Mika looked at her brother before at Jason, finally remembering the question, "Jason, do you really… honestly… want to marry me?"

The whole hall was silent. If a pin was dropped, they all could hear it.

Jason choked out, "Of course, silly. I want to marry you. I want to be your husband for the rest of our life. Will you marry me?"

Mika could only nod her head shyly and quickly buried back her face against his chest, blushing even more.

"She said yes!" Jason said happily.

They all cheered happily. Ryn showered the petals to the newly engaged couple. Jeremy took some of the petals and showered them too with the petals.

Finally, these two were engaged.

Ryn felt exhausted just waiting for Mika's answer. Luckily it was positive. She could not imagine if the answer was negative.


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